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Soundtoys Plug-Ins: Getting Creative

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12 Videos | Length: 2hr 15min 5sec
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  • Introduction 1:05


    In this video, Larry welcomes you along with a brief overview of what?s to be covered. In this video series.

  • Saturation with Devil-Loc & Decapitator 15:03

    Saturation with Devil-Loc & Decapitator

    Larry demonstrates how to use the Devil-Loc and Decapitator plug-ins to bring life to a mix, allowing you to create space in the low mids by pushing things up in the speaker. See how to use the Tone Controls on Decapitator in parallel to create pockets of frequency density.

  • Saturation to Tame Transients & Increase RMS 10:47

    Saturation to Tame Transients & Increase RMS

    See how to use Decapitator and Radiator to increase RMS and perceived volume, while simultaneously decreasing peak levels on a dance track. This is audio wizardry courtesy of the wonderful process of saturation!

  • Spatial Effects Pt. 1 16:39

    Spatial Effects Pt. 1

    Discover how to use Echoboy to add a nice slap delay effect to a vocal. We then continue to use Crystallizer as a lovely vocal doubler, adding depth and stereo width to the vocal, as well as use Microshift to add a chorus effect to a guitar.

  • Spatial Effects Pt. 2 13:01

    Spatial Effects Pt. 2

    In this video, we start off using Echoboy Jr. and Little Plate to create a nice plate reverb with pre-delay for our Tech House clap, and then get freaky by adding 2 Little Alter Boys and a Little Microshift to manipulate our vocal sample. Finally, we utilize Primal Tap to create stereo delays and a chorused guitar effect.

  • Rhythmic Effects 15:54

    Rhythmic Effects

    Explore how to get creative with Tremolator, creating cool guitar tremolo effects and a ?Trancegate? style effect with the rhythmic editor. We then go on to apply Panman to add movement to our FX loop, and program a rhythmic pan loop using Rhythm Step. Finally we use Rhythm Step to rhythmically alter our pan position.

  • Filtering with FilterFreak 16:11

    Filtering with FilterFreak

    In this video, see how to use FilterFreak to add classic high pass and low pass sweeps to a Disco House track. We then use FilterFreak?s analogue modes to add grit and fatness to a drum bus. Our Disco House track then receives some envelope following filter modulation to add lots of funky movement toit. We also try the rhythm editor to create extra interest in our Tech House track, and finally, enhance a snare in the rock track using FilterFreak 2.

  • Phasing Effects with PhaseMistress Pt. 1 10:30

    Phasing Effects with PhaseMistress Pt. 1

    Explore phasing some 909 hats and a vocal FX loop to add movement. We then apply PhaseMistress on our chords, and finally add PhaseMistress to our reverb returns of our clap sound.

  • Phasing Effects with PhaseMistress Pt. 2 9:09

    Phasing Effects with PhaseMistress Pt. 2

    In the second video on PhaseMIstress, we take our rock track and phase out the washy guitar pad, and then add a rhythmic phased sound to the slide guitar. Next, we use PhaseMistress to phase our whole track, creating cool sections and adding excitement.

  • Adding Dynamic Movement to Your FX 8:24

    Adding Dynamic Movement to Your FX

    In this video, we use Filter Freak, PhaseMIstress and Crystallizer?s dynamic threshold controls to dynamically effect our audio, adding that all important groove and rhythmic interest.

  • Experimental Effects Pt. 1 5:38

    Experimental Effects Pt. 1

    See how to turn an acoustic guitar part into a washed out blissful soundscape using an effects rack consisting of Crystallizer, Echoboy and Microshift. We then completely mess up our Tech House track with Primal Tap, creating some mad stutter edit effects.

  • Experimental Effects Pt. 2 12:44

    Experimental Effects Pt. 2

    In this final video, we create an evolving filter delay effect which sounds amazing as a special effect, using Echoboy, FilterFreak, and Decapitor.

Product Overview

In this Groove3 video tutorial series, studio wizard Larry Holcombe serves up ways to use and get creative with Soundtoys plug-ins! See how to craft unique, powerful sounds and effects using some of Soundtoys best processors. Download the tracks and stems Larry uses in the videos so you can follow along at home.

Larry starts with an introduction and then jumps right in, showing you how to make warm saturation effects with Devil-Loc and Decapitator, as well as using saturation to tame transients and raise the perceived volume without clipping.

Next spacial effects are explored and you'll see how to use Echoboy, Echoboy Jr., Little Plate, Little Microshift, and Primal Tap to add deepness and width to your sounds. Rhythmic effects are next, and Larry reveals ways to use Tremolator, Panman and Rhythm Step to create movement that prop[ells your tracks forward with a cool groove.

Designing interesting Filtering and Phasing effects is then shown, and you'll see how by using FilterFreak, PhaseMistress, on drums, vocals, chords, effect returns and more! Last but not least, Larry reveals ways to get experimental with Soundtoys, such as how to turn an acoustic guitar part into a washed out blissful soundscape using an effects rack consisting of Crystallizer, Echoboy and Microshift and more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re looking for ways to get creative with Soundtoys plug-ins, or just some effect design tips and tricks in general, this is for you... Watch “Soundtoys Plug-Ins: Getting Creative” today!

Tutorial Song Credit: The Hawthorne Effect - Marry Him

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