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  • Introduction 7:49


    In this video, we start off by discussing what remixes are and go on to play the original version of the song we're going to Remix along with how we're going to approach it and the tools we'll be using.

  • Time Stretch Vocal 11:17

    Time Stretch Vocal

    The first step is to time-strech the vocal to the desired tempo. Using Elastic Audio and other time compression options we condense our audio to fit the style of the Remix we'll be doing.

  • Programming Drums 9:20

    Programming Drums

    Next we begin to program the drums by creating a basic dance beat in Reason that matches the style of the production we want to create. Using ReWire, we're able to lock Pro Tools directly with Reason.

  • Acoustic Guitars 4:16

    Acoustic Guitars

    Then we decide to lay down some chords to define the musical elements of the song and the chord structure but also come up with a unique rhythm that becomes a defining element in the Remix.

  • Drum Loops & Percussion 5:29

    Drum Loops & Percussion

    Next we head back to Reason and add more drums and percussion loops that will become building blocks as the song progresses and becomes more full.

  • Synths - Pt. 1 15:49

    Synths - Pt. 1

    Kenny dives into Reaper and the Spire plug-in to create some interesting synth and sequences that provide both sonic fullness and extra rhythm patterns and dynamics.

  • Synths - Pt. 2 15:10

    Synths - Pt. 2

    In this video we go even deeper adding even more synths to the final production.

  • Printing Drums 8:26

    Printing Drums

    Once we're happy with the production, we then decide to print everything to audio for further manipulation and mixing in Pro Tools.

  • Rendering Keyboards 4:53

    Rendering Keyboards

    Now that the drums are printed from Reason, we head back to Reaper to print or render all of the synth parts we've created.

  • Arrangement - Pt. 1 10:15

    Arrangement - Pt. 1

    With all of our audio printed throughout the song, we then dive in and create an arrangement by pulling elements in and pulling them out throughout the song to create dynamics and creative moments in the production.

  • Arrangement - Pt. 2 9:53

    Arrangement - Pt. 2

    Kenny continues with the arrangement of the remix with the chorus, breakdown, and outro.

  • FX, Drum Fills & White Noise 15:07

    FX, Drum Fills & White Noise

    The final layer or the icing on the cake is adding special FX sounds, drum fills and even white noise bursts to create even more excitement, dynamics and ear candy. Putting a real emphasis on the transitions form song section to song section.

  • The Final Mix 4:07

    The Final Mix

    In this video, we simply play the song from beginning to end for a reference and to hear what we've created and all the possibilities that can be achieved.

Product Overview

Multi-Platinum Engineer / Mixer Kenny Gioia is back, this time bringing you an exciting series entitled "Remixing Explained"! Watch Kenny explain what Remixing is, and demonstrate how to Remix a Song containing a Lead Vocal Track from the ground up. You also get the Vocal Track used in the series, so you can follow along and Remix it in real-time with Kenny.

Kenny begins with a thorough Introduction, discussing what Remixes are and then plays the original version of the song you're going to Remix. He also reveals his approach and the Tools you'll be using. Next, Kenny focuses on the Lead Vocal Track, showing you how to Time-Stretch it to fit the Tempo of the New Arrangement. The all-important Drum Tracks are then created, including Loops and Percussion, followed by an Acoustic Guitar part.

Moving on, Kenny gets into the Synth Parts, making Leads, Pads and more. After printing all the Virtual Instrument parts, Kenny works on the Arrangement, creating peaks and valleys for excitement and motion. Before moving onto the Final Mix, Kenny adds some FX, Drum Fills and White Noise to emphasize the Transitions when going to different Sections of the Arrangement.

If you're into EDM or Remixing in general, this series will get you going from the beginning, all the way to Mixing the final Remix Production. Learn how to rearrange and recreate... Get "Remixing Explained" today!

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