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Production Tutorial

Producing & Engineering High End / Top End

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15 Videos | Length: 1hr 37min 59sec
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  • Introduction 1:42


    Chris signs on and gives a brief overview of what will be addressed in the series.

  • General Tips 3:47

    General Tips

    Before you get started, Chris shares a handful of general concepts that help ensure you're getting the best sound before applying any techniques.

  • Exciters Pt. 1 9:07

    Exciters Pt. 1

    Chris shares his love of exciter plug-ins and begins an audio "shoot out" of numerous exciters on guitars, drums, and vocals.

  • Exciters Pt. 2 6:08

    Exciters Pt. 2

    Here we continue the "shoot out" by delving into more types of exciter plug-ins.

  • Exciters Pt. 3 3:27

    Exciters Pt. 3

    Chris now wraps up the Exciters section including additional tips on using EQ, compression, and stereo imaging.

  • Delay Designer Stabs Pt. 1 9:49

    Delay Designer Stabs Pt. 1

    Certain delay plug-ins have some very unique articulation potentials. Here we look at ways to use single percussion hits to add high-end life and excitement to an otherwise stale drum groove.

  • Delay Designer Stabs Pt. 2 8:21

    Delay Designer Stabs Pt. 2

    Now have a look at additional plug-ins and processing for our new high frequency percussion hits. Also, explore looking at how the same approach can be used for colorful vocals.

  • Creative White Noise Pt. 1 8:19

    Creative White Noise Pt. 1

    White noise is typically thought of as a tool for tuning sound systems or a go-to effect for Dance/EDM producers. We take that to the next level by showing its profound use in multiple genres.

  • Creative White Noise Pt. 2 8:53

    Creative White Noise Pt. 2

    Riser and transitions aren't the only cool thing white noise can do, let's see what happens when we layer it on a vocal or drum hits.

  • Smoothing Highs with Chorus Pt. 1 6:56

    Smoothing Highs with Chorus Pt. 1

    Chorus belongs to the modulation family of effects, but its uses extend beyond jet engine swirls or shimmering sweeps. Here, we highlight how slight use of chorusing can smooth out brash highs on tones, loops, and samples.

  • Smoothing Highs with Chorus Pt. 2 5:08

    Smoothing Highs with Chorus Pt. 2

    Now let's explore smoothing out different hits and tones with chorusing and talk a little philosophy about ear training to recognize harsh tones.

  • Morphoder Pt. 1 9:05

    Morphoder Pt. 1

    This sneaky little vocoder makes for some amazing textures and tones when used on a bus. Let's crack this surface of what this plug-in can do when used and abused.

  • Morphoder Pt. 2 4:12

    Morphoder Pt. 2

    A continued exploration of Morphoder routings and settings to enhance different tones in our mix.

  • High Octave Vocals Pt. 1 9:05

    High Octave Vocals Pt. 1

    Chris starts off by giving examples of traditional double tracked vocals and ways to simulate double tracks with plug-ins, then delves into clever ways to bring life and interest to the upper octave of a given vocal.

  • High Octave Vocals Pt. 2 4:00

    High Octave Vocals Pt. 2

    Chris wraps up with ways to create a layered vocal tone that adds excitement and fullness to the often under worked high octave.

Product Overview

Chris Herrera brings you insightful high frequency videos when mixing tracks in your DAW! Discover cool ways to enhance, smooth out and tame the upper frequencies of your productions, so they're easy to listen to and sound great. These top end tutorials are perfect for those just starting out to mix in any DAW, as well as for more intermediate producers and mix engineers.

Chris begins by welcoming you and gives an overview of what to expect throughout the video tutorials. He then gives you important foundational tips and the concepts needed to understand to get the best sound from your tracks and mixes. He uses a variety of many different plug-ins in the tutorials including Delay Designer and Morphoder, but the info can be applied to any brand of similar plug-ins.

Then it's off to the races, beginning with Exciters and how they can be used to enhance guitars, drums, and vocals, including going over several different exciter plug-ins that are available today and their pros and cons. Chris then shows you cool tricks to use to enhance the high end of drum grooves, percussion hits, and vocals.

Next up, you'll see how to enhance multiple genres of music with creative White Noise use, as well as how to layer it with vocals and drum hits, and then shows you how to use Chorus to smooth out your high end frequencies on tones, loops, and samples. The mighty Waves Morphoder is now showcased, and you'll see how to make some amazing textures and tones when using it on a bus.

Wrapping it up, Chris reveals ways to enhance vocals, specifically how to create and simulate double tracked vocals with plug-ins, and then delves deeper into clever ways to bring life and interest to the upper octave of any given vocal and more!

To see what these high end video tutorials show you and how they'll help you tame and enhance the upper frequencies in your DAW productions, see the individual top end tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're ready to make your high end sound more exciting and pleasant, these top end production videos are a must see... watch “Producing & Engineering High End / Top End" today!

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