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Session Guitarist ELECTRICS Tutorial

Session Guitarist ELECTRICS Explained®

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10 Videos | Length: 1hr 14min 42sec
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  • Electric Session Guitarists Overview 4:12

    Electric Session Guitarists Overview

    Take a first look at the overall layout and common elements of the electric guitar instruments covered in this series.

  • Playing Patterns 10:28

    Playing Patterns

    Explore the chord voicing generator options, and learn how to use the special key switch notes that trigger slides, knuckle hits, and long chords.

  • Playing Melodies 8:29

    Playing Melodies

    Hear the influence of key switches to introduce alternate articulations in the melody version of Session Guitarist, the effects of polyphonic versus monophonic mode on playback of overlapping notes when processed with distortion, the use of vibrato and pitch bend on selected notes, and how hammer on articulations work.

  • Advanced Pattern Control 10:50

    Advanced Pattern Control

    Explore the use of the impact slider for dynamics, MIDI CC 111 to start playback from different positions within the pattern, the Inspector Panel for shifting the start and end of patterns to create rhythmic variations, and the use of key switches in the Melody instrument as a means of varying and/or extending patterns.

  • Pattern Types, Chords, & Voicings 7:32

    Pattern Types, Chords, & Voicings

    Learn how the three different pattern types interact with incoming MIDI, the voicing generator, and the Auto Chords function.

  • Fret Position 3:50

    Fret Position

    Explore the influence of fret position on both arpeggiated patterns and the melody instrument, and see how to use MIDI CC 114 to automate position changes during a performance.

  • The Browsers 5:45

    The Browsers

    See how to get the most out of the Pattern & Song Browsers as the collection of patterns is customized within an existing song.

  • Guitar Settings 5:59

    Guitar Settings

    Discover how the controls on the Guitar Settings page are used to adjust the sound of the guitar itself, before the signal is sent to the Amps & FX stage for virtual effects processing.

  • Amps & FX 8:49

    Amps & FX

    Explore how this page is used to add effects processing to the guitars, and the result of placing various effects in the signal flow before the amp processing, between amp and cabinet processing, and post cabinet processing. Also see how to save custom sound presets.

  • Playback Parameters, Automation, Snapshots, & More 8:48

    Playback Parameters, Automation, Snapshots, & More

    See how top use the playback parameters for subtle variations in performance phrasing and timing, how to automate parameters using MIDI CC messages, and how to save and recall snapshots of the entire state of the instrument.

Product Overview

Studio wiz Eli Krantzberg delivers a comprehensive set of Session Guitarist ELECTRICS video tutorials! If you want to learn how to take advantage of all the features and functions available in Session Guitarist ELECTRIC VINTAGE and SUNBURST DELUXE, and use them to generate countless guitar ideas and tones for your next production, this is the course to watch! Eli walks you through the basics before getting into the more advanced features and functions, demonstrating throughout with audio examples. These videos are for new Session Guitarist ELECTRIC VINTAGE and SUNBURST DELUXE users.

Eli welcomes you and then starts at the beginning with an overview of the elements found in this series covering the different Session Guitarist Electrics. Then learn all about playing patterns and melodies and the various parameters involved in each, including the use of key switches to trigger slides, how to employ hammer ons, and much more.

Next, explore the advanced elements of pattern control, such as the use of the impact slider for dynamics and MIDI CC 111 to start playback from different positions within a pattern. Also learn how different pattern types interact with incoming MIDI, the voicing generator, and the Auto Chords function.

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll learn about more advanced features to really customize your tracks, such as fret position, fret/amp noise, guitar/amp settings, FX settings, saving your parameters, using automation, and more!

To see exactly what these in-depth Session Guitarist ELECTRIC VINTAGE and SUNBURST DELUXE tutorials show you, and how they'll make using Session Guitarist to create stellar guitar tracks in no-time fun and easy, see the individual Session Guitarist ELECTRICS video tutorial descriptions on this page. Generate new sounds and create killer riffs for your productions today... Watch “Session Guitarist ELECTRICS Explained®” now!

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