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  • Introduction 6:32


    In this video, we go over the basic layout, architecture and user interface of SynthMaster One, as well as discuss preset management.

  • The Oscillators Pt. 1 9:46

    The Oscillators Pt. 1

    Discover the different basic and sampled analogue and digital waveforms and wavetables available, plus how to use SynthMaster One to process external audio using the audio Input option. We then start to look at SynthMaster One's Waveshaping Algorithm options.

  • The Oscillators Pt. 2 11:36

    The Oscillators Pt. 2

    In this video, we explain and explore the Sync, Pulse Width and Bit Crush algorithms ,and then continue on to cover the other oscillator parameters and Unison controls.

  • Importing Waveforms 0:50

    Importing Waveforms

    Learn all about the drag and drop approach to importing our own waveforms into SynthMaster One.

  • The Filters & Filter Routing 11:53

    The Filters & Filter Routing

    In this video, we cover the parameters of the Filter and the analog modeled modes available to us. Additionally, we outline the ways you can route SynthMaster One's 2 filters and oscillators.

  • The Amplitude Envelopes 6:19

    The Amplitude Envelopes

    Discover the available parameters of the Amplitude Envelopes including attack, decay, sustain and release, including the velocity curves. We also try out the preset envelopes from classic analogue synths, and how routing in SynthMaster One relates to the amplitude envelopes.

  • The Modulation Envelopes 2:14

    The Modulation Envelopes

    In this video, we cover the Modulation Envelopes and how they relate to the filters.

  • The LFOs 7:51

    The LFOs

    Learn all about the parameters of SynthMaster One's LFOs, including the ability to load them in from a wide variety of analogue waveforms, using bipolar vs unipolar modulation, adding noise & S&H, and how to sync them to your project tempo.

  • The Mod Matrix 10:10

    The Mod Matrix

    In this video, learn about the Drag and Drop Modulation assignment and how to assign Modulation using the 12 Modulation Matrix slots, as well as use the controls and options found in the "other" category.

  • The Arpeggiator / Sequencer Pt. 1 8:29

    The Arpeggiator / Sequencer Pt. 1

    Explore the play modes of the arpeggiator and its main parameters including how to use velocity to create accented grooves.

  • The Arpeggiator / Sequencer Pt. 2 11:43

    The Arpeggiator / Sequencer Pt. 2

    Now learn more about the arpeggiator, including how to use the Arpeggiate Mode to create custom arpeggio lines. We then continue onto the Sequence Mode which allows you to create monophonic and polyphonic sequenced passages.

  • The Arpeggiator / Sequencer Pt. 3 2:39

    The Arpeggiator / Sequencer Pt. 3

    See how to input notes using a MIDI keyboard in both polyphonic and monophonic modes, plus how to import a MIDI sequence into the arpeggiator.

  • The Effects Section 4:47

    The Effects Section

    Watch how to interact with your effects, including how to stack effects and re-order them. We then continue on to cover the parameters of SynthMaster One's effects modules.

  • The Vocoder 3:13

    The Vocoder

    See how to setup SynthMaster One's powerful Vocoder with a percussive loop to play rhythmic vocoded patterns.

  • Glide, Velocity, Vibrato & the Keyboard 5:27

    Glide, Velocity, Vibrato & the Keyboard

    In this video, learn about Glide and Vibrato, and how to alter your sound using Velocity Curves. Then discover cover the available keyboard scale presets and Modulation Shortcuts.

  • Keyboard, Attributes & Settings 3:09

    Keyboard, Attributes & Settings

    Discover how to add attributes to presets as well as some of the settings available like Pitch Bend Range, changing Skins and CPU Management.

  • Sound Design Example 1 9:33

    Sound Design Example 1

    In this video, explore how to make a fat analog kick drum, and then a white noise style snare.

  • Sound Design Example 2 9:10

    Sound Design Example 2

    Watch how to make a cool 16th note accented arp sound with evolving wavetables, phaser and reverb.

Product Overview

Synth wiz Larry Holcombe delivers detailed KV331 Audio SynthMaster One tutorials! Explore this in-depth video manual for KV331's awesome SynthMaster One virtual synth plug-in, and learn all of its features and functions, including how to use them to create killer synth sounds. These videos are designed for new SynthMaster One users.

Larry welcomes you and gives an in-depth introduction to SynthMaster One including its basic layout, architecture and user interface, plus helpful preset management info. Then it's on to SynthMaster One's powerful oscillators and all of their available types, including Sync, Pulse Width and Bit Crush algorithms that make for endless sonic possibilities.

Throughout the video series you'll learn how to import your own waveforms, use the different Filters and Filter Routing options, Envelopes, Modulation, LFOs, Mod Matrix, the powerful Arpeggiator and Sequencer, full featured Effects, amazing Vocoder and more. You even get videos showing you how to do sound design and make fat analog sounding kick drums, white noise snare sounds, and a cool 16th note accented arpeggio sound with evolving wavetables, phaser and reverb, all from scratch.

To see what these comprehensive SynthMaster One video tutorials show you and how they'll help you to understand and use SynthMaster One and make your own sounds, see the individual SynthMaster One tutorial descriptions on this page. Become a synth master and start using SynthMaster One to its fullest... Watch "SynthMaster One Explained®" today.

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