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Remixing Yohei Ueno, Part Two

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12 Videos | Length: 1hr 35min 23sec
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  • Introduction 2:46


    Josh Bess opens up the Live Webinar with an explanation of the topics for the day, along with welcoming new and returning guests to the live-webinar event.

  • Goals & Workflow 1:19

    Goals & Workflow

    Josh discusses his goals for this remix session which includes including his planned workflow.

  • Session Tour 7:01

    Session Tour

    In this video, Josh takes a look at the remix session in its current form.

  • Creating Movement with Volume & Consolidating Clips 4:40

    Creating Movement with Volume & Consolidating Clips

    Josh uses volume to to create movement with audio samples and discusses why he consolidates separated clips into a single clip.

  • Creating a Strong Loop for the Main Section 5:49

    Creating a Strong Loop for the Main Section

    Josh focuses on a specific goal to create a strong sixteen-bar loop for his remix.

  • Applying Sounds That Don't Sound 5:39

    Applying Sounds That Don't Sound "Good"

    Josh discusses the power of using sound elements that don?t sound ?good.?

  • Extending the Loop 1:31

    Extending the Loop

    Josh moves forward and extends the loop.

  • Creating a Break Section Pt. 1 18:57

    Creating a Break Section Pt. 1

    In this video, Josh begins working on the brake section of the song.

  • Creating a Break Section Pt. 2 13:58

    Creating a Break Section Pt. 2

    Josh continues working on the break section of the song.

  • Modulating Clip Volume 4:06

    Modulating Clip Volume

    Josh demonstrates his use of volume modulation during his remix session.

  • Final Stages of Creating the Build 18:01

    Final Stages of Creating the Build

    In this video, Josh works toward finishing the build.

  • Completing the Break Section 11:36

    Completing the Break Section

    Josh continues working on the remix and completes the break section.

Product Overview

In this course, Josh Bess dives into a personal techno remix session for Yohei Ueno. Josh records this entire session from start to finish, allowing you to watch, listen, and learn from this entire process. Where most producers cut the camera, Josh keeps it rolling and shows you exactly how much time and effort realistically goes into the creation process. Josh does not normally show this much of his workflow in a single video course, so definitely check out this exclusive three-part session within the Josh Bess Webinar Series, here on Groove3.

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