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SpectraLayers Pro 3 Explained®

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13 Videos | Length: 57min 56sec
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  • Introduction 1:50


    Welcome to Sony SpectraLayers Pro 3 Explained. Learn a new way of creatively working with audio by manipulating its waveform.

  • Installation & Authorization 2:57

    Installation & Authorization

    Let's walk step by step through the simple installation and authorization process.

  • Setting Up Preferences 3:30

    Setting Up Preferences

    In this chapter you'll learn how to configure your audio device and familiarize yourself with some of the user preferences.

  • Project & Audio Handling 4:35

    Project & Audio Handling

    Learn how SpectraLayers handles projects and audio.

  • Audio Waveforms 2:25

    Audio Waveforms

    In this segment, learn the fundamentals of reading an audio waveform, and about the science behind FFT's and transfer functions. Then we'll tie it all together and see how it relates to SpectraLayers.

  • Navigating 3:49


    Here we'll break apart the different sections of the interface and get a birds eye view of how to navigate through the software.

  • Spectral Selection Tools Pt. 1 5:06

    Spectral Selection Tools Pt. 1

    In this chapter we'll learn the basics of viewing and selecting spectral material and see how we can adjust the spectral display so that we can better view spectral content.

  • Spectral Selection Tools Pt. 2 7:44

    Spectral Selection Tools Pt. 2

    As we continue learning about spectral selection, we'll dive into the 6 different selection tools at our disposal.

  • Using Layers 4:08

    Using Layers

    Discover how we can use layers to separate spectral material and control them separately. Remix spectral content just like you would in DAW software.

  • Spectral Processing 6:04

    Spectral Processing

    Once we have spectral components selected, there are some incredible processing tools at our disposal to start manipulating the spectral content of our audio.

  • Casting & Molding 5:53

    Casting & Molding

    Lets get really creative and use spectral content to cast and mold shapes into other audio spectrums!

  • Staying Organized 5:09

    Staying Organized

    Find out how to measure your audio and use these measurements to your advantage. Get organized and learn how to integrate metadata, markers, and regions!

  • Merging & Exporting 4:46

    Merging & Exporting

    Finalize your creation and turn it into a new audio file for further processing in other editing software like SoundForge or other popular editors.

Product Overview

Join studio master Dave Askew as he sheds light on Sony‘s audio hyper-editor SpectraLayers Pro 3. This in-depth video tutorial series shows you how to use and understand the Spectral Analysis Display and tools of SpectraLayers Pro 3, while using it creatively on everything from Sound Design to Mixing.

Dave begins by giving you an overview of SpectraLayers Pro 3, and how to install and authorize it. Once it’s on your computer, he takes you through Setting Up your Preferences, and how SpectraLayers handles Projects and Audio.

Dave then gives you a primer on the Basics of Audio Waveforms and Spectral Analysis, both the science behind it and how SpectraLayers applies the concepts. Dave then explores the various exceptions of the interface and shows you how to navigate through the software.

The next videos explore the Spectral Selection Tools, and how to Adjust the Spectral Display. Following that, you’ll see how to use Layers to Separate Spectral Material and Control the Layers separately.

Moving on, Dave demonstrates some Creative Ways to Manipulate the Spectral Content of the audio material, including two special features of SpectraLayers 3, Casting and Molding the Audio using the spectral information.

Dave finishes up by giving you some great tips on How to Stay Organized in the application, Merge and Export Your Audio for use in other applications, and how SpectraLayers Pro 3 can be used in other industries and audio applications.

If you’re new to the concept of spectral analysis and are looking for a primer, or if you’re an experienced SpectraLayers Pro 3 user and want new ideas, don’t miss “SpectraLayers Pro 3 Explained”!

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