Session Guitarist PICKED NYLON Explained®

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12 Videos | Length: 1hr 10min 47sec
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  • What is Session Guitarist PICKED NYLON? 2:32

    What is Session Guitarist PICKED NYLON?

    Learn what PICKED NYLON is all about as you see and hear some of its defining features in action.

  • Playing Melodies 9:59

    Playing Melodies

    Discover how key switches and other MIDI CC messages are used to control articulations, fret positioning, vibrato, and pitch bend when playing melodies in the Melody version of the Picked Acoustic instrument.

  • Combining Melodies & Patterns 4:07

    Combining Melodies & Patterns

    Explore how momentary key switches are used to toggle between pattern and melodic playback using a variety of automatically generated guitar voicings.

  • Controlling Playback 5:43

    Controlling Playback

    Learn to control how long patterns continue after note release and how to trigger dedicated endings that include a sustained chord, a slide, and a guitar body hand thump.

  • Patterns 6:09


    In this video, Eli demonstrates how the three different Picked Nylon pattern types respond to incoming MIDI notes slightly differently.

  • Auto Chords 4:27

    Auto Chords

    Discover the Auto Chords panel, which maps the black notes to trigger chord extensions/suspensions and transposes the chord layout so the root pitch is always mapped to C. In minor keys, the relative major is mapped to C.

  • Dynamics & Timing 5:36

    Dynamics & Timing

    In this video, you'll learn how to continuously control the dynamics of the patterns with the Impact slider. Controlled by the pitch-bend wheel, it will increase or decrease the playing intensity of the guitarist.

  • Timing & the Inspector 4:43

    Timing & the Inspector

    Explore ways to modify the rhythm of patterns in the Inspector by modifying the length, start position, volume, tempo, voicing, and fret position uniquely for each loaded pattern.

  • The Browsers 7:48

    The Browsers

    Discover ways of searching in both the Song Browser and Pattern Browser using attributes and rhythms to create customized results.

  • Adjusting the Sound of the Guitar 8:26

    Adjusting the Sound of the Guitar

    Hear how the controls on the Guitar Settings page are used to choose between mic configurations and/or picking positions, as well as add fret noise, sympathetic resonances, stereo doubling, and breathing noises.

  • The Effects Page 7:00

    The Effects Page

    Explore some of the tone-shaping and sonic manipulation available with the choice guitar-based effects included on the Effects Page of Picked Nylon.

  • Playback Parameters & Saving Sound Presets 4:17

    Playback Parameters & Saving Sound Presets

    Learn how to lock playback parameters (so they remain when changing songs) and how to save and load sound presets and snapshots.

Product Overview

Studio expert Eli Krantzberg presents a comprehensive set of Session Guitarist PICKED NYLON video tutorials! Native Instruments have really outdone themselves with PICKED NYLON, and this video series will teach you everything you need to know about the unparalleled realism and authentic capabilities of this virtual instrument. Eli covers every aspect of the plug-in - sounds, functionality, navigation, and more - so you'll be as intimately familiar with the program as a guitarist is with their guitar by the end. These videos are for new PICKED NYLON users.

Eli welcomes you and begins with an overview, explaining what exactly the plugin is and what it does by demonstrating some of its defining features in-action. You'll then move on to more specific features, such as playing melodies (using key switches to control articulations, fret position, vibrato, and more) and combining melodies with the vast library of include chord patterns. Learn how to control playback with dedicated endings, adding slides, body thumps, and more!

Next, follow along as Eli demonstrates the Auto Chords panel, which allows you to map various chord qualities/extensions/suspensions to the black keys for quick and easy chord generation. Explore dynamics with the Impact slider, which varies the intensity with which the guitarist plays.

Throughout the rest of the course, Eli covers many other salient features of the plugin, including the Inspector (to modify various aspects of a chord's or note's timing, voicing, and more), Browsers (allowing several methods for searching patterns, songs, rhythms, etc.), the Effects Page (for tweaking the various included effects), and adjusting the sound (mic choice/position, plucking position, fret noise, breathing noise, and more) of the guitar with the Guitar Settings page!.

To see exactly what these in-depth Session Guitarist PICKED NYLON video tutorials show you, and how they'll help you expand your productions with some amazingly realistic nylon guitar riffs and chords, see the individual PICKED NYLON video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn to class up your tracks with some stellar nylon guitar-playing... Watch “Session Guitarist PICKED NYLON Explained®” today!

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