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REAKTOR Know-How: Blocks

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22 Videos | Length: 3hr 12min 56sec
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  • Introduction 0:40


    Sami Rabia gives a brief introduction to the course.

  • Exploring Blocks Ensembles 2:16

    Exploring Blocks Ensembles

    One of the first things you might want to do in Blocks is take a look around at the included Ensembles.

  • Building a Basic Synth 12:42

    Building a Basic Synth

    Getting right to it, Sami explains the need of specific modules and patching arrangements as he builds a basic synth from the ground up.

  • Expanding Our Synth 12:56

    Expanding Our Synth

    In this video, Sami expands on the previous synth build, to include a step sequencer, LFO and delay, whilst also demonstrating some modulation possibilities.

  • Bento Box Modules Pt. 1 10:53

    Bento Box Modules Pt. 1

    The versatile Bento Box modules will likely play a key role in many of your modular patches. This first video explores the oscillators in detail, covering FM, Sync and Phase Reset.

  • Bento Box Modules Pt. 2 12:00

    Bento Box Modules Pt. 2

    Sami goes over the Fade, CVP and 4 MODS modules, and goes over some of their uses.

  • Bento Box Modules Pt. 3 6:12

    Bento Box Modules Pt. 3

    The handy S/H modules gets the focus of this tutorial, after which Sami gives a few more pointers of Oscillator Sync and looks at Filter FM.

  • Boutique Modules 8:14

    Boutique Modules

    If you love classic Roland and Korg synths, the boutique modules will delight. Though they look simple, they have some neat extra features which Sami explores in this video.

  • Digilog Modules Pt. 1 7:03

    Digilog Modules Pt. 1

    Not a module to be overlooked, the humble looking quantizer module is an extremely useful tool in melody generation. Sami explains it’s function and abilities.

  • Digilog Modules Pt. 2 5:18

    Digilog Modules Pt. 2

    The Clock Divider is a crucial module to understand when building rhythmic patches.

  • Driver 7:58


    It’s always nice having another filter option, but Driver’s strength lies in it’s ferocious distortion, which can go into full destruction with extreme modulation.

  • Modern Modules 6:32

    Modern Modules

    The Paul and Comb filters each have some key practical features. Sami explains the kinds of things they work well for.

  • MONARK 9:27


    Your ticket to powerful, overdriven Moog sounds. In this part Sami demonstrates the unique features of the MONARK modules.

  • ROUNDS 6:25


    Sami breaks down the control options on the Rounds modules, which reveal lush reverbs, wide stereo delays and a key feature on the Rounds LFO.

  • Utilities 12:31


    If you’re planning on making larger and more complex patches, the Utility modules will be acutely useful. Sami also covers the modules that can get your signals in and out of the Blocks environment.

  • West Coast Modules Pt. 1 10:09

    West Coast Modules Pt. 1

    If you want to get out of a standard workflow these modules will help you reach new places quickly. Based on the designs of the synth pioneer Don Buchla. Sami breaks down the DWG Oscillator and Low Pass Gate in this video.

  • West Coast Modules Pt. 2 12:14

    West Coast Modules Pt. 2

    The CFG and XYS are powerful but actually quite straight-forward to use, as Sami demonstrates in this final video in the series.

  • Kodiak: Duality 14:35

    Kodiak: Duality

    This is a simple block, but one capable of producing an immense variety of waveforms. Sami goes through each feature and gives some basic pointers on it’s use.

  • Kodiak: Flip Gen 7:51

    Kodiak: Flip Gen

    In this video, Sami explores this noise generator with a twist. Flip Gen is a useful random source for any modular patch.

  • Kodiak: Morph Filter 8:15

    Kodiak: Morph Filter

    Multi-peak filters are used to create vowel sounds, but this one can also easily be tuned to chords.

  • Kodiak: Shift Sequencer 11:37

    Kodiak: Shift Sequencer

    In this video, Sami explains the features available on powerful melody generator, with great randomize options.

  • Kodiak: Curve Sequencer 7:08

    Kodiak: Curve Sequencer

    Learn how this block can give you quick and easy access to a complex array of modulation shapes.

Product Overview

Synth guru Sami Rabia returns with more in-depth video tutorials about Native Instruments REAKTOR. Blocks are up next and are REAKTOR’s modular based components that work just like real-world modular components and beyond!

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you use REAKTOR, and want to get into virtual modular synthesis and control, this is the place to start… Watch“REAKTOR Know-How: Blocks” today!

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