Songwriting Tutorial

Songwriting with EZKeys

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9 Videos | Length: 50min 34sec
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Chapter 1 : R&B Ballad

  • Developing an Idea 5:30

    Developing an Idea

    Eli enters some simple chords into the Song Track, and auditions them with some verse patterns from the RnB MIDI Pack.

  • Constructing a Chorus 4:59

    Constructing a Chorus

    Use the randomize function in conjunction with the Split Song Blocks tool to create a chord pattern for the chorus.

  • Building an Arrangement 7:21

    Building an Arrangement

    Follow along as the piano part is tweaked, and a simple bass part and melody are added.

Chapter 2 : Funky

  • Funk Idea Intro 6:04

    Funk Idea Intro

    EZ Keys is used to generate a funky bass part, followed by an intro style piano vamp on top.

  • Funk Form 7:30

    Funk Form

    Eli develops the song form using a few different EZKey MIDI patterns over a new custom chord progression.

  • Funk Shaping 3:56

    Funk Shaping

    See how combining MIDI patterns from different EZ Keys styles offers more flexibility matching the piano part with other song elements.

Chapter 3 : Country

  • Country Style 6:37

    Country Style

    Here EZ Keys is used to create a piano part around an existing melody.

  • Creating a Chorus 4:54

    Creating a Chorus

    The randomize chords function is used for harmonic inspiration.

  • Chorus Melody and Intro 3:43

    Chorus Melody and Intro

    Hear the chorus melody inspired from the EZ Keys generated chords, and watch as a simple intro is added.

Product Overview

Toontrack’s EZKeys isn’t just a great sounding collection of piano instruments and grooves, it’s a powerful songwriting tool. In this video tutorial series Eli Krantzberg guides you through unlocking your songwriting ideas using EZKeys and a number of different song styles as examples!

Eli begins by developing an R&B ballad by entering basic chords into the Song Track. From there, Eli uses the powerful Browser Window to audition patterns from the R&B MIDI Pack. Eli then creates the entire arrangement easily within EZKeys, and finishes it off with Bass and Melody parts.

Next, Eli shows you how to build a more funk oriented song by generating a funky bass part and then creates a custom chord progression with the different MIDI patterns. Finally, Eli uses patterns from different EZKeys styles to build a unique and interesting arrangement.

Finally, Eli builds a country-style song. For this track, Eli starts with an existing melody, and uses the Randomize Function to create some cool parts, producing an inspiring Country tune complete with an effective intro!

Whether you’re new to EZKeys or you’re an existing user ready to get creative with it as a songwriting tool, don’t miss “Songwriting with EZKeys”!

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