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Superior Drummer Tutorial

Superior Drummer 3: Recreating the Legends of Drums

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32 Videos | Length: 3hr 25min 7sec
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Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • image description 4:15

    Welcome to the Legends

    Luke welcomes you and explains his thought process in creating this series and provides you with some insight into how he started each mix, and what you can expect to find throughout this tutorial series.

Chapter 2 : Jeff Porcaro

  • image description 8:45

    Reverb & Parallel Compression

    Luke starts off with an explanation of how to setup Reverb and Compression sends with unique FX chains.

  • image description 6:18

    Close Mic Adjustments

    Get an explanation of the adjustments Luke made for the close mic channels for this mix.

  • image description 3:50

    Instrument Settings

    Luke now adjusts the level and tuning to create the classic Jeff Porcaro signature drum sound.

  • image description 7:01

    AMB, Reverb, Plate EQ & Tape Compression Macros

    Learn how to create additional macro controls to quickly manipulate the mix in a variety of ways.

Chapter 3 : John Bonham

  • image description 5:26

    Drum Selection & Comp Bus Mixer Settings

    Luke starts this mix with proper drum selection and a parallel compression bus design to get that classic John Bonham sound.

  • image description 7:04

    Delay & Phased Distortion Mixer Settings

    See how to create some of the ingredients that make this a signature mix including Delay and Phased Distortion.

  • image description 9:52

    Ambience Bus, Main Output Bus & Drum Configuration

    Explore additional settings for the ambience bus and main output.

  • image description 5:16

    FX & Macros

    See how to create macro controls for ambience and parallel compression levels, delay level, delay filter and phased distortion.

Chapter 4 : Steve Gadd

  • image description 8:16

    Getting the Base Sound

    Learn how drum selection, tuning and envelope adjustments help to create the classic Steve Gadd dry drum sound.

  • image description 9:35

    Ambience, Comp Bus & Instrument Mixer Settings

    Luke now sets up parallel bus channels with FX chains to enhance the drum mix.

  • image description 7:37

    Retro / Modern Options

    Learn how to create macro controls that allow for a very dry "retro" mix to a live modern mix.

Chapter 5 : Joe Morello

  • image description 4:53

    Drum Selection & Tuning

    See how drum selection and tuning makes for that classic Joe Morello jazz sound.

  • image description 6:48

    Making it Vintage

    Watch Luke setup several unique bus sends and FX chains to manipulate the drum mix and create a vintage drum sound by utilizing Punch Bus, Room Compression, Transient, EQ and Bitcrusher effects.

  • image description 7:06

    FX, Close Mics & Macro Parameters

    Using macro controls, Luke now provides several variations to the mix to allow for an older vintage sound or a modern hi-fi drum mix.

Chapter 6 : Neal Peart

  • image description 6:34

    Drum Configuration, Tuning & Envelope Settings

    Luke starts off with drum selection, tuning and envelope settings to get that signature Neil Peart drum sound.

  • image description 6:55

    Tape Distortion & Reverb Bus Channels

    Watch how to add depth to your mix with a dedicated Reverb bus and saturation with a Tape Distortion bus.

  • image description 6:26

    Ambience, Overhead & Instrument Bus Channels

    Luke now creates additional bus channels and FX chains to enhance the mix.

  • image description 4:46

    Room, Reverb, Tape Distortion & Analog Compression Macros

    Discover how to use these macro parameters to alter the ambient microphones used in the mix to add reverb, tape distortion and analog compression.

Chapter 7 : Chad Smith

  • image description 7:44

    Mic & Drum Selection & Configuration

    See how to utilize a unique drum selection using snare stacks and additional ambient microphones to create that big Chad Smith snare sound.

  • image description 7:31

    Filtered Room, Reverb & Ambience Bus Channels

    Luke now provides a unique approach to your ambience channel with filtered room and reverb sends.

  • image description 4:50

    Kick, Snare & Tom Bus FX Chains

    Explore how additional FX on the individual instrument bus channels help make this unique sound.

  • image description 5:18

    FX, Snare Level & Kick Punch Macros

    Luke shows you how to create macros for adding more ambience and changing the character of your room with the filtered room and frequency macros.

Chapter 8 : Stewart Copeland

  • image description 8:37

    Instrument, Level, Tuning & Envelope Adjustment

    Learn how to create the Stewart Copeland signature sound using a unique configuration of drums, tuning, envelope adjustments and microphone channels.

  • image description 8:38

    Ambience, Reverb, Tape & Instrument Mixer Settings

    Luke creates a unique set of bus channels to supplement the drum mix, dialing in that immediately recognizable drum sound.

  • image description 6:21

    FX & Tape Saturation Macros

    These macros include adjustments to manipulate the room and overall drum mix in a variety of ways, allowing for dialing in the perfect amount of color and character.

Chapter 9 : Phil Collins

  • image description 5:23

    Drum Selection & Tom/Room Mic Configuration

    Luke walks you through his drum selection and ambient channel configuration to get you on the right path for this famous drum mix.

  • image description 6:29

    Creating a Compressed Gated Drum Sound

    Learn how to create an extremely compressed gated drum sound ala Phil Collins.

