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Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Road Map 4:54

    Road Map

    An overview of the SampleTank 3 interface that will be explored throughout these videos, including the Play, Mix, and Edit tabs, as well as the Macro/FX tab and global controls.

  • Setup 5:29


    Learn how to set the data pathway, adjust audio and MIDI settings, and see how the latch and sync modes work.

Chapter 2 : Play Page

  • Working with Instruments 5:49

    Working with Instruments

    Learn how to load instruments, and use the info, save, save as, and rename functions.

  • Importing Legacy Instruments 1:38

    Importing Legacy Instruments

    See how to use the Import function to convert old IK Multimedia instruments and bring them in to SampleTank 3.

  • Importing Custom Samples 5:05

    Importing Custom Samples

    Learn how to import aiff or wav samples and create your own custom SampleTank 3 instruments.

  • Working with Multis 2:33

    Working with Multis

    Multis are collections of up to sixteen instruments. See how to save, search, create, and manage your own custom multi setups.

  • Multi Timbral Setup 7:05

    Multi Timbral Setup

    See the three different types of SampleTank instruments in action as a custom multi is created and used in Logic Pro X. Discover how to use key switch notes with the multi articulation instruments and trigger notes with the loop instruments.

  • Loop Instruments & Global Play 3:31

    Loop Instruments & Global Play

    See how specific individual trigger notes in the loop instruments are assigned to the Global Play button, and then stored within a Multi.

  • Working with Patterns 7:02

    Working with Patterns

    Discover how MIDI patterns are used in conjunction with loaded SampleTank 3 instruments, and how to edit their key, intensity, and feel.

  • The Live Tab 8:16

    The Live Tab

    See how this feature is designed to be used for live performances with Sample tank 3. Multis are stored in Songs, and Songs are saved in Set Lists. Switch between Songs or the various Multis within Songs using either the mouse or program change messages.

  • Mixing on the Play Page 4:33

    Mixing on the Play Page

    Explore the Macro and FX tabs and see how basic per part mixing functions and insert plug-ins are controlled and edited without having to switch to the Mix tab.

Chapter 3 : Mix Page

  • Mix Page Layout 4:27

    Mix Page Layout

    Explore the basic layout and functions of the Mix page and channel strip components.

  • Insert Effects 4:38

    Insert Effects

    See how the five insert effects are used on a per part basis, how to save and recall custom presets, and how to lock effects in place when auditioning different sounds.

  • Effects Sends 8:11

    Effects Sends

    Explore the effects send routing in SampleTank 3, and see how the effects returns are used to save on CPU resources by having multiple parts share the same time based plug-ins like delay and reverb.

  • Signal Flow & Routing 4:07

    Signal Flow & Routing

    See how the signal path works internally within SampleTank 3, as well as how to route the signal from the different parts to separate outputs so they arrive as discreet audio streams within the host DAW.

Chapter 4 : Edit Page

  • The Part Strip 7:35

    The Part Strip

    Explore how the parameters here are used to create layers and splits based on either MIDI channel, note ranges, or velocity ranges; and how to use the zone button to edit parameters only in specific note ranges.

  • The Sample Strip 5:54

    The Sample Strip

    Explore the parameters in this row and hear how they are used to affect the pitch and speed at which samples are played back at, as well as how to affect timbre and tuning.

  • The Filter Strip 5:06

    The Filter Strip

    Discover SampleTank 3's powerful filter section. Hear how it is used for traditional high and low pass filtering, as well as colourful effects including phase and formant filtering and over driving the input stage.

  • Velocity Modulation 5:30

    Velocity Modulation

    Learn how to assign velocity to influence the amplitude of a sound, as well as the pitch, filter resonance, and filter cutoff.

  • The LFO Strip 10:14

    The LFO Strip

    Discover ways to modulate pitch, level, filter cutoff, and amplitude, using preset recurring cyclical waveform shapes called LFOs.

  • Amp Envelope 6:00

    Amp Envelope

    Learn how the Envelope 1 parameters are used to influence and shape the volume of a note during the various stages it goes through from start to finish.

  • Filter Envelope 4:47

    Filter Envelope

    See and hear how Envelope 2 is used to modulate the shape of the filter over the duration of a note.

  • Pitch Envelope 3:23

    Pitch Envelope

    See and hear how Envelope 2 is used to modulate the pitch of a note over time.

  • The Key Strip 4:52

    The Key Strip

    Discover how the controls in this section are used to create and control pitch transitions between notes.

Chapter 5 : Automation

  • MIDI Control 5:53

    MIDI Control

    Learn how to assign hardware knobs and sliders on a MIDI controller to modulate specific parameters in the SampleTank 3 interface.

  • Automation 6:32


    Learn how to record MIDI CC automation, draw in macro automation, and reassign the preset macro mappings for external control.

Chapter 6 : Conclusion

  • Summary 2:50


    If you don't remember anything from any of the other videos, use this video as a recap of the main points you'll need to get up and running with SampleTank 3 quickly and easily.

Product Overview

IK Multimedia has done it again! Sporting a redesigned interface with over 33GB of sounds, this Software Sampler Workstation is a world of its own. DAW guru Eli Krantzberg leads your SampleTank 3 expedition, leaving no areas uncharted. Learn all about this killer workstation and How to Use it in Your Productions to its fullest extent.

Eli begins with a Detailed Introduction, giving you a birds-eye view of the workstation and what to expect in the following videos. Next, Eli dives right in, revealing the Play Page, where you can Load, Save, Import, Create Multis, Loops, Patterns and more.

The powerful Mix Page is now examined, and you'll learn its Layout, Insert Effects, Effects Sends, Signal flow and Routing capabilities, enabling you to Tweak Your Sounds Like a Pro. The Edit Page is now looked at in-depth, and you'll learn all about its important features and functions like the Part Strip, Sample Strip, Filter Strip, Velocity Modulation, LFO Strip, Amp, Filter, and Pitch Envelopes and much more!

Eli wraps up the series with advanced tutorials on Using Automation to Assign Your Hardware Controller's Knobs and Sliders to Different Parameters in SampleTank 3, as well as How to Record MIDI CC Automation, Draw in Automation and Assign Macro Mappings for External Control.

If you're ready to drive the tank, Let Eli load you up with the brain ammo you need... Watch "Sampletank 3 Explained" today!

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