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  • Intro to SUPER 8 5:59

    Intro to SUPER 8

    In this video, we discuss the overall vibe of SUPER 8, the ways it can be loaded, and also explains the user interface of the plug-in window.

  • Oscillator 1 10:51

    Oscillator 1

    Learn what all the parameters of Oscillator 1 do, which are almost identical to Oscillator 2?s parameters. Discover the different Oscillator Shapes, the Mix Dial, and how to thicken things up with the Sub Oscillator, as well as tune the oscillators to different pitches for pitched effects.

  • Oscillator 2 10:17

    Oscillator 2

    Now explore the Sync and FM Modes which allow you to really bend and shape the oscillator output for added interest and complexity.

  • Filter Pt. 1 14:03

    Filter Pt. 1

    The parameters of the Filter are now covered which allow you to shape the frequency content of the oscillator?s output. The ways in which you can modulate the Filter using Frequency Modulation, the Filter Envelope and Velocity are also discussed.

  • Filter Pt. 2 & Amp Section 6:00

    Filter Pt. 2 & Amp Section

    Larry wraps up the Filter section by covering Key Tracking and its Modulator features, and then dives into the parameters that are found in the Amp Section.

  • Pitch Mod Envelope 6:13

    Pitch Mod Envelope

    This video covers the Pitch Mod section which allows you to use a dedicated Envelope and LFO to change up the Pitch over time. In the process of showing this, you?ll see how to create an analogue style drum machine kick drum.

  • Modulators 1 & 2 7:26

    Modulators 1 & 2

    Learn about the 2 Mods or LFOs that allow you to create Cyclical Modulation which creates effects like Vibrato, Tremolo And Wah Wah. You?ll also see how to trigger these modulators for even more sonic options.

  • Mod Routing 12:01

    Mod Routing

    See how to setup the Mod Routing by assigning modulators to parameters, and then increase your level of control by assigning a Sidechain Modulator to the mod wheel, to determine the amount Mod 2 that is sent to the Amp Level.

  • Effects Slots 1 & 2 10:13

    Effects Slots 1 & 2

    Learn all about the Chorus, Flanger and Delay which are found in Slot 1, and the Reverb found in Slot 2. A few broader concepts for using effects are also touched upon as effect parameters are discussed.

  • Global & Unison Control 7:04

    Global & Unison Control

    In this video, learn all about the parameters of the Global and Unison sections which allow you to create Analogue Style Drift, Portamento and Stacked Voices. The relationship between Unison and the Modulators is also explained.

  • Sound Design: Electronic Percussion 7:40

    Sound Design: Electronic Percussion

    Watch how to create an FM based electronic percussion conga style sound by using fast decaying envelopes for that trademark drum transient sound. You?ll also explore how to add high feedback delay to create a weird and wonderful sounding effect.

  • Sound Design: Juno Style Pads 5:48

    Sound Design: Juno Style Pads

    Next up see how to create a Juno 106 style pad sound using detuned saw waves, slow attack and release, which is then played with 7th chords for classic ?80s pad vibes!

  • Sound Design: House Bass Sound 6:13

    Sound Design: House Bass Sound

    In this video, see how to make a Future House style bass patch using two oscillators. One is tuned 7 semitones up to create that power chord effect, and is then filtered and layered with extra voices to make the finished sound.

  • Sound Design: Huge Evolving Pad 14:23

    Sound Design: Huge Evolving Pad

    Last but not least, learn how to make a huge evolving cinematic soundscape. This video will show as many of the themes taught in this video course as possible, including Oscillator Sync, Oscillator Shape Modulation, Filter & Pitch Modulation, and Filter FM Modulation. Things are topped off with a liberal use of effects to really fill out the sound.

Product Overview

Synth guru Larry Holcombe delivers in-depth Native Instruments SUPER 8 video tutorials! Learn all about this modern take on vintage polysynths, including its features and functions, and how to use it creatively to design your own vintage synth sounds and presets. These videos are designed for new SUPER 8 users.

To start Larry welcomes you and then explains what the overall vibe and intent of SUPER 8 is, and then goes into the ways it can be loaded, followed by an overview of the user interface. The powerful Oscillators are next, and Larry explains all their parameters including Shapes, the Mix Dial, and how to thicken things up with the Sub Oscillator, as well as tune the oscillators to different pitches for thick pitched effects. Then you'll learn about the Sync and FM Modes which allow you to really bend and shape the oscillator output for added interest and complexity.

Throughout the rest of the SUPER 8 video tutorials Larry covers in detail the Filters, Pitch Mod Envelope, Modulators and their routing, Effects Slots, Global & Unison Control, creating Analogue Style Drift, using Portamento, Stacked Voices and more. Then to tie it all together you'll get step by step sound design videos showing you how to program sounds such as electronic percussion, Juno style pads, house bass, and a complex, huge evolving pad, all from scratch.

To see exactly what these comprehensive Native Instrument SUPER 8 tutorials show you, and how you can add that classic '80s polysynth sound to your songs and productions, check out the individual SUPER 8 video tutorial descriptions on this page. Spark your inspiration fast by trying some creative sound experimentation today... Watch "SUPER 8 Explained®” now!

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