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Chapter 1 : Getting Started

  • SD3 Introduction 1:15

    SD3 Introduction

    In this video, Luke introduces you to Superior Drummer 3 and explains why this software has substantial meaning to him as a longtime.

  • Upgrade & Installation Options 5:47

    Upgrade & Installation Options

    Luke explains the upgrade options for Superior Drummer 3 and discusses the variety of core library downloads and what you can expect for each.

  • Interface Layout Options 4:53

    Interface Layout Options

    Learn how to resize the Superior Drummer 3 interface and detach/reattach the tab windows for infinite display possibilities.

Chapter 2 : Menu Options

  • File Menu 2:25

    File Menu

    Luke explains how to save and open SD3 project files and how to setup a default project.

  • Edit Menu 2:39

    Edit Menu

    Luke explains the benefits of the Copy/Paste and Undo/Redo features within Superior Drummer 3.

  • Settings Menu 8:45

    Settings Menu

    Explore the global settings within Superior Drummer 3, including mouse control and navigation options, database and library management, edrum settings and audio/MIDI setup.

  • View Menu 1:37

    View Menu

    Learn how to alter the interface layout and how you can customize a variety of viewing options within Superior Drummer 3.

Chapter 3 : Loading Libraries & Presets

  • Library Selection 1:50

    Library Selection

    See how to change expansion libraries and how Superior Drummer 3 handles legacy SD2 and EZD2 libraries.

  • Preset Selection 3:18

    Preset Selection

    Luke explains how to load mix presets for use as a creative starting point.

  • Select Parts & Part Presets 3:59

    Select Parts & Part Presets

    Get an in-depth explanation of how to load only part of a mix preset, and learn how to load just the drum selection or just the mixer settings for endless creative possibilities.

  • Saving & Loading User Presets 3:13

    Saving & Loading User Presets

    Learn how to save your own custom mix presets and how you can recall them at a later time.

  • RAM & Memory Usage 7:09

    RAM & Memory Usage

    Luke discusses the importance of memory usage and discusses the caching and quality options available for Superior Drummer 3.

Chapter 4 : Drums Tab

  • Drum & Tool Selection 5:45

    Drum & Tool Selection

    Luke demonstrates how you can select an instrument and use specific performance tools like rods, brushes and mallets.

  • Articulation Selection 3:28

    Articulation Selection

    Learn all about the variety of articulations within Superior Drummer 3 and how they can be selected and edited.

  • Search, Replace & Add Instruments 6:54

    Search, Replace & Add Instruments

    Superior Drummer 3 features a new Instrument Search feature that allows you to search for any instrument to replace existing ones or add new sounds to your kit setup.

  • Importing Your Own Samples 7:55

    Importing Your Own Samples

    Discover how to import your own custom samples in a variety of ways to create your own hybrid drum kits.

  • Creating Instrument Stacks 8:09

    Creating Instrument Stacks

    Luke explains how to quickly stack drums to create custom layered drum kits.

  • Box Parameter Options 3:49

    Box Parameter Options

    Learn about the Box Parameter layout options and how you can customize them to your own way of working.

  • Level, Env, Tuning & Pitch FX 4:02

    Level, Env, Tuning & Pitch FX

    Luke now discusses the Level, Envelope Tuning and Pitch FX options and how they can be used to alter the sound of your selected instrument/articulation(s).

  • Velocity Gate, Curve, Soft Hit Level & Smoothing 4:51

    Velocity Gate, Curve, Soft Hit Level & Smoothing

    See how to manipulate the velocities of your MIDI performances using the Velocity Gate, Velocity Curve, Soft Hit Level and Smoothing.

  • Technical Functions 3:18

    Technical Functions

    Luke reveals some of the deeper functions within Superior Drummer 3 such as Voice & Layer, Humanize, Mute Tail Articulations, Hi-Hat CC Off-Set and The MIDI Monitor, and how they affect the loaded samples and incoming MIDI.

Chapter 5 : Grooves Tab

  • Search Field, Filters & MIDI 6:25

    Search Field, Filters & MIDI

    Luke explains a variety of ways to search for MIDI grooves using your own search criteria and tag filters.

  • Tap2Find Filtering 3:06

    Tap2Find Filtering

    Learn how to use the new Tap2Find function for even greater MIDI groove filtering options.

  • Filter Settings & Web Shop MIDI 1:57

    Filter Settings & Web Shop MIDI

    Get the lowdown on the filter settings and how you can show or hide any filter category. Luke also explains how you can audition MIDI that you have not yet purchased.

Chapter 6 : Mixer Tab

  • Basic Mixer Functions 7:00

    Basic Mixer Functions

    Luke now explains the basics of the Superior Drummer 3 mixer and discusses Solo/Mute adjustments, fader adjustments, routing and channel visibility.

  • Mixer FX Overview 4:40

    Mixer FX Overview

    Now see how to add, move, copy, configure and remove Superior Drummer 3 plug-in effects.

