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Producing Vocals in Logic Pro X

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23 Videos | Length: 4hr 30min 50sec
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  • Introduction 3:50


    Larry discusses what the video series sets out to accomplish, such as recording the vocal, mic types, pre-amps, tips for managing vocal sessions and more.

  • Comping 21:15


    Learn about Take Folders in Logic Pro X, Quick Swipe comping and managing the process. Then explore what to look for in vocal takes and how to create tracked vocals from comps.

  • Fix Timing with Flex Time 14:43

    Fix Timing with Flex Time

    Discover how to fix individual timing errors and match timings on different takes using groove templates and quantization.

  • Tuning Pt. 1 13:11

    Tuning Pt. 1

    Introducing Logic’s Flex Pitch. See how to use the pentatonic and natural minor scales as an aid to fix vocal pitch issues. Automatic vs manual tuning is now shown, as well as pitch drift, vibrato tools and splitting notes.

  • Tuning Pt. 2 12:33

    Tuning Pt. 2

    Explore using Flex Pitch to alter timing, volume and formant shifting. See how to utilize the Pitch Correction plug-in for automatic tuning and AutoTune style effects. Creating pseudo harmonies with Flex Pitch is also explained.

  • Double Tracks with Revoice Pro 4:38

    Double Tracks with Revoice Pro

    Larry shows another way to creating artificial double track vocals using the 3rd party plug-in Revoice Pro. Connecting Logic Pro X and Revoice Pro is also shown.

  • Vocal Editing 6:14

    Vocal Editing

    Larry demonstrates how to clean up the takes, apply fades and clean up breaths. See tips to make sure your vocals sound tight, and how to use the 3rd party plug-in by iZotope, the Ozone Dynamic EQ for a transparent sound.

  • EQ Pt. 1 14:31

    EQ Pt. 1

    Explore Linear Phase vs Channel EQ. Discover how to Identify problem frequencies and fix them using surgical EQ.

  • EQ Pt. 2 13:32

    EQ Pt. 2

    Larry continues cleaning up the vocal by removing room resonances and flutter echoes or unwanted mic coloration. Shifting energy with EQ is also shown.

  • EQ Pt. 3 4:58

    EQ Pt. 3

    Larry concludes the EQ videos showing how to fix frequency issues with the vocal, and EQing before Compression.

  • De-Esser Pt. 1 14:52

    De-Esser Pt. 1

    Larry now explains how to use Logic’s De-Esser to contain and control sibilance. Learn to Identify the location of your sibilance and fix sibilance using volume automation.

  • De-Esser Pt. 2 11:02

    De-Esser Pt. 2

    Larry continues and concludes perfecting the level of sibilance.

  • Compression Pt. 1 16:43

    Compression Pt. 1

    Larry explains how to compress the vocal and discusses what is compression and how to use it. Explore using compression to tame peaks, using compression for tone, and the different compression types featured in Logic’s compressor.

  • Compression Pt. 2 11:51

    Compression Pt. 2

    See how to automate the input level into the compressor for a more transparent sound. Parallel compression for adding detail and focus is also explored.

  • Saturation 9:34


    Larry now covers using saturators, overdrive and tape saturation to increase the punch and focus of the vocal.

  • Vocal Editing (Second Example) 9:57

    Vocal Editing (Second Example)

    Watch Larry tweak the vocal arrangement before adding reverb. Discover the benefits of grouping vocals and learn tips on fixing breaths.

  • Spatial Effects 16:38

    Spatial Effects

    Now explore adding slap delays and early refections as the first layer of spacial effects to create a sense of depth and thickness.

  • Lead Vocal Reverb 15:53

    Lead Vocal Reverb

    Larry now moves onto reverb, using Space Designer on the lead vocal. Learn how to calculate pre-delay times using musical timings, and how to combine reverb and delay to create layers of reverberation. The benefits of EQing and compressing reverb returns is also explained.

  • Harmonies Reverb 6:14

    Harmonies Reverb

    Watch Larry work on the vocal harmonies, choosing different reverb types and explaining how to create separation between different reverbs.

  • Processing the Reverb Returns 11:01

    Processing the Reverb Returns

    Larry now achieves even more separation by processing the reverb returns. Discover how sidechaining the reverb to the lead vocal helps make space for the lead vocal, and how manipulating the stereo image of the reverb returns creates contrast.

  • Modulation Pt. 1 17:42

    Modulation Pt. 1

    Learn how automating various aspects of the vocal and effects allow the vocals to come to life.

  • Modulation Pt. 2 8:03

    Modulation Pt. 2

    See how to create contrast between sections through automation and enhance the performance.

  • Vocal Chops 11:55

    Vocal Chops

    Watch Larry use the EXS24 to create a choppy effect on the vocal and add some final FX to make the vocal sit just right into the track.

Product Overview

Super producer Larry Holcombe is your guide through the journey of producing professional vocals using Logic Pro X. See Larry cover it all, from start to finish, creating professional sounding vocals that have impact and shine.

This series is designed for those who want to know the finer points of producing vocals, and get the results that make the difference between “ok” vocals, and ones that are radio-ready.

Although shot with Logic Pro X, you can still gain valuable information from this series. Larry also uses Revoice Pro and Ozone Dynamic EQ in some videos as alternatives for getting the job done.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you record and produce vocals and want to get vocal tracks that stand out and have that wow factor, check out “Producing Vocals in Logic Pro X” today.

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