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  • Introduction 3:33


    In this first video, Larry introduces the series, provides an overview of the plugin, and outlines the different areas of the interface.

  • The Combi Tab Pt. 1 9:14

    The Combi Tab Pt. 1

    Next up, begin exploring the Combi tab to understand the swing and humanize knobs and the different pickups. Larry also demonstrates some of the different chord and groove combinations using the combi presets.

  • The Combi Tab Pt. 2 6:03

    The Combi Tab Pt. 2

    In this video, Larry covers the details of saving and loading presets while also demonstrating the swing and humanize controls.

  • The Chord Tab Pt. 1 5:31

    The Chord Tab Pt. 1

    Discover the Chord tab in this video, with which you can use chord presets transposed and at the original pitch to jam along with your backing track. Also check out the fretboard display providing information on the currently active chord.

  • The Chord Tab Pt. 2 8:04

    The Chord Tab Pt. 2

    Next up, explore all the options within the mapping section of the Chords tab. These allow you to choose custom chord combinations with different fret positions, top note, and string options. Also learn how to use mapping via MIDI.

  • The Chord Tab Pt. 3 2:15

    The Chord Tab Pt. 3

    Here, Larry demonstrates ways in which you can find alternative chords and reorder chords within the mapping window.

  • The Grooves Tab Pt. 1 6:14

    The Grooves Tab Pt. 1

    The Grooves tab allows you to choose various grooves to apply over your backing track using the MIDI keyboard. Here, Larry demonstrates how to map custom groove combinations to your keyboard.

  • The Grooves Tab Pt. 2 10:58

    The Grooves Tab Pt. 2

    In this video, learn to create your own grooves using the Sequencer. This allows you to really fine-tune the groove using the editing tools, including volume, length, timing, and more.

  • The Grooves Tab Pt. 3 3:13

    The Grooves Tab Pt. 3

    Next up, Larry demonstrates the extra editing tools available from the Sequencer drop down menu.

  • The Articulations Pt. 1 10:40

    The Articulations Pt. 1

    Discover the available articulations, including Dynamic and Updown Stroke variations.

  • The Articulations Pt. 2 5:12

    The Articulations Pt. 2

    In this video, Larry explains the "blue" notes in FUNK GUITARIST and what you can do to alleviate the problems that they're indicating. You'll also explore sequencer dynamics.

  • Main vs Fill Grooves 3:30

    Main vs Fill Grooves

    We discuss the difference between main and fill grooves next and the way these can be used when jamming guitar grooves.

  • The FX Tab 3:29

    The FX Tab

    Discover the 8 effects modules and their master and individual preset menus in this video.

  • The Settings Tab 5:48

    The Settings Tab

    Here, Larry focuses on the Settings tab, which allows you to add a play-along bass outlining the root of the chord for reference, as well as a second guitar with alternate samples for double tracked effects.

  • Disco Track Example Pt. 1 - Chords 13:14

    Disco Track Example Pt. 1 - Chords

    Explore the ways in which we can map chords in this video. The example track is a disco-inspired groove to which we add some varied funky rhythmic chord grooves.

  • Disco Track Example Pt. 2 - Groove 5:47

    Disco Track Example Pt. 2 - Groove

    Next up, Larry creates a bespoke groove by editing an existing sequence and adding a variation to keep things interesting.

  • Soul Track Example Pt. 1 - Chords 11:42

    Soul Track Example Pt. 1 - Chords

    For the second track example, learn some different approaches to working with this plugin. Firstly, try jamming with chord presets in the correct key, and then experiment with adding in custom chords to fit the backing track. Finally, learn to use MIDI to enter the exact chords we require.

  • Soul Track Example Pt. 2 - Groove 7:57

    Soul Track Example Pt. 2 - Groove

    In the final video of the course, Larry again creates a custom groove for the track using different articulations. To finish, we try out an auto filter patch with Guitar Rig.

Product Overview

Studio wiz Larry Holcombe presents comprehensive Native Instruments SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST video tutorials! If funk guitar is your thing, SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST from Native Instruments is tough to beat. With its massive collection of grooves, fills, and voicings, it's a tour de force of guitar samples, and this video course will help you quickly produce stellar tracks, as well as dive deep into the more advanced settings. Larry covers all the features thoroughly and demonstrates them in action with two example tracks - disco and soul - so you can really hear the plugin's capabilities in a musical context. These videos are for new SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST users.

Larry welcomes you begins by providing an overview of the plugin and its purpose, followed by a tour of the interface so you know your way around. Then, explore the Combi Tab, with which you have access to the Humanize and Swing knobs, as well as the ability to select different pickups for tonal variation. Larry also demonstrates some of the Combi presets and details how to save and load them.

Next, explore the Chord tab and its various parameters, including transposing chord progressions, options for mapping chords in different fret positions, top note, and string groups, and ways you can find alternate chords within the mapping window!

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll learn to use the remaining features, including the Groove tab (for choosing, creating, and editing your own grooves), Articulation tab (for varying the dynamics and other parameters), the FX tab (8 effects included), and the Settings tab (for adding a play-along reference bass track and more), before observing Larry finish up by creating two example tracks (disco and soul)!

To see exactly what's contained in these in-depth SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST tutorials, and exactly how much you can do with this plugin, check out the individual SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn to get the funk out in style ... Watch “SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST Explained®” now!

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