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Production Techniques & Strategies: Getting Unstuck

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14 Videos | Length: 44min 34sec
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  • Introduction 0:47


    Adam welcomes you to the course and discusses what he will be covering.

  • How to Extend a Melody 1:40

    How to Extend a Melody

    This is explores the fundamental concept/technique behind extending a melody - taking a 2/4/8 bar loop, and making it 4/8/16 bars long.

  • How to Extend a Chord Progression 3:38

    How to Extend a Chord Progression

    Learn how to extend a chord progression by re-voicing the chords. A super powerful concept/technique.

  • Treat the Arrangement as a Workspace 2:38

    Treat the Arrangement as a Workspace

    A big trick to starting tracks is to treat the arrangement as a workspace, NOT as a place to perfectly sequence a single track.

  • Subtract Only 2:20

    Subtract Only

    Explore this simple, but powerful idea. I also show why the rhythm in an idea might not be flowing correctly.

  • Do the Opposite 4:12

    Do the Opposite

    Another simple, yet super powerful concept. I give lots of examples to illustrate the idea. I also explain why this is so creatively useful as each workflow tends towards certain types of ideas/patterns.

  • Change Colors 2:17

    Change Colors

    It may sound trivial, but this is super effective in getting you unstuck. I explain how to do this, why it works, as well as a bonus idea to take this one step further.

  • Bounce to Audio 4:18

    Bounce to Audio

    In this video, Adam shows various ways to do it, as well as WHY this works as one of the most tried and tested ways to get unstuck.

  • How to Focus on Songwriting 4:32

    How to Focus on Songwriting

    Learn how to stop yourself getting distracted by sound design/mixing details. I explain the theory, and also show some practical applications using plug-ins.

  • Reduce Choice 5:05

    Reduce Choice

    Don't be victim to choice paralysis, remove the choice of either sound design, melody, or rhythm. I demonstrate two ways to outsource the rhythm.

  • Creating Drop Synth Variations 3:56

    Creating Drop Synth Variations

    Adam demonstrates the standard way to create variations of drop leads, including workflow and organization tips like color coding and shortcuts.

  • Trick to Reset Your Ears 3:38

    Trick to Reset Your Ears

    Discover this interesting trick to help reset your ears if you've worked on your track so long you can't hear it objectively anymore, and also some considerations for what types of tracks this works well on, and not-so-well with.

  • The 2:59

    The "Search" Trick

    This is one of my favorite ways to choose the next sample to use, moving you forward with your project.

  • What to Do If You Aren't Feeling Creative 2:34

    What to Do If You Aren't Feeling Creative

    This will save you time for when you ARE feeling more creative.

Product Overview

Adam Pollard aka Multiplier, presents a helpful video tutorial series about ways to get unstuck when feeling stagnated or lost when producing your music. Get a ton of helpful ideas that will get you back on track in no time!

Adam welcomes you then starts with inspiring ideas on how to extend a melody, develop a chord progression, treat your arrangement as a workspace, and using subtraction techniques to add more to your tracks.

Moving on you’ll learn production techniques such as “Doing the Opposite” to come up with interesting new elements, changing colors to spark different emotions and creativity, bouncing to audio to get you unstuck, and how to focus on songwriting instead of getting distracted by sound design or mixing details.

Wrapping it up Adam gives more great ideas such as ways to beneficially reduce choice for a more focused approach, ways to create variations of drop leads, including workflow and organization tips like color coding and shortcuts, ways to help reset your ears if you’ve worked on your track for too long, ideas for searching for the perfect samples to use in your songs, and what to do if you just aren’t feeling creative.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re the creative type and or produce music, this video tutorial series will help you overcome the age old problem of getting stuck creatively… Watch “Production Techniques & Strategies: Getting Unstuck” today.

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