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Studio One 3.2 Update Explained®

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  • Console Shaper 7:16

    Console Shaper

    Studio One 3.2 lets you replace the built-in mix engine with plug-in mix engines. Console Shaper, modeled after analog consoles, is the first such plug-in.

  • VCA Faders 4:48

    VCA Faders

    Now you can apply VCA Faders to your mix channels. This video covers ways to set them up and how to use them along with Folder Tracks.

  • VCA Folder Tracks 2:58

    VCA Folder Tracks

    Create a VCA Fader for all tracks within a folder track.

  • Tab-to-Transient 1:53


    Tab-to-transient modifiers have been extended allowing you navigate not just forward but backward by transients.

  • Smart Arrow Tool 3:27

    Smart Arrow Tool

    The arrow tool gets smarter than ever allowing you select ranges in the upper third of events.

  • QuickZoom Tool 2:29

    QuickZoom Tool

    A new keyboard shortcut enables a new multilevel zoom tool that allows you to quickly zoom in for detailed edits then step back out with a simple click.

  • Automation Bracket Tool 3:07

    Automation Bracket Tool

    Adjust automation offsets in a new fast and efficient way with the awesome new bracket tool.

  • Transform Range 2:30

    Transform Range

    Building on the new workflow efficiency improvements, we now have an immediate way to invoke the brilliant automation transform.

  • Tracks Console Sync 3:54

    Tracks Console Sync

    I demonstrate the new options for keeping tracks in perfect sync with the channels in the console.

  • Transport Options 4:03

    Transport Options

    The new consolidated transport menu includes two new important options the Play Start Marker and Loop Follows selections.

  • Select to Start or End 1:47

    Select to Start or End

    There is now a fast way to select every event after or before the current selection.

  • Instrument Part to Audio Event 3:14

    Instrument Part to Audio Event

    It is drag-and-drop simple to create an audio event from any instrument part.

  • Drag to Move FX 1:52

    Drag to Move FX

    Learn how to move plugins from one channel to another with a simple drag action.

  • Open Output FX 2:20

    Open Output FX

    Learn a simple shortcut to open he channel editor for quick access to the Main Out plugins.

  • Appearance Tweaks 2:02

    Appearance Tweaks

    Learn about the subtle changes to the Appearance options that improve the overall UI experience.

  • Comping Improvements 9:24

    Comping Improvements

    Numerous tweaks and shortcuts have been added to enhance comping speed and allow different working styles.

Product Overview

Chock full of new features, Presonus expert Bill Edstrom walks you through all the new enhancements in Studio One 3.2 and demonstrates how you can use them in your sessions!

Bill starts with an exploration of the new Console Shaper, the first new Mix Engine effects processor included with Studio One and how to use it to sweeten your sound with analog console emulation.

Next, Bill demonstrates how you can use the new VCA Faders to create mixing groups and how to use the new VCA Folder Tracks feature to create a VCA for all the tracks in a folder for better control when mixing.

From there, Bill explores all the new Tab-to-Transient modifiers, and changes to the Smart Arrow, QuickZoom, and Automation Bracket tools. After that, he covers the new Track Console Sync and Transport options.

Bill now focuses on Selecting and Dragging improvements such as how to use the new Select to Start or Select to End commands. From there, Instrument Part to Audio Event and dragging effects around is discussed.

Moving on, Bill teaches you quick ways to open the Channel Editor and access new Appearance options. Finally, he covers the improvements to Comping and how to incorporate them in your workflow.

Whether you’re new to Studio One 3, or you’re an existing user looking for the lowdown on the new features in 3.2, don’t miss “Studio One 3.2 Update Explained”!

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