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TAL-U-No-LX Explained®

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  • Introduction & Interface 3:56

    Introduction & Interface

    Larry introduces the plugin and outlines the interface in this video, along with discussing preset loading, saving, and organization.

  • The DCO 4:31

    The DCO

    This video covers the DCO, which allows us to use waveforms for creating our raw sounds. We cover pulse width modulation, pitch modulation, and the noise module.

  • HPF & VCF 4:10

    HPF & VCF

    Next up, explore the HPF and VCF, allowing us to sculpt the frequency content of our sounds. The ways in which the filters can be modulated are also demonstrated.

  • VCA, ADSR, & Chorus 3:02

    VCA, ADSR, & Chorus

    This video covers the VCA, ADSR, and chorus sections. Larry discusses the ways in which we can set up the envelope to create different contours for increasing sound design possibilities.

  • The LFO 4:57

    The LFO

    Explore the LFO, which allows us to create periodic modulations of aspects such as frequency, pulse width, and filter cutoff. Also discover how to invert and delay the LFO?s onset.

  • Portamento & Control Section 5:41

    Portamento & Control Section

    Next up, we slide notes using portamento and route pitch wheel and velocity to affect other parameters.

  • The Arpeggiator 5:03

    The Arpeggiator

    In this video, learn the arpeggiator parameters used to create a wide variety of melodic patterns from chords.

  • The FX Section 3:02

    The FX Section

    Larry covers the FX section next, allowing us to add delay and reverb to our patches. Also learn how to lock FX across different presets.

  • The Master Section 3:36

    The Master Section

    The parameters of the master section are covered next, including the Service Control Center, which can be used for the stacking of detuned oscillators.

  • MIDI Learn 1:24

    MIDI Learn

    Explore the MIDI learn option for mapping controllers to parameters via MIDI even across different presets.

  • Dark Bass Patch 4:28

    Dark Bass Patch

    Follow along as Larry creates a pulse width-modulated bass patch in this video.

  • Big Pad Sound 6:23

    Big Pad Sound

    For the next sound, we create a big, filtered pad sound with delay and reverb included. The patch is then modulated with an LFO.

  • Saw Lead Sound 5:11

    Saw Lead Sound

    Discover how to create an LFO-modulated saw lead sound.

  • Synth Brass 2:57

    Synth Brass

    Learn to create a synth brass patch using a saw wave with an envelope modulated filter.

  • Analog Drums 3:09

    Analog Drums

    In this final video, Larry creates analogue kicks, snares, and hats.

Product Overview

Synth expert Larry Holcombe presents comprehensive TAL-U-No-LX video tutorials! If you want that vintage Roland Juno sound for your tracks and productions, this virtual synth delivers. And, with these video tutorials you'll learn all of the TAL-U-No-LX's features and functions, as well as how to make warm pads, fat bass sounds, signature lead patches, and more. These videos are for new TAL-U-No-LX users.

Larry welcomes you and starts with a tour of the interface and an explanation of how to save, load, and organize presets. He then dives into the DCO, which forms the raw materials of each sound patch, and covers pulse width modulation, pitch modulation, and the noise module. Then learn about the amazing-sounding filters (HPF and VCF) that allow you to sculpt your tones by altering the frequency content and learn how to modulate them.

Next, explore the VCA and ADSR to hear how the envelopes work and check out the famous on-board Chorus effect! Then discover the many parameters of the LFO, including frequency, pulse width, filter cutoff, and more!

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll learn about the synth's other important features, including portamento, the Arpeggiator, the FX section, the Master section, MIDI learn, and more! Finish off the course by watching as Larry demonstrates how to create five different sounds: a dark bass, big pad, saw lead, synth brass, and analog drums.

To see exactly what these in-depth TAL-U-NO-LX tutorials contain, and how they'll help you to create the sounds and tones you need for your productions quickly, check out the TAL-U-NO-LX video descriptions below. Learn how to make this iconic synth emulation an important part of your next production! Watch “TAL-U-No-LX Explained®” now!

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