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Chapter 1 : MIDI Keyboard Global Mode

  • Introduction 1:53


    Discover what RealGuitar is all about.

  • Fretboard & Keyboard 6:29

    Fretboard & Keyboard

    Learn to control the guitar fretboard position automatically or manually.

  • Velocity Switch Effects 3:38

    Velocity Switch Effects

    Explore some of the various playing articulations available via velocity switching.

  • Permanent Effects 5:57

    Permanent Effects

    See how to switch the default articulation and capo behavior used, and how to work with the legato, hammer on, and bass zone controls.

  • Sustain Pedal & Mod Wheel Effects 5:00

    Sustain Pedal & Mod Wheel Effects

    Learn to assign and control alternate articulations via the sustain pedal and the mod wheel.

  • Key Switch Effects 4:18

    Key Switch Effects

    See how key switch notes are assigned, saved, and used to trigger alternate playing styles.

  • MIDI Controller Pane 4:24

    MIDI Controller Pane

    Learn how to set velocity response, pitch bend, mod wheel, after touch, and hold behavior.

  • Harmony Mode 3:23

    Harmony Mode

    Hear how this monophonic mode is used to trigger a preset interval in conjunction with a velocity based playing style variation.

  • Chords Mode 5:52

    Chords Mode

    Explore the chord detection and voicing algorithms, and see how to control which strings are used in the harmonies that are generated.

  • The Chord Editor 3:03

    The Chord Editor

    Learn how to customize factory chords with custom fingerings and save them for future use.

  • Bass & Chord Mode 3:22

    Bass & Chord Mode

    This algorithm detects chords form the main zone, where only the bass notes sound, and maps the strummed chords to the repeat zones.

  • Bass & Pick Mode 6:13

    Bass & Pick Mode

    In this mode, repeat zone keys trigger each voice of the chord separately, just as if you'd play it string by string on a real guitar.

  • Main Controls 4:17

    Main Controls

    See how the Output, Tune, Setup, Timing, Mixer, Audio FX, and Accent controls work.

Chapter 2 : Pattern Global Mode

  • Intro to Pattern Global Mode 4:37

    Intro to Pattern Global Mode

    See how the Pattern Library and Pattern Manager are used to load rhythmic patterns into Real Guitar

  • Working With Patterns 5:14

    Working With Patterns

    Learn to edit the velocities of the rhythmic patterns, and see how to bring them into your DAW.

  • Creating Custom Patterns 4:02

    Creating Custom Patterns

    Learn how to organize existing patterns into new Styles, and how to modify and save custom patterns.

Chapter 3 : Song Global Mode

  • Song Global Mode 3:45

    Song Global Mode

    Learn how to create parts by working with the Pattern Library Browser and the Pattern Track in Song Global Mode

  • Working With Chords 4:47

    Working With Chords

    Discover how to create, place, edit, and save custom chords for use in the Pattern Track.

  • Timeline & Playback Controls 5:12

    Timeline & Playback Controls

    Learn how to navigate the Song Track's timeline, and how to control, offset, and randomize various playback parameters.

  • Other Modes 2:38

    Other Modes

    Learn how MIDI Guitar Global Mode and Direct Global Modes work, and see how to save and load global presets.

Product Overview

MusicLab’s RealGuitar is one of the most comprehensive acoustic guitar software instruments available, and VI expert Eli Krantzberg digs through this in-depth video tutorial series like no other author can, revealing all it’s features and functions, as well as creative uses.

Eli begins with a thorough introduction to the power of RealGuitar and then dives into the MIDI Keyboard Global mode. Exploring the virtual fretboard and keyboard is next, and Eli then shows you how to access various playing articulations via velocity switching.

Moving on, Eli demonstrates how to assign and control alternate articulations via the sustain pedal and mod wheel of your keyboard, and how to assign and access articulations via key switching.

Eli then investigates the MIDI Controller Pane, showing you how to set velocity response, pitch bend, mod wheel, aftertouch, and hold behavior. With your controller configured, it’s time to learn about the different modes and editors.

Eli demonstrates Harmony Mode, Chord mode, Bass & Chord, and Bass & Pick modes and delves into the Chord Editor, showing you how to customize the factory chords with custom fingerings. How to use the Main Controls such as Output, Tune, Setup, Timing, Mixer, Audio FX, and Accent are also all revealed.

Next up, is a demonstration of some of the other powerful modes. In Pattern Global Mode, Eli teaches you how to combine everything that you’ve learned to create and save patterns with the Pattern Library and Pattern Manager. Then you’ll discover the Song Global Mode, and create parts and entire songs from your patterns in the Pattern Library.

Wrapping it up, Eli demonstrates two additional modes, MIDI Guitar Global Mode, and Direct Global Mode. Whether you’re new to RealGuitar or have played with it for a while, watch “RealGuitar Explained” and see what a real guitar sound can do for your tracks today!

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