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SONAR X3 New Features

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Chapter 1 : New Workflow Features

  • VST3 Plug-Ins 4:55

    VST3 Plug-Ins

    Learn how to scan and manage VST3 plug-ins within Sonar X3.

  • Audio to MIDI Conversion 2:25

    Audio to MIDI Conversion

    See and hear how elegantly and effectively Sonar X3 uses the new integrated Melodyne engine to convert monophonic audio material to MIDI by simply dragging and dropping an audio clip onto an Instrument or MIDI track.

  • Region FX 2:44

    Region FX

    See how the new Region FX feature is used to process a region within a clip using ARA (audio random access) enabled VST3 plug-ins.

  • Melodyne Overview 6:27

    Melodyne Overview

    A brief tour of some of the new integrated Melodyne features; including how to alter a notes pitch, timing, and length using either the macros, the mouse, or key commands.

  • QuadCurve Equalizer Fly-Out Panel 5:31

    QuadCurve Equalizer Fly-Out Panel

    See how the new fly-out panel makes working with the QuadCurve EQ more elegant than ever.

  • Track Color Customization 5:57

    Track Color Customization

    See how track colors are customized in Track, Console, and Inspector View, how to have them follow Bus colors or maintain their own independent colors, and how to set default behaviors.

Chapter 2 : New Instruments

  • Intro to Strum Acoustic Session 4:03

    Intro to Strum Acoustic Session

    Overview of the interface, main concepts, working with presets, and using the MIDI link functions.

  • Strum Acoustic in Action 9:17

    Strum Acoustic in Action

    Learn how to use strumming notes to play downstroke and upstroke versions of open chords, palm mutes, and muffled chords, how to affect the speed of the strumming, play individual strings, and control note bends and slides.

  • Lounge Lizard Session 6:41

    Lounge Lizard Session

    Discover this wonderful sounding new software modeled electric piano included in Sonar X3. Learn how to manage presets, use the on board effects, shape the tone, and navigate the interface.

  • Addictive Drums Overview 4:43

    Addictive Drums Overview

    Explore the interface of this sophisticated and powerful drum plug-in. Learn to work with the presets, mixer channel strips, and to navigate the different pages.

  • Addictive Drums Kit Page and Edit Page 11:47

    Addictive Drums Kit Page and Edit Page

    See how individual kit pieces are swapped and customized with pitch envelopes, volume envelopes, and various insert and send effects processing.

  • Addictive Drums FX Page and Beats Page 6:42

    Addictive Drums FX Page and Beats Page

    Learn about the send effects section of the interface, and how to search, audition, and alter the vast library of included MIDI drum grooves before bringing them into your Sonar project.

  • Addictive Drums Multiple Output Setup 5:13

    Addictive Drums Multiple Output Setup

    Learn how to set up Addictive Drums to automatically route each of it's individual channel strips out to discreet audio tracks in Sonar X3.

Chapter 3 : Takes and Comping

  • New Comping Features 6:28

    New Comping Features

    Explore the new comping tool functions, the isolate and split behaviors, and the new take lane management features.

  • Speed Comping 2:59

    Speed Comping

    Learn to combine the new comp tool functions with the dim solo and audition commands to quickly and efficiently audition and promote different regions; all with keyboard shortcuts.

  • Crossfades and Grouping 2:35

    Crossfades and Grouping

    See how crossfades and grouping works with the new comping and and take management functions.

Chapter 4 : New Audio Effects Processors

  • BiFilter2 3:53


    This is not your grandfather's filter plug-in. With multiple unique filter types, dual resonant peaks, variable distortion algorithms, separate drive and mix controls; this plug-in runs the gamut from gentle sweetening to sonic destruction.

  • Tape Emulator Module 5:09

    Tape Emulator Module

    Hear how this Pro Channel module is used to simulate the tape saturation that was achieved on tape machines by overdriving the signal.

  • Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox 6:02

    Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox

    Hear how this channel strip plug-in is used to add tube emulation, compression, gating, and EQ processing to your tracks.

  • Blue Tubes Analog Chorus and Phaser 6:18

    Blue Tubes Analog Chorus and Phaser

    Explore these modulation plug-ins and learn to control modulation, speed, depth, shape, panning, resonance, and more.

  • Blue Tubes EQs 8:28

    Blue Tubes EQs

    Explore the tonal tweaking and controls available with the various Blue Tubes EQ plug-ins.

  • Blue Tubes Dynamics Processors 11:27

    Blue Tubes Dynamics Processors

    Discover a variety of dynamic processors in the new Blue Tubes bundle. Classic tube and analog emulations as well as gates, limiters, and a de-esser are included.

  • Blue Tubes Time and Space Processors 10:24

    Blue Tubes Time and Space Processors

    Discover some of the new simple yet musical delay, imaging, and reverb Blue Tubes plug-ins included with Sonar X3

Chapter 5 : Sharing

  • Gobbler and Youtube 3:35

    Gobbler and Youtube

    Backup and share files, mixes, or entire projects with other users through Gobbler's cloud based storage, directly from Sonar X3's control bar. Publish audio or video directly to Youtube using Sonar X3's new Youtube Publisher interface.

Product Overview

SONAR X3 brought many new features to Cakewalk's flagship DAW, do you wan't to really know them inside and out? SONAR guru Eli Krantzberg blitzes and sacks them all in this in-depth series dedicated to SONAR X3's new features and functions.

Eli dives right in and explores X3's new workflow features such as managing VST3 plug-ins, Audio to MIDI Conversions, Region FX, using the built-in Melodyne application to alter pitch and timing, the QuadCurve Equalizer, and customizing Track colors.

Eli then focuses on the amazing new instruments included in SONAR X3 such as Strum Acoustic, Lounge Lizard and Addictive Drums, going over how to use them and giving you some great tips and tricks as well.

Next up, Eli reveals the new features dedicated to Takes and Comping, as well as as the new audio effect processors. Eli goes deep into them all including BiFilter, the Tape Emulator Module, Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox, Chorus and Phaser, EQs, Dynamic and Time & Space processors. Eli then wraps up the series with a cool video all about sharing your masterpieces via Gobbler and YouTube!

If you're new to SONAR X3, this series is essential to understanding and getting the most out of the incredible new features... Get ahead of the game, watch "SONAR X3 New Features" today.

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