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  • Decapitator 11:38


    Ever wanted to recreate that hot analog sound? I’m talking about driving analog gear into saturation. That’s what this device is all about. We will take a look at it’s subtle uses all the way to using it to punish.

  • Boutique 9:27


    In this video Scottie explores the Devil-Loc, Little MicroShift and Radiator.

  • PanMan 13:23


    In this video we will go over the simple all the way to the crazy ways to use this device exploring it’s parameters, presets and applications.

  • Tremolator 7:28


    Another staple in the arsenal against boring sounding music... that audio will come back... any way you want. After this video you’ll never look at the Tremolo effect the same again.

  • FilterFreak 14:23


    In this video, see how you can use filters in some really creative ways. We’re not just talking about sweeping a low pass here. We’ll go over all the parameters which include using an Envelope and and LFO to control these filters. Yeah, filters just got cool again.

  • PhaseMistress 9:19


    Who uses the Phase effect any more? Well, once you hear what this little beauty has to offer you will be coming back for more. Discover the subtle warmth and movement this effect can add to far out effects that you never thought were possible.

  • Crystallizer 11:14


    This device is simple on the surface but goes extremely deep. In this video we will go over everything you need to know about creating your own world using the Crystallizer.

  • EchoBoy 13:40


    Dare me to say this is the best delay plugin? Yes... I’ll dare say that. The possibilities with this device are endless. Sculpt your sound to emulate any type of hardware delay or create something brand new. There are a lot of options with this device and in this video we will go over them all.

Product Overview

Groove 3's Scottie Dugan is back with a new series of tutorials tackling the analog sounding professional effect plug-ins from SoundToys! Watch as Scottie explores the Decapitator, Devil Loc, Little Microshift, Radiator, Panman, Tremolator, FilterFreak, PhaseMistress, Crystallizer and Echoboy. They're all here and Scottie gives you the knowledge you need to get the most out of these amazing plug-ins and more.

Scottie kicks the series off with the analog saturation modeler Decapitator. From the subtle ways to use Decapitator, to dialing in a punishing effect, Scottie covers it all. Next up is the audio level destroyer Devil-Loc. Inspired by the classic Shure Level-Loc, This plug-in can burn, scorch and destroy whatever you send it, but of course it also can be used for good. Scottie demonstrates this very simple yet powerful and tasty device, its parameters and how to put it to use.

Next, it's on to the Little MicroShift. This device is so simple to use, but its buttery goodness will always satisfy. Scottie discusses the three modes and demonstrates them all. Scottie then moves on to the classic sounding Radiator. With the ability to sound subtle or aggressive, this tube amp emulation device is truly a powerful tool. Another staple in the arsenal against boring sounding music is the Tremolo and Auto-Gate plug-in Tremolator, which Scottie covers from top to bottom.

The resonant analog filter FilterFreak is next up and it's definitely a freaky filter! Scottie shows how this plug-in filters in very creative ways, including using an envelope and a LFO to control the filters. Scottie's dirty little secret PhaseMistress is then revealed, as well as its amazing phaser effects and applications.

Scottie wraps up the in-depth series with the Crystallizer & Echoboy plug-ins. Scottie first gives you a detailed look at the the Crystallizer and shows that even though this device may be simple on the surface, it goes very deep. Finally, Scottie explores the EchoBoy, whose possibilities are endless. Scottie shows you how you can sculpt your sound and emulate any type of hardware delay, or create something brand new. There's a lot of options with this plug-in and in this video Scottie goes over them all.

If you use SoundToys effects plug-ins and really want to get the most out of them, this is the series for you... Watch "SoundToys Effects Explained" today.

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