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10 Videos | Length: 40min 48sec
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  • Introduction 2:28


    NEXUS 2 is a ROMpler, which means we will always start with a patch and tweak from there.

  • Tweaking Sounds 8:06

    Tweaking Sounds

    Let’s talk about dialing in a unique sound using the front panel Modifiers and Effects.

  • The Display & Presets 3:39

    The Display & Presets

    The Display is a great place to get a ton of very useful information.

  • Modulation 3:51


    We will start with Vibrato, Pitch Bend and Portamento then we cover the Modulation Matrix and LFO section.

  • Arpeggiator 5:18


    NEXUS 2 features an easy to use and very flexible arpeggiator.

  • Trance Gate 4:27

    Trance Gate

    In short, a Trance Gate will rhythmically automate volume. This is a great way to add interest and movement.

  • Frequency Analyzer 1:39

    Frequency Analyzer

    The Frequency Analyzer will help us measure whats happening with frequencies, amplitude, and the differences between the left and right channels.

  • Mixer 4:46


    We will take a look at Layers, Oscillators, and all the parameters we have access to for both.

  • The Effect Block 3:23

    The Effect Block

    Routing plays a huge part in NEXUS 2’s sound and effects are a big contributor.

  • Live & System 3:11

    Live & System

    In the final video we will go over the system and global parameters. This includes tuning, voice selection and other miscellaneous settings.

Product Overview

reFX NEXUS2 is one of preferred ROMplers of EDM hitmakers everywhere, and in this video tutorial series, synth expert Scottie Dugan takes you through how you can find and tweak just the sound you’re looking for in this massive library of sounds.

Scottie begins by explaining that a ROMpler is an instrument in which you don’t create your own sounds, but rather select sounds from a huge internal library and then adjust parameters to taste.

He then shows you around the interface, and the main parameters on the front panel for precise sonic tweaking, as well as the Display and how you can use it to get real-time information on how you have modified the loaded presets.

After that, Scottie explains how you can control the synth with a MIDI controller and other modulation sources, such as the Modulation Matrix and LFO section.

The flexible and easy to use arpeggiator is next, as well as a breakdown of the Trance Gate, which uses a gate to automate volume and more.

Scottie now explores the Frequency Analyzer which displays NEXUS 2’s output, so you can also see your sound instead of just hearing it, which allows for better tweaking.

That leads to a deep dive into Layer and Oscillator parameters, as well as the mixer and routing of effects.

Finally, Scottie reveals more global parameters wrapping up your tour of this monster EDM machine.

Whether you’re new to NEXUS2 or an existing user looking to expand on the factory settings and find you;re own voice, watch “reFX NEXUS2 Explained” today!

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