  • EQ Effects 3:16

    EQ Effects

    Luke reveals and discusses the three EQ options available within the Mixer Tab.

  • Dynamics Effects 4:54

    Dynamics Effects

    Learn all about the various dynamic processors including compressors, limiters and exciters found in SD3.

  • Distortion Effects 2:38

    Distortion Effects

    Get an explanation of the distortion effects that can be used to add grit and texture to your drum tracks.

  • Reverb Effects 2:21

    Reverb Effects

    Superior Drummer 3 comes stocked with a variety of ambience processors including plate, room, hall and spring reverbs. See and hear them in-action!

  • Delay Effects 1:38

    Delay Effects

    Luke now demonstrates the great sounding Tape, Filter and Classic delay effect options available in the Superior Drummer 3 mixer.

  • Modulation Effects 4:19

    Modulation Effects

    Discover SD3's chorus, flanger, tremolo and and other modulation tools within the Superior Drummer 3 mixer. And how to apply them to your drums.

  • Utilizing Mix Presets 5:45

    Utilizing Mix Presets

    Luke explains why learning how to utilize Mix Presets is a valuable tool for sound design development.

  • Using Bus Sends 3:43

    Using Bus Sends

    Learn how to use parallel bus sends for additional mix processing options.

  • Bus Send Output Variations 3:35

    Bus Send Output Variations

    Get an in-depth explanation of the Pre-Fader, Post-Effect and Post-Fader Bus Send options.

  • Bus Send Applications 3:26

    Bus Send Applications

    Luke now discusses a few real-world applications for using Bus Sends.

  • Routing Microphone Channels 5:49

    Routing Microphone Channels

    Learn how to configure channel routing for instrument microphones.

  • Routing Instrument Stacks 3:59

    Routing Instrument Stacks

    Luke now teaches you how to route microphone channels for stacked instruments.

  • Multi-Channel Output Overview 2:31

    Multi-Channel Output Overview

    Learn how to setup automatic and manual multi-channel output configurations.

  • Bleed Level Adjustments 7:30

    Bleed Level Adjustments

    Luke demonstrates how microphone bleed levels work in the new Superior Drummer 3 mixer.

  • Additional Microphone Bleed 2:04

    Additional Microphone Bleed

    Learn how to quickly enable and disable microphone bleed for ambient microphones, and create new sonic textures for your drums.

  • Bleed & Close Mic Levels 4:42

    Bleed & Close Mic Levels

    Discover how to adjust the close mic instrument vs bleed levels, how to adjust the offset for microphone channels, and how to adjust the microphone envelope, for dialing in the perfect drum sound.

Chapter 7 : Tracker Tab

  • Importing Audio 2:58

    Importing Audio

    Learn how to quickly import audio into Tracker for quick audio to MIDI conversion.

  • Extracting MIDI from Audio 6:24

    Extracting MIDI from Audio

    Luke discusses the main methods for extracting MIDI from audio including how to set and dial-in the Threshold, Match w/ Sound, Amount Dial and Bleed Reduction controls for a perfect extraction.

  • Audio To MIDI Conversion: Multi-Track Drums 7:12

    Audio To MIDI Conversion: Multi-Track Drums

    Luke now walks you through an entire multi-track drum recording where he's able to extract MIDI from all individual drum audio tracks and then have them trigger SD3 sounds!

  • Exporting MIDI From Tracker 2:00

    Exporting MIDI From Tracker

    See how to export your converted MIDI files to your computer or drag and drop into the Superior Drummer 3 Song Track.

  • Audio To MIDI Conversion: Stereo Drum Track 8:27

    Audio To MIDI Conversion: Stereo Drum Track

    Now learn how to take a stereo drum track recording and extract MIDI parts for each drum instrument. Cool!

  • Additional Tracker Functions 3:13

    Additional Tracker Functions

    Luke now explains some additional settings that are helpful when using Tracker, such as Snap To Grid, Snap To Transient, Region Editing and Playhead Synchronization.

Chapter 8 : The Song Track

  • Creating Song Templates 6:15

    Creating Song Templates

    Luke shows you how to generate an entire drum track from a single MIDI file.

  • Saving User Song Templates 3:57

    Saving User Song Templates

    See how to save your own song track arrangements for use as a User Template with other MIDI grooves.

  • Importing & Recording MIDI 3:43

    Importing & Recording MIDI

    Luke discusses additional methods for importing MIDI into the Song Track and also talks about recording directly into Superior Drummer 3.

  • Manipulating MIDI 4:25

    Manipulating MIDI

    Once you've created your drum track, see how to manipulate and edit MIDI blocks within the Song Track.

  • Edit Play Style 8:30

    Edit Play Style

    Now learn how to make musical changes to your MIDI grooves using the intuitive Edit Play Style function.

  • Grid Editor: Add, Delete & Quantize MIDI 5:09

    Grid Editor: Add, Delete & Quantize MIDI

    Learn how to add, delete and quantize your MIDI grooves in the Grid Editor.

