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Reason 11: The New Features Explained®

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8 Videos | Length: 53min 45sec
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  • New Performance Options 4:55

    New Performance Options

    In this first video, Paul briefly revisits version 10 to talk about the new audio interface buffer size setting introduced to improve VST performance, and what it means for your existing projects.

  • Automation Curves 3:45

    Automation Curves

    Take a detailed look at one of the top requested features for Reason; Curved Automation. You'll also see some examples of how it can be used and how it's an improvement over the old system.

  • Crossfades 3:41


    Reason 11's crossfading is simple to use, but saves a lot of time and redundant tracks in your projects. Learn how to quickly and easily crossfade multiple files together and edit the length of the fade.

  • Sequencer Improvements 5:57

    Sequencer Improvements

    See how Reason now allows you to mute individual notes, as well as use a new Pencil Mode to draw multiple notes at a time. Plus, learn how to use this new feature in conjunction with Dynamic Grid Resolution to program trap hats and synthwave basslines with ease.

  • SSL Racks 11:16

    SSL Racks

    The SSL Dynamics, EQ and Master Bus Compressor are now available as rack effects! In this chapter Paul shows you how to get the most out of these devices and all of their features.

  • Quartet Effect 5:45

    Quartet Effect

    The Quartet multi-function chorus device is an incredibly powerful tool for effecting your sound. Learn how to use each of the four distinct modes, and how they work, to get the most out of this inspiring device.

  • Sweeper Effect 8:00

    Sweeper Effect

    The Sweeper is a versatile Phaser, Flanger and Filter Effect with powerful built-in modulation capabilities. Learn what each of the three modes do and how to Modulate them effectively.

  • Rack VST 10:26

    Rack VST

    The Reason rack is now available as a VST plug-in! Paul shows you the ways in which this differs from standalone operation, as well as talks about some of the limitations to be aware of in version 1 of the plug-in.

Product Overview

Reason guru Paul Ortiz presents an insightful collection of Reason 11 video tutorials! See all the new features and functions added in Reason 11, as well as how to use them to create new sounds and effects. This series is great for anyone who wants a detailed look at the new features of Reason 11 and how to apply them to their projects.

Paul welcomes you and then goes right into the new performance options available in Reason 11, specifically the new audio interface buffer size settings and what they all mean. Next, Paul gives you a detailed look at one of the top requested features for Reason; Curved Automation, including examples of how it can be used and how it’s an improvement over the old system.

Reason 11’s crossfading is now simple to use, and saves a lot of time and redundant tasks when producing in R11, by quickly and easily crossfading multiple files together and editing the length of their fades. The next video is all about Sequencer Improvements in R11. See how you can now mute individual notes, as well as use the new Pencil Mode to draw multiple notes in at a time. And, when used in conjunction with the Dynamic Grid Resolution feature, you can easily program trap style hats and synthwave basslines.

Throughout the rest of the videos Paul shows you everything you need to know about the tweaks made to the SSL Racks, the new Quartet and Sweeper effects, and probably the coolest new feature, how to use the Reason 11 Rack as a VST instrument in a different DAW!

To see what these detailed Reason 11 videos show you, and how they'll help you to understand and use the new features found in Reason 11, see the individual Reason 11 tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're ready to checkout all that's new in Reason Studios Reason 11, this will give you the answers you seek... Watch “Reason 11: The New Features Explained®" today!

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