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Shaperbox 2 Explained®

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  • Introduction 11:18


    In this first video, we outline the topics covered in the series and offer an overview of the ethos of the plug-in, as well as each individual module, demonstrating some of the module presets in the process.

  • Library Presets 6:52

    Library Presets

    Next up, we cover the library presets area. Loading, Saving and Searching for presets are covered, and also how to sync presets with the Cableguys Online Cloud.

  • The Interface 5:06

    The Interface

    In this video, we go over the interface outlining the different areas and their basic functions. We show the areas which remain the same for each Shaper, and the parts that are altered as we move between Shapers.

  • Wave Presets 9:36

    Wave Presets

    Now we cover the Wave Presets, demonstrating the categories for each Shaper and how you can use them to quickly dial in a suitable sound. We also cover adding LFO shapes into the User Slots which allows you to automate moving between different Shapes.

  • LFO Settings 6:17

    LFO Settings

    The LFO settings are now covered in-detail, which allows you to set different LFO tempos and lengths on a per Shaper basis, and also when unlinked, on a band by band level.

  • The LFO Wave Editor 8:53

    The LFO Wave Editor

    In this video, learn how to create custom LFO Shapes using the Tool Strip options. These allow you to create and edit Breakpoints or Nodes using the Pen Tools add Straight Lines, Arcs and S-Shapes. This allows for a great level of intricacy to the resulting LFO Shapes you can create.

  • VolumeShaper 14:08


    Now we turn our attention to the parameters of VolumeShaper and its flexible Compressor. Watch how to create a Trance Gate Style Effect, a super transparent Kick/Bass Side Chain and then dive into to fine tuning loops using the Compressor set to listen to different frequencies.

  • TimeShaper 13:29


    In this video, learn the way that TimeShaper allows you to edit and mangle loops by repositioning audio in a rhythmic way. We also demonstrate this as a Multi-Band Effect and also show some of the Time-Stretching and Scratching functionalities.

  • CrushShaper 11:57


    CrushShaper is now covered in-depth in this video including the 4 main parameters; Crunch, Bits, Resample and FX Mix. The way in which the LFO Editor can be used to control these parameters independently is also demonstrated.

  • FilterShaper 9:35


    Now discover the multimode filter structure of FilterShaper and how to build a sound with different LFO Shapes for 3 bands using 3 different Filter Modes. We then continue with isolating a vocal part from a loop using a custom LFO Shape.

  • PanShaper 8:27


    PanShaper is now explained and explored with Modulated Auto-Pan Effects, including the amazing Haas Effect based psychoacoustic widening.

  • WidthShaper 5:24


    Next up we cover the parameters of WidthShaper by modulating the side signal of a rising pad sound. We then continue on to create a wide stereo mono compatible muti-band bass patch which is then modulated.

  • The Envelope Follower Pt. 1 10:57

    The Envelope Follower Pt. 1

    In this video, we cover the main parameters of the Envelope Follower using FilterShaper as an example. We also demonstrate how it interacts with the LFO Shape and ways in which we can fine-tune the Envelope settings for creative effects.

  • The Envelope Follower Pt. 2 14:35

    The Envelope Follower Pt. 2

    Now we look at uses of the Envelope Follower with PanShaper and WidthShaper, and then continue on to cover the different Side Chain signals that the Envelope Follower can listen to from a specific frequency band, such as a Side Chain input trigger from another track.

  • MIDI in ShaperBox 2 6:46

    MIDI in ShaperBox 2

    Last but not least, we cover using MIDI in Shaperbox 2, demonstrating how to switch between different LFO Shapes and also re-triggering LFO cycles with MIDI!

Product Overview

Studio pro Larry Holcombe presents in-depth Cableguys Shaperbox 2 video tutorials! Learn all of the different modules and effects found in Shaperbox 2, as well as how to effectively use them on your tracks and productions. See how to endlessly twist and morph your audio with these incredible plug-ins. These videos are for new Shaperbox 2 users.

Larry welcomes you and goes over what the course will cover as well as an overview of what Shaperbox 2 is, and what it does so well. You'll then learn the basics such as what the different modules are, how use the library preset manager to load and save new Shaperbox presets, the user interface and what areas remain the same for each Shaper, and the parts that are altered as you move between Shapers.

Now the real fun begins with Larry going through each of the different Shapers, showing you how to use their specific controls and features on different audio sources and tracks. You'll get full coverage on all the modules; LFO Wave Editor, VolumeShaper, TimeShaper, CrushShaper, FilterShaper, PanShaper, WidthShaper, and Envelope Follower. Larry then gives you a bonus video demonstrating how to switch between different LFO Shapes as well as re-triggering LFO cycles with MIDI, for crazy cool effects that enhance your tracks!

To see what these in-depth Cableguys Shaperbox 2 video tutorials show you, and how they'll get you creating awesome effects for your songs and productions, check out the individual Shaperbox 2 video descriptions on this page. Discover how it's possible to shape your audio into wondrous new sounds... Watch "Shaperbox 2 Explained®" today!

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