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  • Installation & Overview 4:40

    Installation & Overview

    Learn about the necessary steps involved in downloading and authorizing your version of SIGNAL, and get a bird’s eye view of the overall plug-in architecture and layout.

  • Working with the Presets 7:21

    Working with the Presets

    Discover some simple intuitive ways of modifying the factory presets by changing the instruments and/or macro settings used, learn how to save and delete customized settings, and see how to rescan the library to update the preset list.

  • Editing the Wave Pulse 5:04

    Editing the Wave Pulse

    Explore ways to modify the influence of the Wave pulse over the pulse engine’s sound, including how to alter the shape, offset, onset, timing, and the depth of the parameters it is modulating.

  • Working with the Step Sequencer 4:48

    Working with the Step Sequencer

    See how this form of generating rhythm by modulating the pulse engines is used.

  • The Arpeggiator 5:58

    The Arpeggiator

    See how the arpeggiator is used to generate patterns of notes on the main rhythm generator of either of the pulse engines, and how it is combined with either wave or step sequencer modulation on the 2nd rhythm.

  • The Loop Pulse Type 4:25

    The Loop Pulse Type

    Hear how this mode is used to create pulses by re-triggering looped sections of a sound source. Learn how to alter the phase of the looped area, so that notes begin from different positions within the loop.

  • Pitch & Volume Envelopes 5:08

    Pitch & Volume Envelopes

    Learn how to use these to create interesting ascending or descending riser effects, and see how to use the copy menu to duplicate elements of one layer to the other for interesting pitch riser variations.

  • Pulse Engine Settings 3:40

    Pulse Engine Settings

    See how these settings are used to limit the key range, number of voices, and velocity sensitivity for each pulse engine; and explore ways to create interesting THX style pitch risers using these settings in conjunction with the copy layer function.

  • The Effects Page 3:59

    The Effects Page

    Learn how to use SIGNAL’s built in effects independently for each of the two pulse engines, and globally for the whole patch.

  • Customizing the Macro Sliders 6:02

    Customizing the Macro Sliders

    See how to assign the six available slots for each of the four macro sliders, how to bypass and remove assignments, and how to scale the modulation range of the target parameter.

Product Overview

SIGNAL by Output combines fat analog synthesis and live instrument samples with its unique Pulse Engine to create wild new sounds. Computer music guru Eli Krantzberg takes you deep inside this unique, creative musical tool leaving no stone unturned.

Starting with a basic overview, Eli explores its architecture and layout. Then he shows you around the Presets, and how to modify them for your specific needs by changing the Instruments and Macro Settings. He also demonstrates how to save and delete Settings, and re-scan the Library so it updates with your changes.

From there, Eli shows you how to edit the Wave Pulse, and how you can alter the Shape, Offset, Onset, Timing, and Modulation Depth to create wild new sounds. Eli then explores the Step Editor and Arpeggiator, demonstrating how to generate Modulating Rhythms and Patterns. Moving on, Eli shows you the Loop Pulse Type Mode, and how to create Pulses by re-triggering looped sections of your sound source.

Next, Eli teaches you how to use the Pitch and Volume Settings to create ascending or descending Riser Effects, and how you can use the Pulse Engine Settings to adjust the functionality of the plug-in. He finishes the series with a video on the Effects Page, and how to use the effects independently for each of the two Pulse Engines, and how to Customize the Macro Sliders.

Whether you’re new to SIGNAL by Output or an experienced user who wants a deeper understanding of this unique virtual instrument, watch “SIGNAL Explained” today!

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