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SPL Transient Designer Plus Explained®

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9 Videos | Length: 40min 36sec
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  • Overview 3:20


    Introduction to what Transient Designer Plus is all about.

  • UI Walkthrough 6:42

    UI Walkthrough

    A brief overview of all the controls.

  • Attack & Sustain 4:13

    Attack & Sustain

    Learn what the attack and sustain knobs do.

  • Soft Clip Limiter 2:50

    Soft Clip Limiter

    Discover what the soft clip limiter does in conjunction with the output gain control and gain reduction meter.

  • Internal Side Chain 7:11

    Internal Side Chain

    You can enable, tune, and solo the internal side chain, as well as use it to key off the kick or snare in a loop.

  • External Side Chain 4:04

    External Side Chain

    Explore the controls and setup for the external side chain. I demonstrate how to impart the transient envelope onto another track.

  • Loop Example 2:47

    Loop Example

    How to process a loop to fix a high hat sound that is to pronounced.

  • Drums & Bass Example 5:48

    Drums & Bass Example

    Here I demonstrate processing kick, snare, bass, and room mics.

  • Reverb Example 3:41

    Reverb Example

    Learn an interesting way to process your reverb return for a cool rhythmic effect.

Product Overview

In this in-depth tutorial series, studio guru Bill Edstrom teaches you how to use and abuse this latest version of SPL’s secret weapon for controlling transients, Transient Designer Plus!

Bill begins with an overview of what Transient Designer Plus can offer you, which segues into a walkthrough of the plug-in’s UI.

Next, Bill demonstrates the two main controls of the plug-in, the Attack and Sustain knobs. That leads into an exploration of one of the new features of Transient Designer Plus, its Soft Clip Limiter.

Bill covers both the internal and external side chains in separate videos, showing you how you can use them to key off key rhythmic sources such as a kick or snare, and how to impart the transient envelope of one track to another track.

Bill then demonstrates all of this with demo videos. First, he fixes a hi-hat in a loop, then processes a kick, snare, bass, and room mics using Transient Designer Plus. Finally, he creatively processes a reverb return to create a cool rhythmic effect.

If you’re new to SPL Transient Designer Plus or are looking to for more in-depth info, don’t miss “SPL Transient Designer Plus Explained” today!

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