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Chapter 1 : Core Work Flow

  • image description 3:59

    Welcome to Studio One

    See how to set your audio interface and start a new song from the Studio One Start Page.

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    Audio Interface I/O Setup

    Learn about Studio One's layer of software I/O channels, and how to create and name inputs and outputs that correspond with the inputs and outputs on your audio hardware.

  • image description 6:02

    MIDI Device Setup

    See how to setup your external MIDI keyboard controllers, instruments, and control surfaces in Studio One 5.

  • image description 2:31

    Main Workspace Overview

    Take a first look around the main areas of the Studio One workspace and learn how to access the various tabs and panels.

  • image description 7:07

    Instrument Track Basics

    Explore various ways of creating and managing Instrument tracks, loading presets, and more.

  • image description 6:14

    Audio Track Basics

    See how to create and configure audio tracks and how to set their tempo modes.

  • image description 5:01

    Metronome & Count In Setup

    Learn how to customize the metronome sound, choose between pre-count or pre-roll, and more.

  • image description 6:01

    Basic Transport Commands

    Learn the keyboard shortcuts for the most frequently needed navigation and playback functions.

Chapter 2 : Basic Recording

  • image description 5:17

    Simple Audio Recording

    Learn how to record enable audio tracks and work with software monitoring and low latency mode.

  • image description 2:07

    Recording to Layers

    See how to use Layers to record multiple passes on the same audio track.

  • image description 6:04

    Auto Punch Recording

    Discover how to re-record a portion of your recorded audio file at a pre-defined in and out point in the timeline.

  • image description 2:51

    Audio Loop Recording

    See how to record multiple passes over the same area in timeline and have each take automatically assigned to a new layer.

  • image description 4:32

    Instrument Replace Recording

    See how Replace mode is used to have new material recorded to a new event when recording over an existing instrument part.

  • image description 4:12

    Instrument Overdub Recording

    Explore overdub recording, and the Record Takes vs Record Mix options when recording over a looped region.

  • image description 5:03

    Note Repeat

    Learn all about the note repeat functions, as well as note erase and loop undos.

  • image description 3:31

    Step Record

    Discover how to enter notes or chords from your keyboard in non real-time while the transport is stopped.

Chapter 3 : Basic Editing

  • image description 6:10

    Editing Basics

    Learn how to access the main editing functions, how the snap to grid settings work, and how to zoom the display horizontally and vertically.

  • image description 3:54

    The Arrow Tool

    Discover several useful editing functions easily accomplished in the different click zones using the Arrow Tool.

  • image description 6:04

    Selection & Splitting Techniques

    Explore various ways of making event based and range based selections and cuts using the Arrow and Range Tools, as well as a few useful key commands.

  • image description 3:50

    Other Tools

    A brief roundup of the remaining tools and some of their unique functions.

  • image description 7:06

    The Quantize Panel

    See how the timebase settings and quantize panel are used to determine where notes, events, or transients land on the timeline.

  • image description 6:44

    Tune, Transpose, Nudge, Merge, Duplicate, & Strip

    Learn how to tune, transpose, nudge, merge, and duplicate Events, as well as how to remove silence from Audio Events.

  • image description 5:05

    Useful Navigation Functions

    Explore some of the alternate transport options, and techniques for efficient playback when editing.

  • image description 4:48

    Basic Comping

    Learn how to work with multiple layers on a single track, and create a new composite layer comprised of the best bits from each of them.

  • image description 7:02

    Transient Detection & Bend Panel

    Explore how Bend Markers are used to stretch or compress audio to conform to transients and grid divisions.

  • image description 4:11

    Slip Editing

    Discover this simple and elegant workflow and how it is when the timing of just a few notes of an otherwise good performance need correcting.

  • image description 3:56

    Groove Extraction

    See how this feature is used to capture the timing and velocity settings from either and audio or instrument part, and apply it to another.

Chapter 4 : Working in the Editors

  • image description 3:19

    The Audio Editor

    Take an initial look at the edit window and its main functions.

