Serum Tutorial

Serum FX: Getting Creative

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  • Introduction 0:57


    Adam welcomes you to the course and gives a preview of what he will be covering.

  • Serum FX Prerequisite Concepts 3:29

    Serum FX Prerequisite Concepts

    Assuming you have some familiarity with Serum, what's different about Serum FX? Most importantly, Adam shows you how to trigger modulation envelopes and LFOs.

  • Stereo Width & Stereo Movement 4:33

    Stereo Width & Stereo Movement

    Stereo filter offset is the most natural way to create stereo width, and stereo movement. See why this is Adam's favorite feature of Serum FX.

  • Custom Shape Sidechain Compression 6:18

    Custom Shape Sidechain Compression

    See how to use this trick to literally draw in your sidechain compression with any shape at all. Adam also shows how to avoid clicks when doing so.

  • Reverb 2:23

    Reverb "Breath" Trick

    Learn how to make reverb breathe by modulating an unexpected reverb parameter as well as make it mono or wide.

  • Turning Noise into Tones Using Comb Filters 4:47

    Turning Noise into Tones Using Comb Filters

    Adam now demonstrates how to turn white noise into tunable tones using a comb filter, and shows a workflow trick using the noise oscillator and LFO modulation.

  • Three More Comb Filter Ideas 3:03

    Three More Comb Filter Ideas

    Discover how to turn a percussion loop into a modern lead, make chords super unique and aggressive, and cut the grainy tail that a high resonance comb filter sometimes introduces.

  • Wide & Textured Distortion 2:47

    Wide & Textured Distortion

    Explore how to distort through the Combs filter to create a much more textured and interesting distortion, as well as make it beautifully wide with stereo filter offset.

  • Using Filters as Reverb 3:03

    Using Filters as Reverb

    Discover how to use Allpasses and Reverb filters as reverb, and take it further by modulating cutoff, equivalent to modulating reverb size.

  • Make Any Sound Talk 2:17

    Make Any Sound Talk

    See how to use the formant filter to make anything talk, and change the word spoken by setting LFO start point.

  • Interesting Filter Sweeps & Avoiding Clicks 3:18

    Interesting Filter Sweeps & Avoiding Clicks

    In this video, Adam shows how you can make filter sweeps more interesting, by using non-standard low pass filters, and how to avoid "clicks" that LFOs sometimes introduce.

  • Better Distortion 2:59

    Better Distortion

    The trick to making better distortion is modulating the pre-filter which is a standard concept, but it's not intuitive, and most folks aren't aware of it.

  • Rhythmic Filter Sweeps 6:01

    Rhythmic Filter Sweeps

    Adam now shows two examples, with two different types of rhythm, one fast, and one slow. In the process Adam also shows LFO "rise", the "phase" filter, and a trick to do the sweep when the filter is used for something else.

  • Using Comb Filters as Delays 2:54

    Using Comb Filters as Delays

    Delay causes comb filtering, and with the right settings, you can use comb filters as delays, and then modulate cutoff to get some interesting results!

  • Gain Compensation 1:53

    Gain Compensation

    Adam explains what gain compensation is and why is it important, as well as how to do it using the compressor module.

  • Screaming Builds 3:16

    Screaming Builds

    Watch how to make a screaming build, using a high resonance comb filter.

  • Modulating the Unique Serum Filters 1:19

    Modulating the Unique Serum Filters

    Adam reveals the unique filters that allow you to make sounds only possible with Serum/Serum FX.

  • Unique Build Up Idea 2:17

    Unique Build Up Idea

    Learn how to create this unique build up, using just a sine wave and a high resonance comb filter, and then make it super wide!

  • Modulating Reverb Size 2:03

    Modulating Reverb Size

    Explore the unexpected sounds of modulating something that shouldn't be modulated.

  • Making Chords Rhythmic 3:28

    Making Chords Rhythmic

    Adam shows how to make any chord progression rhythmic, using LFO, LP cutoff modulation, and an LFO curve concept. Then see how to make it into a build up using the Auxiliary Source option in the Modulation Matrix.

  • Ringing FX 2:00

    Ringing FX

    Discover 3 examples of effects with a high feedback that rings.

  • Dynamic Frequency Notching 1:46

    Dynamic Frequency Notching

    Explore the idea of dynamically notching a specific frequency to make room for a snare in your mix.

  • Background Ambience Channel 1:53

    Background Ambience Channel

    See how to use the noise oscillator to create a background ambience channel for live performance or DJing, plus an important note about saving this setup, and loading your own sample folders into the noise oscillator.

Product Overview

Adam Pollard aka Multiplier, brings an in-depth video tutorial series all about using the amazing Xfer Serum FX plug-in! Get a unique perspective on these powerful effects and how to use them creatively on your audio material.

Note: Basic knowledge of Serum and Serum FX is recommended before watching this series.

Adam begins by welcoming you and then shows you what's different about Serum FX, and then jumps right in with a lesson on how to trigger modulation envelopes and LFOs. He then covers a wide range of topics such as stereo width and stereo movement, custom shape sidechain compression, and a reverb "breath" trick, all designed to bring new flavors and colors to your sounds.

Moving on you'll explore more cool techniques such as turning noise into tones using comb filters, creating textured distortion, using filters as reverb, making any sound talk, and rhythmic filter sweeps. Adam then shows you more eye-opening sound design ideas like using comb filters as delays, modulating the unique serum filters, and how to modulate reverb size.

Last but not least you'll get cool production techniques like how to make screaming builds, unique build up ideas, how to make chords rhythmic, creating a background ambience channel for live performance or DJing, and much, much more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you have Serum FX or are thinking about getting it and want ideas about how to make original sounding effects and parts for your songs, this series is a must see... Watch "Serum FX: Getting Creative" today.

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