Compression Tutorial

Secrets of Creative Compression

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10 Videos | Length: 1hr 2min 26sec
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  • 1176 as a Distortion Effect on Bass 6:05

    1176 as a Distortion Effect on Bass

    This video shows how heavy compression can be used as a distortion effect on a bass guitar, giving you not only a nice distorted sound, but a natural compression.

  • Tape as a Compressor 6:58

    Tape as a Compressor

    While normally we would reach for a compressor effect when we want dynamic control, tape has the ability to naturally compress and add harmonics to audio. This video shows how to use tape compression to get a more natural and harmonically rich sound.

  • Vocal Parallel Compression 6:42

    Vocal Parallel Compression

    Learn how to use multiple parallel compressors on a vocal for a tight compression sound, something that is found quite commonly in pop and rap music.

  • 1176 & LA-2A On Vocals 5:43

    1176 & LA-2A On Vocals

    Watch how this classic compressor combination is used on vocals for dynamic and smooth compression.

  • Compressing Reverb & Delays 6:16

    Compressing Reverb & Delays

    See how compression on reverb and delays can be used to add additional ambience to your sounds. This helps wrap the effects around the vocal, giving you a clearer sound.

  • Adding Snap to Drums 6:36

    Adding Snap to Drums

    Learn a unique way to add snap to drums by controlling and enhancing them with a multiband compressor. This not only levels the bass frequencies but uses creative side-chain upward compression to add high frequency punch to your sounds.

  • Parallel Distortion On Drums 8:27

    Parallel Distortion On Drums

    Explore how distortion and bite can be added to a drum buss by using multiple types of extreme parallel compression. This video goes beyond the simple NY style compression and shows you how to add punch while still retaining the original character of the drums.

  • Compressing On The Way In 4:06

    Compressing On The Way In

    Watch how to setup up compressors when tracking and how this can benefit your performances and recordings.

  • Stacking Compressors for Transparency 6:22

    Stacking Compressors for Transparency

    When transparent but extreme compression is needed, stacking multiple compressors in a signal chain can allow for a more natural sounding compression.

  • OTT Compression 5:11

    OTT Compression

    Learn when to use this style of compression and how it can benefit your synth sounds when making electronic music.

Product Overview

Studio wiz Thomas Cochran brings you in-depth compression video tutorials! Once you know what a compressor is and how it works, it's time to go deeper and learn how this vital processing tool can transform your tracks into fine, polished works of art, or ooze with vibe and character. To help you on your creative compression learning journey, this tutorial series includes the audio files used in the videos so you can follow along on your system. These videos are for those who already know what a compressor is and how it works. If you don't, no worries! Check out Compression Explained® here, then come back here for some creative techniques.

The videos are shot in Ableton Live, but the info appeals to any DAW, as the videos are about using compressors creatively, not the DAW. Thomas uses some great 3rd party compressors in addition to the stock compressor in Ableton Live, including:

Acme Audio Opticom XLA-3

Purple Audio 77

Xfer Records OTT (Free Plugin)

Fab Filter Pro-MB

Izotope Vintage Tape

The info you learn here can be applied to any other stock or 3rd party compressor, so don't worry if you don't have these specific compressor plug-ins. You can even apply the techniques to hardware compressors!

Just some of the compression practices you'll learn are; using a 1176 type plug-in as a distortion effect on bass, using a tape emulation plug-in as a compressor, utilizing multiple parallel compressors on a vocal for a tight compression sound, implementing both an 1176 & LA-2A type plug-ins on vocals for dynamic and smooth compression, compressing reverb & delays, parallel distortion on drums, how to setup up compressors when tracking and how it can benefit your performances and recordings, and much, much more.

To see what these comprehensive compression tutorials show you, and how they'll open up a whole new sonic world for your tracks and productions, check out the individual compressor video tutorial descriptions on this page. Discover how compression, when used creatively and sometimes unorthodoxly, can produce amazing results on your audio... Watch “Secrets of Creative Compression” today!

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