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Switching from Pro Tools to Studio One 3

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12 Videos | Length: 51min 23sec
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  • Start Page & Setup 5:29

    Start Page & Setup

    See how to work with Studio One’s StartPage, how to set up audio and MIDI hardware, create a new song, set session (song) parameters, and setup audio I/O channels.

  • Audio Tracks 4:04

    Audio Tracks

    Learn how to work with the Add tracks menu, set I/O and channel format in the track column, the console, and the track inspector; and how to set the tempo mode for the track.

  • Monitoring & Recording 3:10

    Monitoring & Recording

    Learn how to toggle software monitoring on/of, how to record arm tracks, and how to setup the metronome, precount and preroll options.

  • Basic Transport & Navigation Functions 5:20

    Basic Transport & Navigation Functions

    Learn how the basic transport and navigation functions translate from Pro Tools to Studio One 3, and how to modify the keyboard shortcuts so they correspond with those in Pro Tools.

  • Instrument Tracks 4:38

    Instrument Tracks

    See how Instrument Tracks combine the functionality of both Instrument Channel Strips and MIDI Channel Strips in Pro Tools, and how to load and work with virtual instruments in a Studio One 3 Song.

  • Zoom Commands 3:03

    Zoom Commands

    Discover the basic equivalencies for the main zooming functions available in Pro Tools and Studio One 3.

  • Basic Editing Tasks Pt. 1 3:37

    Basic Editing Tasks Pt. 1

    Get a quick introduction to some routine editing functions including, quantizing MIDI and Audio events, resizing Event boundaries, working with snap to grid values, opening edit views for audio and MIDI events, and using the basic Arrow tool for making selections, splitting events, slipping sync of the underlying content, and creating fades.

  • Basic Editing Tasks Pt. 2 3:58

    Basic Editing Tasks Pt. 2

    Now, we look at how utilizing and adapting drum maps helps us record and play back particular drum strikes. We look at how we link a drum map to a nominated VSTi.

  • Working with Effects 4:49

    Working with Effects

    Discover how the Studio One 3 interface is used to drag and drop plug-ins and/or specific presets onto tracks in either the Arrange View, the Console View, or directly into a track’s Device Rack.

  • The Console 3:13

    The Console

    Discover the similarities and differences between the Pro Tools Mix Window and the Studio One 3 Console.

  • Sends & FX Channels 5:03

    Sends & FX Channels

    Explore the Studio One 3 Sends and FX Channels work flow. See how to simultaneously create a new FX Channel along with a send to that FX channel from an existing channel, as well as various other ways of creating and assigning Sends and FX channels independently of each other.

  • Busses & Bouncing 4:59

    Busses & Bouncing

    Learn how to create subgroups in the mixer, and how to export (bounce) a mix as well as individual stems.

Product Overview

Studio One 3 is hot, fully featured, and getting a ton of buzz. If you're a Pro Tools user who's thinking of making the switch to Studio One 3, Pro Tools guru Eli Krantzberg shows you what you'll need to know to get up and running, as well as convert your Pro Tools mind into the ways of Studio One 3.

Eli starts with the basics, explaining How to work with the Start Page and do your Basic Setup. From there, he explores differences in the way Audio Tracks, Monitoring, and Recording are handled. Next, Eli helps you understand how to use Studio One 3's powerful Instrument Tracks.

With the basics covered, Eli now takes you into more advanced topics, like how Studio One 3 differs from Pro Tools with regard to Zooming, Editing, and working with Effects. The final three videos all dive into Mixing in Studio One 3 vs. Pro Tools, with a separate video on the Console, Sends and Effects Channels, and Busses and Bouncing.

If you're a Pro Tools user who is curious about Studio One 3, or you're a Pro Tools user who already made the switch and wants to get up and running fast, don't miss "Switching from Pro Tools to Studio One 3!"

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