  • image description 4:16

    Ambience, Cymbals & Close Mics Bus Settings

    Luke now sets up the ambience bus channels with dedicated cymbal and close mic bus channels for extra control over the drum mix.

  • image description 5:15

    Phaser & Instrument Bus Mixer Settings

    See how to create a unique phaser FX chain to add character to the already massive drum sound you've built.

  • image description 4:59

    FX & Cymbals Macros

    Luke explains how to set up more unique macro controls to quickly adjust the ambience, saturation and phaser effects, as well as close mics and cymbal levels.

Chapter 10 : Conclusion

  • image description 3:03

    Series Conclusion & Additional Tips

    Luke concludes this series with an assortment of additional tips on how you can get the most out of these tutorials and mixes.

Product Overview

In this video tutorial series, SD3 guru Luke Oswald shows you how to recreate some of the most iconic drum sounds in recorded drumming history! See how to make the sounds of some of the biggest names in drumming, all using the stock sound library in Superior Drummer 3!

Luke welcomes you and then explains his thought process in creating this series and provides you with some insight into how he started each mix, and what you can expect to find throughout this tutorial series. He then starts with the legendary Jeff Porcaro, breaking down his sound and how to mimic it with SD3.

Throughout the rest of the series you'll explore the sound of other drum giants such as John Bonham, Steve Gadd, Joe Morello, Neal Peart, Chad Smith, Stewart Copeland, and Phil Collins, all with complete breakdowns of what makes their sound their own, and how to bring them to life with Superior Drummer.

Throughout these videos Luke employs everything that SD3 has to offer, to achieve the different tones and characters of these great drummers, including picking the right drums, setting up both close and far mics, room ambiance, drum bus compression, effects, EQ, reverb, delay, macros, automation and much, much more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you love the sounds of these amazing drummers, and the songs they've recorded throughout the years, this series will open your eyes and your ears, offering endless drum sound design inspiration... Watch

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Superior Drummer 3: Recreating the Legends of Drums is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 12 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from THE place to learn Superior Drummer 3 Luke Oswald walks the viewer through creating the sounds of some of the legendary drummers in a sneaky way to teach you how to be proficient in getting the sounds you want from SD3. One suggestion would be to include in the course materials the midi that Luke uses for each of the drummers (in addition to the before and after WAVs)
Date published: 2021-07-12
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from SD3 Explained is the foundation - Recreating the Legends is shared experience I went through Luke's Superior Drummer 3 Explained set of videos. In those videos I learned what Superior Drummer can do, where all the controls are and how to operate them. In Recreating the Legends I learned how to build a kit to sound a certain way and more indepth know how regarding the controls. A driving analogy would be SD3 Explained is to pass the driving test - Recreating the Legends is learning how people actually drive. I think the two courses complement each other very well. Recommended!
Date published: 2020-08-05
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Priceless !! Learning Superior Drummer 3 with Luke is a great experience, first, his speech / voice is really pleasant, but most important, he really really knows what he is talking about, you combine his "SD3 eplained" and this and you really are ready to go with this monster piece of software. I got totally captivated by his rendition of the Jeff Porcaro sound (why i came here in the first part), this is just brilliant !
Date published: 2020-07-31
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Absolutely priceless! This series has been perfect for learning how some legendary drum mixes were made - stand out ones for me are Chad Smith (Give It Away) and Phil Collins (In The Air Tonight). It has taught me amazing ways to use Superior Drummer 3 and I would recommend this particularly to all producers
Date published: 2020-06-17
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from This was the one course I needed I was a big fan of the "Squashy Roomy Sound" on SD2, and I could never get the immediacy out. So I thought I could learn by copying... and learn I did. From these examples you can learn such an incredible lot about how SD3 works. Just great.
Date published: 2020-05-09
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Great! This is such a great tutorial! I would love to see a vol. II and more legends!
Date published: 2019-10-26
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Far & away the most useful video series I've seen in a long time I am a guitar player, so for me this series has been invaluable in being able to help me tune my ear to what drummers listen to. The production is superb and Luke does an amazing job describing every nuance, step and detail of how he created his take on these drums. I have a better understanding of SD3 now as well as some new tricks in my bag. I would love to see more from Luke like this!
Date published: 2019-09-25
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Bought it just for Phil Collins drums. WORTH. IT. This guy is genius. Amazing.
Date published: 2019-08-06
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from A great way to get to know Superior Drummer 3 Great stuff. Very useful information. Opened my eyes and ears to some great techniques .
Date published: 2018-10-04
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from This guy knows what I need! These SD3 tutorials are great. Please keep them on the site indefinitely!
Date published: 2018-09-13
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from More like this, please! Although I'm a guitar player, I deeply appreciate the amount of work it took to put this together. By targeting specific kit sounds, it is very instructive and now having the ability to reproduce them is like mana from Pre-Set Heaven. Great job! More like this, please!
Date published: 2018-08-19
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from The sounds of the legends of drums just a click away. This tutorial is a great example of the versatility and potential of SD3. Luke explains in an effective way how to obtain "those" sounds, stimulating the user to experiment. Basic software knowledge is required, as described in the introduction. I hope in a hypothetical "volume 2", where other Legends of Drums are treated. Well done Luke!
Date published: 2018-08-17
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