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Superior Drummer Tutorial

Superior Drummer 2 Tips & Tricks

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18 Videos | Length: 2hr 4min 34sec
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Chapter 1 : Sample Manipulation

  • image description 4:15

    Subdue Sustain Using the Envelope

    Learn how to subdue the sustain of your drum sound using the Envelope function.

  • image description 2:32

    Subdue Attack Using The Envelope

    Luke explains how to tame unruly transients by using the attack parameter within the Envelope function.

  • image description 7:02

    Manipulate Kick/Snare Drum Sustain

    Learn how to adjust the sustain of a kick drum and snare drum using the Transient Designer.

  • image description 4:36

    Manipulate Kick/Snare Drum Attack

    Luke explores how to enhance or subdue the attack of your kick/snare using the Transient Designer. He then demonstrates how to manipulate the attack and sustain simultaneously using the Transient Designer.

  • image description 2:14

    Using the Envelope & Transient Designer Simultaneously

    Learn how to use the Envelope and Transient Designer functions together.

  • image description 6:11

    Subdue/Expand the Hi-Hat Room Sound

    Luke explains how to create a tighter or more ambient hi-hat sound.

  • image description 7:40

    Using Envelope/Fade Settings to Adjust Room Ambience

    Learn how to adjust the room ambience using the Envelope/Fade functions.

  • image description 6:11

    Manipulating Room Ambience with the Fade

    Adjust the "space" of the room by using the Fade function within the Superior Drummer 2 mixer.

Chapter 2 : Parallel Processing

  • image description 7:51

    Parallel Compression/Processing In Your DAW

    Parallel Processing 101: Luke explains how Parallel Processing works by demonstrating it within Studio One 3.

  • image description 5:47

    Parallel Compression/Processing In Superior Drummer 2

    Learn how to utilize Parallel Processing within Superior Drummer 2 exclusively.

  • image description 11:14

    More Parallel Processing!

    Luke demonstrates how you can use Parallel Processing with already processed drums for more creative options. He then walks you through an alternative way to setup Parallel Processing within Superior Drummer 2.

  • image description 11:19

    Direct/Bleed Parallel Processing & Bus Routing

    Learn how to apply Parallel Processing to direct and bleed signals exclusively. Luke also explores how to apply Parallel Processing to the direct/bleed signals at the same time, with or without the original dry signal.

Chapter 3 : Presets

  • image description 6:12

    Studying/Manipulating Mixer Presets

    Luke explains the importance of loading mix presets within Superior Drummer 2.

  • image description 13:04

    Using Presets

    Learn how to utilize the factory presets within Superior Drummer 2 as well as creating your own create brand new drum sounds. Luke aslo explores using Combined Preset settings from other libraries.

  • image description 7:36

    Auditioning Mix Presets Using Cached Mode

    Using the "cached" mode is helpful when auditioning mix presets.

Chapter 4 : Miscellaneous Tips

  • image description 7:48

    Creating Discrete Cymbal Channels

    Learn how to create an exclusive channel for your cymbals for discrete processing and routing capabilities.

  • image description 11:11

    Enable All Bleed For All Channels

    Luke explains how to emulate the most realistic multi-channel drum recording session.

  • image description 1:51

    Using EZD2 Expansion Libraries

    An explanation of how to use EZDrummer 2 expansion libraries within Superior Drummer 2.

Product Overview

Luke Oswald reveals his killer techniques and secrets for getting the most out of Superior Drummer 2! In this comprehensive video tutorial series, he lets you in on some of his favorite workflow tips and tricks that you can’t find anywhere else.

Luke’s first group of videos cover sample manipulation, showing you how to decrease the sustain and tame transients of individual drum samples, how to enhance or subdue the attacks simultaneously, and how to use envelopes, fades, and room ambiance to shape your samples.

Next, Luke demonstrates the technique of parallel processing SD2, explaining what it is, and how you can achieve it in your DAW of choice.

Luke then focuses on presets, giving you tips on creating your own custom effects settings and chains, how to use factory and producer presets, and how to load and audition presets from other libraries.

After that, Luke offers a number of ideas for using extreme settings in Superior Drummer 2. You’ll learn the benefits of experimenting with pitch adjustments, multiple-hit emulation settings, compressor settings, and bus send settings.

Finally, Luke includes a few miscellaneous tips to round out the series, such as how to create discreet cymbal channels, enable bleed for all channels, and how to use EZDrummer 2 Expansion Libraries within Superior Drummer 2.

If you’ve started using Superior Drummer 2 and want to supercharge your workflow, don’t miss “Superior Drummer 2 Tips & Tricks”!

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Superior Drummer 2 Tips & Tricks is rated 4.2 out of 5 by 2 .
Rated 3.0 out of 5 by from What about the tips and tricks ? Not really (really not ?) an interesting tuto from my point of view, especially because I've watched basic "Superior Drummer 2 Explained" before. Same tricks and tips Not much more. And I would say to the author: no need to dilute so much. The quality of your work and our ratings don't depend on video lenghth. We're applying for information not time connection.
Date published: 2016-10-20
Date published: 2016-08-13
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