  • image description 7:21

    The Music Editor - Piano View

    Explore the main note creation and editing functions using the Arrow, Split, and Paint Tools.

  • image description 5:16

    Piano View Editing

    Learn how to scale velocities of selected notes using the Transform Tool, transpose, quantize, humanize, and mute selected notes, and edit their properties numerically in the Music Editor Inspector.

  • image description 7:35

    The Drum Editor

    Explore the Drum editor functions, along with some useful Action Menu MIDI processing functions.

  • image description 5:01

    Score View

    Welcome to the new Studio One 5 Score View, where musical data is displayed and edited as musical notation.

  • image description 5:44

    Working in Score View

    Explore the available expression symbols and other Score Window features; and see how to work with the new side-by-side editors feature in Studio One 5.

  • image description 6:13

    Key Switch Editing

    Discover the new key switch lane that has been added to the Musical Editor in Studio One 5 to view and edit key switches in context.

  • image description 5:16

    Getting Started with Patterns

    Learn about Studio One?s step sequencer, and how to get up and running with the basics quickly.

  • image description 2:02

    Pattern Step Record & Real-Time Record

    Discover two alternate ways of entering notes in patterns using the step record function.

  • image description 4:39

    Patterns, Patterns, & More Patterns

    Explore workflows for creating pattern variations, and saving/loading patterns for use in other songs.

  • image description 7:13

    Drum Mode Pattern Editing

    See how the Pattern Editor Drum mode is used to work with an Impact XT kit, and how velocity, repeats, and probability are modified on a per step basis.

  • image description 4:51

    Other Useful Zoom Commands

    Review the basics, and learn some new useful zoom commands to use while editing.

  • image description 3:32

    Introduction to Macros

    Discover how this special control panel gives you easy access to often used functions, and custom command combinations.

  • image description 6:12

    Customizing the Macro Toolbar

    Explore the various ways of editing and creating buttons, menus, actions, and macros.

  • image description 3:06

    Audio Loops & Music Loops

    Learn about the two proprietary file formats used by Studio One.

  • image description 6:58

    The Browser Pt. 1

    Dive a bit deeper into the Browsers search and organizational functions.

  • image description 4:43

    The Browser Pt. 2

    Here we continue by exploring the Loops, Files, Cloud, Shop, and Pool Tabs.

Chapter 5 : Arranging Tools & Workflows

  • image description 3:10

    Duplicating Events & Tracks

    Look at some simple ways of duplicating events and tracks either separately or together in Studio One.

  • image description 3:54

    Tempo & Time Signature Changes

    Learn how to create tempo changes and time signature changes in your song's timeline.

  • image description 10:30

    The Arranger Track & Marker Track

    Discover how the Arranger Track is used as an arrangement tool that lets you work with portions of your entire Song as though they were individual Events, and rearrange them quickly and easily. And see how the new Marker Track in Studio One 5 is used to quickly navigate the timeline.

  • image description 4:14

    The Scratch Pad

    See how Scratch Pads act as quick storage to hold Events, Parts, and entire Song sections for later use or re-use, reducing clutter in the Arrange view as you assemble your Song.

  • image description 8:19

    Getting Started with the Chord Track

    Explore this tool that provides the ability to perform "harmonic editing" of both Instrument and Audio Parts.

  • image description 7:22

    Arrange View Clean Up

    Explore ways fo cleaning up edits using the Bounce Selection, Bounce To New Track, Merge, & Mixdown Selection functions.

  • image description 4:38

    Edit Groups & Track Lists

    Learn how to work with Edit Groups, and to use the Track List to move, and show/hide various combinations of tracks.

Chapter 6 : Mixing Your Music

  • image description 9:24

    Getting Started with Console View

    Get to know the layout of Console View, the different track types, and where things are laid out.

  • image description 8:27

    Working with Insert Effects

    Learn how to work with insert effects and device racks.

