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9 Videos | Length: 51min 28sec
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  • Introduction 2:13


    Bill welcomes you with an intro to the series and quick demo of Studio One comping.

  • Click Beat 8:47

    Click Beat

    Learn how to set up the click, customize the sounds and even render it to to an audio track.

  • All About Layers 7:53

    All About Layers

    Explore how to record takes to layers to prepare for comping. Also learn to add, remove, solo and re-order layers.

  • Comping Tools 8:45

    Comping Tools

    Learn how to promote a phase, use the listen tool, and change takes. See the advantages of covering the comp to an audio part.

  • MIDI Comping 4:19

    MIDI Comping

    See how to set up an instrument track then record takes to layers during recording and loop recording. Learn how to use the layers to create a composite instrument part.

  • Packing Layers 7:26

    Packing Layers

    Learn how to manually pack audio that wasn’t initial recorded to layers. Then watch an example that combines comping with editing for creative results.

  • The Bleep 3:37

    The Bleep

    Bill shows how you can use comping tools to redact your explicit lyrics.

  • Comping Toms 3:54

    Comping Toms

    Check out a fast way to gate your tom tracks. Rather than muting out everything that isn’t a tom hit, using comp swiping to promote what is a tom to the active layer.

  • Comping a Beat 4:34

    Comping a Beat

    Mash up two beats using layers and comping.

Product Overview

Presonus guru Bill Edstrom returns, serving up tasty tutorials on Comping Tracks in Studio One! Studio One versions 2.5 and 2.6 brought refinements to their Comping Workflow, and this series will get you up to speed on the latest techniques, along with creative uses for Comping that you might not have considered. Bill also shows you other new features and tricks, as you explore all aspects of Comping in Studio One v2.

Bill begins the series with a detailed introduction to Comping, and then How to Setup and Customize the Click, when recording your takes. Record Layers are then examined and explained, followed by in-depth videos on Comping both Audio and MIDI tracks for the perfect take!

Moving on, Bill shows you how to Manually Pack Audio that wasn't initially recorded to Layers, and gives an example that combines Comping with Editing, for interesting, creative results. Removing Explicit Lyrics is then demonstrated, as well as How to Comp Tom Tracks rather than muting out everything that isn't a tom hit.

Bill wraps up the collection with a video on Comping a Beat, showing you how to Mash up two Beats using Layers and Comping. If you use Studio One v2, this series can't be missed. The Comping features are crucial to a Fast Workflow and allow for creative editing in your productions... Get "Studio One Comping Explained" today.

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