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Take Command of Your Fretboard: Chords & Melody

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10 Videos | Length: 2hr 23min 27sec
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  • Chapter 1 4:41

    Chapter 1

    Woody introduces you to the series and talks a bit about Chords, The Fretboard and what you'll be learning today.

  • Chapter 2 18:49

    Chapter 2

    In this video, Wood shows you a song called "Hudson River Boogie". He goes through the Chords and fingerings slowly so you get a good look.

  • Chapter 3 13:35

    Chapter 3

    Continuing with "Hudson River Boogie", Woody walks you down the rest of the parts of the song.

  • Chapter 4 20:31

    Chapter 4

    Woody talks about breaking away from patterns, and the different jobs each hand does with the guitar.

  • Chapter 5 10:27

    Chapter 5

    In Drop D/G tuning, Woody talks about block positions and shapes, and the different possibilities that come with this style of tuning.

  • Chapter 6 11:32

    Chapter 6

    Woody gets into a tune called "Destruction of Land", and shows you its beautiful parts and melody. Finally, Wood and Happy play some nice blues in D before they hit the road.

  • Chapter 7 11:27

    Chapter 7

    Woody plays a tune called "Mr. Guitar", and talks about understanding what you're playing, and shares a bit about the roots of what he'll be playing.

  • Chapter 8 15:00

    Chapter 8

    Continuing with the tune "And 3 not 4", Woody slows things down and focuses on the progression and different phrases.

  • Chapter 9 19:36

    Chapter 9

    Woody talks about gospel tunes, and shows you one called "Mean Old World".

  • Chapter 10 17:49

    Chapter 10

    In this final video, Woody shows you one of his tunes "Will Be Alright", and shows you the road map of what's happening. Finally, Woody ends things with a few final tips for the road before playing one last tune.

Product Overview

In this Homespun series, Woody Mann delivers an extraordinary course teaching new repertoire along with fretboard concepts that give an in-depth understanding of how to build great fingerstyle guitar arrangements.

At the same time, you’ll learn ten foundational tunes covering country blues, gospel, and jazz-inflected originals from Rev. Gary Davis, Lonnie Johnson, Eddie Lang, and other greats.

Woody’s own compositions incorporate chord melodies, syncopations, double stops, bass harmonies, and other important techniques.

He deconstructs each piece and provides a virtual toolbox of techniques that will build a true understanding of your instrument.

His “piano style” approach to fingerpicking—the thumb emulating the bass notes and the fingers playing the melody—will help you develop a true “two-handed” style on the guitar.

You’ll learn “Hudson River Boogie,” “Sunset Lake Rag,” “It Is No Secret What God Can Do,” “Destruction in This Land,” “Lonnie’s Tune,” “And Three Not Four,” “Death Don’t Have No Mercy,” “I Will Be Alright,” “A Little Love and Kiss,” and “Mean Old World.”

Check it out today!

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