  • image description 5:02

    Event Effects

    See how these are used to process individual Audio Events, as an alternative to channel based insert effects which effect the entire track.

  • image description 4:56

    Track Transform

    Explore an alternate way of rendering insert effects and automation on either Audio or Instrument tracks.

  • image description 5:15

    Sends & FX Channels

    See how Sends and FX channels are set up and used to route audio form one channel to another.

  • image description 2:25

    Working with Bus Channels

    Follow along as a bus track is created and set up as a subgroup for the drums and percussion.

  • image description 5:53

    Cue Mix Setup

    Learn how to set up and customize unique headphone mixes, including send FX; and also how to print with effects while recording.

  • image description 4:48

    Working with Scenes

    Mixer Scenes have been expanded into full mixer snapshots in Studio One 5. You are now able to capture full mixer snapshots at any given time and recall snapshots in a variety of different ways.

  • image description 3:03

    The Listen Bus

    A New Listen Bus, with independent routing, is now available as an alternative to monitoring solo signals through the main output channel. It is also useful for routing within Studio One when using speaker calibration software.

  • image description 4:45

    Aux Channel & External Instruments

    Explore the new Aux Channel in Studio One 5, and see how to set it up in conjunction with an external device in order to route external hardware synths into the Studio One signal flow.

  • image description 4:24

    Clip Gain Envelopes

    See how this new Studio One 5 feature is used as an additional layer of gain control for audio clips applied directly on the audio event.

  • image description 8:31

    Getting Started with Automation

    Learn how to use track automation to automate any parameter related to an audio or instrument track. And hear the newly enhanced State Space Modeling Drive Stage added to the Analog delay effect (as well as many others) in the Studio One 5 update.

  • image description 6:29

    Drawing & Editing Automation

    Explore ways of creating and editing automation envelopes using the different tools in the Arrange View.

  • image description 6:09

    Automation Tracks & Real Time Automation

    See how automation tracks are used to automate parameters on FX and Output tracks, and how touch and latch modes are used to capture real time fader movement.

  • image description 3:40

    Instrument Part Automation

    Discover how part automation is integrated into Instrument Parts. With the new Studio One 5 Select Part Automation With Notes feature, no matter where an instrument part is moved, or how it is edited, the automation stays in place.

  • image description 3:39

    Exporting Stems

    See how Studio One's fantastic export features allow you to export individual tacks and channels with insert and send effects included.

  • image description 3:55

    Final Mix Down

    Hear a final play-through of the short arrangement built up throughout this series, and learn how to bounce down a final mix.

Chapter 7 : The Show Page

  • image description 5:45

    Studio One 5 Show Page

    Take a first look around the new Show Page in Studio One 5, which introduces a powerful, fully-integrated live performance environment that's capable of running complete shows from a single computer.

  • image description 6:25

    Working with Setlists

    Discover everything there is to know about creating and managing setlists within the new Show Pages.

  • image description 6:15

    Meet the Players

    Learn about Players and Patches; see how they interact with setlist items, and more.

  • image description 10:21

    Players, Patches, Songs & Shows

    Watch how players and patches work together, and see how to move elements of a song into a show.

  • image description 2:52

    Arranger Track & Shows

    See how the Arranger and Chord are moved across when sending a song to a show, and see how to set the sync and playback modes of the Arranger Track sections within a Show.

  • image description 8:05

    Controls View

    See how the macro controls are set up to map parameters of any Player, instrument, plug-in, or mixer channel for real time adjustments.

  • image description 4:32

    Performance Mode

    Explore this full screen view of the Show page, designed with big easy to read controls that are optimized for visibility on dark stages.

Chapter 8 : Studio One 5.x Update

  • image description 4:25

    Retrospective Recording

    Learn how to capture MIDI performances, including CC messages, as well as on screen knob movements, either when the transport is stopped or in Play Mode.

  • image description 1:25

    Track & Channel Filters

    Watch how to navigate big sessions by using filters in either the Mixer or the Track List, to easily display subsets of tracks in the full session.