  • Grid Editor: Velocity Adjustments 3:01

    Grid Editor: Velocity Adjustments

    Learn all about the Global, Dynamic and Fade velocity adjustment options to create more realistic drum tracks.

  • Grid Editor: Editing Instrument Articulations 2:39

    Grid Editor: Editing Instrument Articulations

    Luke demonstrates how you can easily edit instrument articulations in an organized fashion.

  • Grid Editor: Editing MIDI CC Information 1:31

    Grid Editor: Editing MIDI CC Information

    Luke shows you everything you need to know to edit MIDI CC information within the Grid Editor.

  • Export MIDI & Bounce Audio 8:26

    Export MIDI & Bounce Audio

    Luke now demonstrates how to export your MIDI grooves and bounce high quality audio in a variety of ways, directly from the Superior Drummer 3 Song Track.

Chapter 9 : Macro Controls

  • Assigning Parameters To a Hardware Controller 3:44

    Assigning Parameters To a Hardware Controller

    Luke now shows you how to use the MIDI Learn function to quickly assign individual, or multiple parameters to a hardware controller for more creative options.

  • Upper, Lower & Slope Parameters 8:24

    Upper, Lower & Slope Parameters

    Luke discusses how to use the Macro Controls parameter adjustments for endless creative control over multiple parameters at once.

  • Automating Macro Controls 3:08

    Automating Macro Controls

    Learn how to automate Macro Controls in your DAW to record multiple parameter adjustments.

Chapter 10 : E-Drum Settings

  • Custom Mapping & Learn Function 2:07

    Custom Mapping & Learn Function

    See how to setup MIDI mapping for your electronic drum module and how to create custom mapping presets using the convenient Learn function.

  • Custom Positional Sensing 4:11

    Custom Positional Sensing

    Luke explains how to use the new Positional Sensing capabilities of Superior Drummer 3 to adjust the transition point between multiple articulations.

  • Global Velocity Adjustments 2:25

    Global Velocity Adjustments

    Learn how to configure global velocity settings and hi-hat CC controls for incoming MIDI to make trigger Superior Drummer 3 just right.

  • Series Sign-Off 0:49

    Series Sign-Off

    Luke thanks you for joining him on your SD3 journey.

Product Overview

Want superior tutorials for the highly anticipated drum production workstation, Superior Drummer 3? Look no further... Toontrack expert Luke Oswald presents the most in-depth video tutorials available about Toontrack's new flagship drum VI, Superior Drummer 3..

Luke starts with installation and interface basics and moves into the new Menu system, covering all of the global settings you need to know to get started.

After that, you'll learn all about library expansion, how to load mix presets and see how to save your own custom user presets.

Next, Luke jumps to the Drums Tab menu and explains the new approach to drum selection and how you can quickly search for instruments, replace existing kit pieces and add new kit pieces with ease.

You'll then discover how you can import your own samples and create hybrid drum stacks for quickly layering drum sounds.

Parameter Boxes are next, and you'll explore how to tweak and configure your drum sounds all the way down to the articulation level.

In the Grooves Tab, you'll learn about the new MIDI groove search filters and how you can use Tap2Find to find grooves based on ideas you have in your head. Cool!

Moving on, Luke explains the new Superior Drummer 3 Mixer in great detail, covering everything from bus routing and bus sends, to plug-in effects and microphone routing and bleed levels.

Then in the Tracker Tab, Luke demonstrates how you can take multi-channel audio drum tracks and extract MIDI information for each instrument, and then shows you how to do the same thing for a single stereo drum track, where he's able to extract MIDI data for each kit piece from a single stereo audio file!

Moving on to the Song Track section, Luke explains how easy it is to create full song templates from a single MIDI groove and how you can customize the song ideas and save user templates that you can use later for even more song creation ideas.

He also discusses the Edit Play Style function and how you can alter your MIDI grooves in a musical fashion, or how you can edit even the smallest details of your grooves within the built in Grid Editor.

Next, Luke moves on to Macro Controls and reveals how you can adjust multiple parameters with a single control for endless creative results. He also demonstrates how the Macro Controls can be assigned to a hardware controller and can be automated within a DAW.

Luke ends this series with a discussion of the new features for E-drummers. He discusses how you can choose from pre-defined MIDI maps or easily create your own with the updated Learn function.

The new positional sensing features are then covered, where you can tell Superior Drummer 3 what articulations you want to use on positional sensing pads and even setup the transition points between each articulation!

Lastly, Luke discusses global Velocity Curve and Hi-Hat CC settings that can be applied to incoming MIDI from a hardware controller without affecting the MIDI in your Song Track.

Superior Drummer 3 is truly the most comprehensive drum production tool on the market, and the Superior Drummer 3 Explained® tutorial series provides the important foundations and then some, that you need to take advantage of this amazing new software. Watch "Superior Drummer 3 Explained®" today!

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