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Superior Drummer 3 Tips & Tricks Vol 3

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Chapter 1 : Creative Filter

  • image description 5:44

    Controlling Frequency & Resonance

    In this video, Luke discusses the functions of the Creative Filter effect and shows you ways to use Macro Parameters to control the frequency and resonance at the same time.

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    Modulation Source, Rate & Mix

    Learn how to create filtered rhythmic pulses by using Macro Controls and a variety of modulation rhythms.

  • image description 5:54

    Macros for LFO Speed, Waveform & Source

    Luke shows you how to creatively control the LFO Speed, Waveform and Source simultaneously for endless rhythmic results.

Chapter 2 : Distortion

  • image description 4:56

    Adding Distortion with Macro Controls

    In this video, you'll learn how to adjust distortion drive and tone on a dedicated distortion bus using Macro Controls.

  • image description 9:06

    Adjust Multiple Parameters with Valve Distortion

    Discover how to use the Valve Distortion Box with Macro Controls to create a variety of distortion sounds.

  • image description 7:33

    Macro Controls with Fat Muff & Bit Crusher

    Learn how to create extreme distortion FX using The Fat Muff and Bit Crusher along with Macro Controls.

  • image description 4:08

    Macro Tape Simulator Settings

    Get an overview of how to simultaneously manipulate the Drive, Tape Speed, Wow/Flutter and Tape Simulator Output using Macro Controls.

Chapter 3 : Reverb & Room

  • image description 3:59

    Adjusting Multiple Reverb Parameters

    In this video, you'll learn one of Luke's favorite tricks to create a variety of reverb effects using Macro Controls.

  • image description 6:48

    Inverted Reverb, Delay Time & Pre-Delay

    Learn how to invert the reverb effect parameters using Macro Controls for even more reverb effect options.

  • image description 9:08

    Adjust Attack & Sustain with Macro Controls

    Learn how to manipulate your room sound using the Transient effect and how to adjust Attack and Sustain using Macros.

  • image description 8:32

    Using Macro Controls on Different Channels

    Luke shows you how you can take effects configured with multiple Macro Parameter controls and move them to different channels while maintaining the integrity of the Macro parameter configuration.

  • image description 6:42

    Envelope Release & Ambience Fade Macros

    Learn how to adjust the envelope release and ambience channel fade simultaneously with Macro Controls to control the "live" sound of your drum mix.

Chapter 4 : Additional Macro Control Tips

  • image description 4:42

    Active Macro Controls, Labeling, & Quick Adjustments

    Luke walks you through a few more tricks using Macro Controls, including activating specific Macro parameters, inverting controls and labelling Macros.

  • image description 5:05

    Saving & Recalling Macros, Presets & More

    Learn how to save and recall Macro Controls, explore the Macro Controls within mix presets and how to use Macro Controls for EZdrummer 2 presets within Superior Drummer 3.

Product Overview

In this video tutorial series, SD3 guru Luke Oswald delivers his final volume of tips and tricks, this time focusing on SD3’s Macro Parameter controls which give you incredible control over settings, making for very cool and creative sounds!

Luke starts the series by working with the Creative Filter and shows you how to control Frequency, Resonance and Modulation to produce filtered rhythmic effects with Macro Controls.

He then moves on, revealing all five distortion effects and how you can get creative and distinct distortion sounds by adjusting multiple parameters at once when binding them to Macro Controls.

Next, Luke discusses some of his favorite ways to use the Reverb effect, showing ways to make elaborate adjustments to multiple reverb parameters using Macro Controls, as well as how to use the Transient effect to manipulate the room sound.

Then see how you can use the Attack/Sustain parameters of the Transient effect along with Macro Controls in a variety of ways to produce punchy and roomy drum sounds, as well as Envelope release and room channel fade parameters and how you can bind them to Macro Controls and make simultaneous adjustments creating a variety of room sounds.

Luke concludes this series with some additional Macro Control tips including labelling Macro Controls, recalling Macro User Preset and Mix Preset settings, and using Macro Controls with EZdrummer 2 EZX libraries within Superior Drummer 3.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you want to explore new workflow ideas and sonic horizons with SD3, watch “Superior Drummer 3 Tips & Tricks Vol 3” today.

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Superior Drummer 3 Tips & Tricks Vol 3 is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 2 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Like Butter to My Ears Some more great tips focusing on the very versatile macro capabilities of SD3 and how you can use these for mixing or more creative ends.
Date published: 2020-04-14
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Very Happy Most informative because I really just started using my account after having it for a year. I promise you I will live hear from now on. I am a educator and the videos are done well and at a pace that I can interact as I view your products.
Date published: 2018-05-18
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