Sunset Sound Studio Reverb
Sunset Sound Studio Reverb Tutorial

Sunset Sound Studio Reverb Explained®

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9 Videos | Length: 39min 11sec
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  • Walkthrough of the GUI 5:38

    Walkthrough of the GUI

    See how the Sunset Sound Studio Reverb plug-in is laid out, and how to access all of its important controls.

  • Working with Drums 7:05

    Working with Drums

    Explore using Sunset Studio Reverb chamber, live room, and plate settings on a drum kit recorded in a small dry room with low ceilings.

  • Lead Vocals 8:57

    Lead Vocals

    Hear Sunset Sound Studio in action on a lead vocal accompanied by a whispered double track. Plus, see what happens when two Sunset Studio Reverbs are used together for a thicker denser more complex set of reflections.

  • Backup Vocals 3:46

    Backup Vocals

    See how a separate reverb is used for the backup/harmony vocals to differentiate them from the lead vocal.

  • In the Studio! 3:25

    In the Studio!

    The Sunset Sound Studio live rooms really shine on the mix bus when placing all the instruments together in an incredible sounding space.

  • Guitar 2:34


    Listen to a lead guitar going through Sunset Sound Studio spring reverb in addition to a studio room placed on the full mix.

  • Violin 2:35


    Hear how the body sound of a violin fed into Sunset Sound Studio Reverb excites the chamber and plate with denser early reflections.

  • Creative Vocal Techniques 2:52

    Creative Vocal Techniques

    Explore the use of two parallel instances of Sunset Sound Studio Reverb combined with some creative effects processing.

  • Creative Drum Technique 2:19

    Creative Drum Technique

    See how two parallel instances of Sunset Sound Studio reverb are combined to place the drum kit in a live room, with a chamber added to the snare backbeats.

Product Overview

Eli Krantzberg presents detailed IK Multimedia Sunset Sound Studio Reverb video tutorials! Explore this new reverb plug-in that takes you inside LA's legendary Sunset Sound Studios and captures the sonic mojo of their reverb spaces and more. These videos are designed for new Sunset Sound Studio Reverb users.

Eli welcomes you and starts with a walkthrough of the Sunset Sound Studio Reverb user interface so you understand how it's laid out, and can access all of its important controls. Eli then shows you tons of in-action examples of this great reverb on drums, lead vocals, backup vocals, mix bus, guitar and violin.

You'll also see and hear creative use examples such as using two parallel instances of Sunset Sound Studio Reverb combined with some experimental effects processing for wild but usable results, and two parallel instances of Sunset Sound Studio reverb combined to place a drum kit in a live room, with a chamber added to the snare backbeats for some forward motion spatial goodness.

To see what these in-depth Sunset Sound Studio Reverb tutorials show you, and how they'll help you understand its controls and features as well as ways to use it on your tracks and productions, check out the individual Sunset Sound Studio Reverb video tutorial descriptions on this page. Put that legendary mojo and vibe on your recordings... Watch “Sunset Sound Studio Reverb Explained®” today.

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