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Producing a Song with Native Instruments

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15 Videos | Length: 2hr 20min 13sec
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  • BATTERY Pt. 1 9:40

    BATTERY Pt. 1

    Learn the basics of NI's virtual sampler BATTERY and see how to create a simple but effective beat.

  • BATTERY Pt. 2 8:07

    BATTERY Pt. 2

    Now see how to use some of BATTERY's built-in FX and parameters to further enhance the samples within Battery without having to use any other NI or 3rd party software. Humanization and different sampler engines are also used to create even more character.

  • BATTERY Pt. 3 6:14

    BATTERY Pt. 3

    Fabio now dives into other menus and shows you how to utilize more creative FX such as reverb and delay.

  • BATTERY Pt. 4 2:42

    BATTERY Pt. 4

    See how to create different variations of sequences for the different sections of the song such as the intro, verse, and chorus.

  • Una Corda Pt. 1 8:58

    Una Corda Pt. 1

    Watch how to write a melancholic chord progression that sets the emotion of the track, as well as experiment with the different tones that Una Corda has to offer.

  • Una Corda Pt. 2 6:24

    Una Corda Pt. 2

    Now learn to create different progressions to be played throughout the song in its various parts.

  • Etherial Earth 9:15

    Etherial Earth

    See how Fabio now adds ambience and bass plucks in combination with the chords to further develop the melodic content.

  • Analog Dreams 15:01

    Analog Dreams

    Discover how similar Analog Dreams is to Etherial Earth in its layout, but how the style of samples it provides varies greatly. Fabio then utilizes this different palette in interesting ways.

  • MONARK 10:11


    Watch how to use the powerful Minimoog virtual synth emulation to fill out the low end of the track.

  • MASSIVE X 9:05


    Fabio now shows you an unorthodox way of using MASSIVE X as an FX based arpeggiator that carries the track from start to finish.

  • Action Strikes 8:55

    Action Strikes

    Explore how cinematic percussion can bring your tracks to life, and add impact and excitement.

  • Symphony Series String Ensemble 8:56

    Symphony Series String Ensemble

    The use of real string samples can make your track more unique by using pizzicato rhythmic sequences. See how!

  • The Arrangement Pt. 1 16:06

    The Arrangement Pt. 1

    Now see how to expand an 8 bar loop from the song so it carries the track up to the end of the first chorus.

  • The Arrangement Pt. 2 15:54

    The Arrangement Pt. 2

    Fabio now utilizes some of the unused parts of the song to develop an interesting 2nd verse that builds up to an epic finish.

  • Final Playthrough 4:45

    Final Playthrough

    Last but not least, Fabio gives you a play through of the song from start to finish!

Product Overview

Studio wiz Fabio Lendrum presents a Native Instruments video tutorial series! Watch how to produce a song from start to finish, using only Native Instruments virtual synths and samplers. These videos are designed for those who are just getting started with NI products, or want more info on producing and using Native Instruments virtual instruments when composing. Presets and Audio used in the videos included!

Fabio begins with a warm welcome and then reveals some of the Native Instruments software that will be used in the video tutorials to produce the featured song. Starting with Battery, Fabio shows you the basics of using the powerhouse virtual sampler, followed by utilizing its built-in effects, reverbs, delays and more.

Una Corda is then loaded up and you'll see how to write a melancholic chord progression that sets the emotion of the track, as well as experiment with the different tones that Una Corda can produce. Throughout the rest of the videos, Fabio uses numerous NI virtual instruments like Etherial Earth, Analog Dreams, Monark, Massive X, Action Strikes, and Symphony Strings, to create a cool track, all while exploring their possibilities for making interesting sounds and motifs. Last but not least, you'll get helpful arrangement techniques like how to expand an 8 bar loop into the majority of a song, and how to utilize unused parts of a song to create further parts and an epic finish.

To see what these in-depth Native Instruments tutorials show you, and how you can learn to produce a whole track from scratch, see the individual Native Instrument production video tutorial descriptions on this page. Have a look at just what these great Native Instrument plug-ins can do when writing your new song or track... Watch "Producing a Song with Native Instruments" today!

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