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Studio One Know-How: Voiceovers

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8 Videos | Length: 37min 55sec
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  • Introduction 1:10


    An introduction to the Studio One Knowhow Voiceovers series by Marcus Huyskens.

  • Choosing the Right Mic-Preamp Combination 3:11

    Choosing the Right Mic-Preamp Combination

    In this video Marcus talks about some of the different microphone choices & offers some insight as to which options to choose, and various environmental factors that can affect your decision.

  • Setting Recording Levels 3:41

    Setting Recording Levels

    Marcus demonstrates some good practices when setting recording levels using the free VU Meter plugin available through the PreSonus Shop. In addition, he talks about the difference between Peak vs RMS metering.

  • Different Recording Options 1:49

    Different Recording Options

    Marcus goes over the different options available in the Record Panel, and discusses when to use them, with respect to recording voiceovers.

  • Creating A Signal Chain Pt. 1 9:51

    Creating A Signal Chain Pt. 1

    Learn how to create a basic Voiceover signal FX Chain using the stock plug-ins included in Studio One.

  • Creating A Signal Chain Pt. 2 8:39

    Creating A Signal Chain Pt. 2

    Creating A Session Template - Marcus Finishes off the voiceover Signal Chain, and then demonstrates how to save the session as a session template to speed up productivity for future Voiceover sessions.

  • Basic Editing Workflows 5:58

    Basic Editing Workflows

    Marcus demonstrates the basic editing workflow he uses when working with voiceovers - the shuffle delete, as well as a useful tip for comping in Room Tone to fill gaps, and noises.

  • Useful Shortcuts 3:36

    Useful Shortcuts

    Learn how to utilize custom keyboard shortcuts in Studio One to map out commonly used menu options such as delete time, and expand layers, to increase efficiency when editing voiceovers in Studio One.

Product Overview

Are you a Studio One user and a voiceover professional, or someone looking to get into the voiceover business? These instructional video tutorials by Studio One master Marcus Huyskens are a must see and will get you on going on the right foot.

Marcus starts off by welcoming you to the series and then covers the important basics like choosing the right microphone and preamp combination for voiceover work, and setting recording levels correctly, ensuring the lowest noise and best sound.

Studio One specific info is then revealed, and you’ll spend some time learning about the different recording options available in Studio One, as well as how to create a voiceover specific signal chain.

Wrapping it up, Marcus bestows his techniques for basic editing workflows in Studio One, and the most useful shortcuts when recording and editing voiceovers in Studio One.

If you’re just getting into voiceover work, or have been at it for a while and want to see what Studio One has to offer, check out “Studio One Know-How: Voiceovers” today!

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