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Putting It in the Pocket Explained®

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  • What do we mean by 2:16

    What do we mean by "in the pocket"?

    Larry welcomes you to the course and discusses how to introduce groove into your music to get listeners heads nodding!

  • Quantization vs Live Playing 9:06

    Quantization vs Live Playing

    In this video, Larry introduces the concept of quantization, and some strategies for leaving beats natural with an organic feel.

  • 2:08

    "In the Pocket" Bass Playing Styles

    See a few "in the pocket" playing styles are demonstrated by a bass player.

  • Swing 6:10


    In this video, Larry explores what swing is and how you can use different swing values to inject a feeling of groove and shuffle into your beats.

  • Syncopation & Polyrhythms 7:31

    Syncopation & Polyrhythms

    Larry outlines how subtly thwarting the listeners expectations of the rhythm of a beat can work wonders in allowing us to create an infectious groove.

  • Natural Velocity & Tone 9:57

    Natural Velocity & Tone

    Larry explores how to add more rhythmic interest into your drum parts. Real drummers are incapable of playing exactly the same velocity every time, so, by re-creating this in our DAWs, we can introduce some natural groove into our beats.

  • Pushing & Pulling 5:27

    Pushing & Pulling

    Next up, Larry brings parts forward and backwards to enable a more rushed or more laid-back feel. He also programs a flammy clap effect.

  • Fine Tuning the Bass & Kick Drum 5:55

    Fine Tuning the Bass & Kick Drum

    Velocity changes can also affect the tone of a drum hit, so by automating attack/decay times and filter tone, we can also re-introduce the funk! In this video, Larry shows you how!

  • Sidechaining to Increase Groove 14:13

    Sidechaining to Increase Groove

    In this video, Larry uses attack and release times to help gel different sounds together in the groove.

  • Extracting Groove 9:12

    Extracting Groove

    In this video, Larry outlines how you can extract grooves from existing beats to inject some of their character into your own beats.

  • Putting it All Together Pt. 1 9:16

    Putting it All Together Pt. 1

    Larry uses many of the concepts shown in this course while building a groove.

  • Putting it All Together Pt. 2 11:46

    Putting it All Together Pt. 2

    Larry continues building the groove and works to get it "in the pocket".

  • Polyrhythms 6:37


    In this video, Larry uses different parts playing different complimentary patterns to enhance a sense of groove and momentum in a beat.

Product Overview

Studio guru Larry Holcombe presents an in-depth video guide to putting instruments "in the pocket"! Learn everything you need to know about placing instruments and grooves ahead or behind the beat, making things groove, and much more! Course extras include downloadable loops and wav files that appear in the tutorials so you can follow along.

Larry starts by defining "in the pocket", and how once you've got it right, everything feels great and groovy. He then shows the differences between quantization and live playing, and using different swing values to inject a feeling of groove and shuffle into your beats.

Next, you'll explore how syncopation works in production, and bringing parts forward and backwards to create a more rushed or a more laid-back feel. Natural velocity and tone are then investigated and you'll see how recreate this when programing things to induce some funk into your parts.

For the rest of the series you'll explore topics like groove templates and extracting groove, sidechaining to increase groove, musical compression, polyrhythms, and putting it all together to create a truly "in the pocket" groove.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you want to know how and why some tracks groove hard and the steps to take to put your own tracks in the pocket, this is the series for you... Watch "Putting It in the Pocket Explained®" today and watch the heads nod.

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