  • image description 2:09

    Other Enhancements

    Discover various workflow enhancements including the ability to bypass Clip Gain, view multiple Time Rulers simultaneously, and copy Send Chains.

  • image description 7:38

    Notation Enhancements

    See how the notation in Studio One has been enhanced to included two new page views, a print option, as well as track and layout tabs to customize transpositions, and other page display options.

  • image description 2:26

    Introduction To Advanced Score Features

    Learn about the new guitar tablature, drum notation, and multi voice assignments added in the Studio One 5.2 update.

Product Overview

DAW guru Eli Krantzberg brings you the largest collection of comprehensive Studio One 5 video tutorials! Studio One 5 Explained® covers both the basics and more advanced additions to version 5, showing you exactly what you need to know to use them effectively, when creating your productions. With over 6 hours of Studio One 5 lessons, you'll learn to master Studio One 5 and then go beyond. These videos are designed for both new and experienced Studio One users.

Eli starts at the beginning with basic system setup info, how to create your first S1 project, overviews of all the different track types, GUI layout, and the metronome and transport features. You'll then see how to record and edit audio and MIDI, as well as discover all the different edit tools and editor windows and how to use them.

Next, you'll explore the new Audio Loops and Music Loops functionalities, discover the powerful arranging tools, and get helpful Studio One workflows. Then watch how to mix your music with Studio One's awesome Console View, Event Effects, and Bus Channels. You'll even see how to set up and customize unique headphone mixes, and use Aux Channels for plugging in external instruments.

Moving on, Eli reveals the new Show Page which introduces a powerful, fully-integrated live performance environment, that’s capable of running complete shows from a single computer, including how to work with Setlists, Players, and Patches. Then get ready to experience all Studio One 5's killer automation features, that give you precise control over your mixes, and much, much more.

To see what these in-depth Studio One 5 video tutorials show you, and how they'll get you going fast with both Studio One 5's basic and more advanced features, see the individual Studio One tutorial descriptions on this page. See why many are making Studio One "the one" for their DAW needs... Watch "Studio One 5 Explained®" today.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Lot's of Useful Information Eli presents the information quickly and in an easily understandable way.
Date published: 2020-07-21
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Everything you wanted to know about Studio One 5 . . . but were afraid to ask! Eli at his very best. Informative, detailed, to the point, and most everything you could possibly need to get up and running with competence. This is not merely an update about new features, but it is about everything including the new features. Truly a jumping on point. A truly wonderful series. Enabling!
Date published: 2020-07-20
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from I'm taking off my hut! Very simple, easy and straight to the point explanations with examples, ideas, real-life situations etc. Excellent! Adding this to my favourites with a goal to jump back when I need to use some of the features which I'm not using equate often.
Date published: 2020-07-17
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from All The only thing missing for me is subtitles. My first langage is French and at least subtitles in English would be very helpful. But, I love all the videos!
Date published: 2020-07-13
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Concise and informative! Eli is always very thorough and shows by example how to perform functions. I have lots of his Groove3 videos and they are all great and helpful. My only complaint in general is there is not enough explaining of preferences, and why or why not you would select one preference setting over another. But this is true with ALL my videos, even from other companies.
Date published: 2020-07-13
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from simply awesome worth my money
Date published: 2020-07-11
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Great except for me - my English is not much Captions would help me, but I watch a lot on what's going on on the screen. It helps me a lot that something always happens and I understand what it's all about. I don't like very talkative videos where nothing happens on the screen.
Date published: 2020-07-11
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from for this reason i subscribe to groove 3 Eli, you are the best!
Date published: 2020-07-10
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Clear, Concise, Comprehensive! What a superb set of videos!! So clear, yet so much detail. Eli has that rare ability to convey the fundamentals, yet also ensure that the benefit of his considerable experience with Studio One shows through. This is yet another five-star review from me for Groove 3 and is fully deserving. Fantastic!
Date published: 2020-07-09
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