Songwriting Tutorial

Songwriting with RealGuitar

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17 Videos | Length: 1hr 31min 5sec
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  • Introduction 6:16


    Learn what this series is about, then hear the initial rough song idea as well as the finished production that will be built up throughout these videos.

  • The Initial Idea 4:27

    The Initial Idea

    Follow along as Pattern Mode in RealGuitar and RealStrat are used to lay down a basic verse and chorus chord progression.

  • Dressing It Up 4:35

    Dressing It Up

    See how the initial chord progression idea is enhanced with another instance of RealStrat, run through some distortion, as well as a simple electric bass, piano, and pad accompaniment.

  • Second Verse Idea 4:00

    Second Verse Idea

    Hear how the second shorter verse is constructed, using RealGuitar for arpeggiated picking, and a shortened chord progression derived from the original longer verse.

  • Bridge Idea 4:32

    Bridge Idea

    A short intro is added as a placeholder. A double chorus is copy/pasted in after the shortened verse. A bridge is then created, introducing additional harmonic and thematic variety, and is followed by a final chorus.

  • Guide Vocal & Lyrics 4:14

    Guide Vocal & Lyrics

    Hear the song with the initial guide vocal & lyrics Rex has added.

  • Vocal Harmony Ideas 4:21

    Vocal Harmony Ideas

    Follow along as selected areas of the guide vocal are copied to a new track and transposed, in order to harmonize specific lines in the lyric.

  • Adding Wah Guitar & Other Tweaks 6:51

    Adding Wah Guitar & Other Tweaks

    See how to use the mod wheel to control the RealStart’s wah pedal, and follow along as the song form is tweaked and edited.

  • Varying the Picking Patterns 7:39

    Varying the Picking Patterns

    Learn how to combine and edit multiple patterns from RealGuitar’s pattern library into a single part, and then create variations on a duplicate track to achieve a similar but not identical doubled part.

  • The Rhythm Guitar Track 5:46

    The Rhythm Guitar Track

    Watch as the rhythm guitar track is edited and set up in multi output mode, with separate processing on the left and right sides.

  • Power Chords 5:25

    Power Chords

    See how the heavily distorted chords used in the chorus are enhanced with doubled and tripled parts.

  • Lead Guitar 5:40

    Lead Guitar

    Follow along as a lead guitar is set up with unison bends, hammer ons, and distortion, to solo at the end of the bridge and throughout the remaining chorus’s.

  • Arrangement Tweaks 5:07

    Arrangement Tweaks

    Watch as a few areas in the various sections are edited and cleaned up in preparation for a live drum part.

  • Adding Live Drums 1:29

    Adding Live Drums

    A drum recording/mixing template is imported, and live drum tracks are recorded to replace the drum loops used until this point in the songwriting and arranging process.

  • Mix Overview - The Guitars 7:53

    Mix Overview - The Guitars

    Explore the individual guitar tracks alone and in context with various EQs, compressors, distortion, delays, and other plug-ins applied.

  • Mix Overview - Other Elements 6:51

    Mix Overview - Other Elements

    Take a brief look at the processing set up on the drums, vocals, and MIDI elements used in the arrangement.

  • Final Play Through 5:59

    Final Play Through

    Follow along as a few last minute mix tweaks are shown, and listen to a final play through of the full track.

Product Overview

Eli Krantzberg shows you how to use the awesome sounding RealGuitar and RealStrat from MusicLab to flesh out a whole song from top to bottom. Anyone who writes songs can benefit from this series as well!

Eli begins by welcoming you and goes over what the series will cover. He then jumps right in and uses RealGuitar and RealStrat to lay down the basic parts of the song.

He then incorporates vocals and harmonies for further song development, and then works on the guitars some more to fine tune them. The arrangement is then honed more, and Eli gets behind the drum kit and adds some groove to the track.

The Mix Hat now comes out and Eli shows you how to further enhance the great sounds from RealGuitar and RealStrat, as well as tweak the other elements of the mix and more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you’re a songwriter or use MusicLab’s products this series is a must see. Watch “Songwriting with RealGuitar” today!

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