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Producing Signature EDM Tracks

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22 Videos | Length: 2hr 33min 21sec
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  • Introduction 2:48


    A Short discussion about the competitive field of EDM production and why production value is of paramount importance.

  • Kick Resampling Pt. 1 8:20

    Kick Resampling Pt. 1

    Learn to layer drum sounds and render as a new sample to have something no one else has.

  • Kick Resampling Pt. 2 8:50

    Kick Resampling Pt. 2

    Final edits and treatments of your newly resampled kick.

  • Loop Slicing Pt. 1 7:14

    Loop Slicing Pt. 1

    How to avoid going "plug and play" with pre-made loops by slicing and customizing them.

  • Loop Slicing Pt. 2 7:09

    Loop Slicing Pt. 2

    Further details on treating newly sliced loops including re-arranging slices, routing slices to different channels, and using effects on them.

  • Loop without ReCycle 4:08

    Loop without ReCycle

    How to achieve the same slicing results without using ReCycle.

  • Synth Layering Pt. 1 5:14

    Synth Layering Pt. 1

    Choosing and layering multiple synths to get a fatter, more distinct tone.

  • Synth Layering Pt. 2 4:42

    Synth Layering Pt. 2

    Further details about processing your newly layered synth with effects and busses.

  • Synth Layering Pt. 3 6:11

    Synth Layering Pt. 3

    More on effects and busses as well as an introduction to using automation to further design your synth tones.

  • Ghostchaining Pt. 1 7:14

    Ghostchaining Pt. 1

    An explanation of why we don't use our actual kick as our sidechain trigger but instead use a short percussive sound like a closed hat or a woodblock.

  • Ghostchaining Pt. 2 8:38

    Ghostchaining Pt. 2

    Now with our ghostchain trigger in place, we will learn how to tune the sidechain compressor.

  • Ghostchaining Pt. 3 4:32

    Ghostchaining Pt. 3

    Further details on tuning a sidechain compressor.

  • Ghostchaining Pt. 4 8:09

    Ghostchaining Pt. 4

    Multi-rhythmic triggers. How to use more than one sidechain trigger in a track to get multiple dynamics effects.

  • Ghost Triggers 5:49

    Ghost Triggers

    How to use ghost triggers to gate sounds through instead of simply "ducking" them.

  • EDM EQ Pt. 1 6:47

    EDM EQ Pt. 1

    Hi Passing - The most important EDM EQ technique, which is cleaning up "renegade" low end frequencies from sounds that don't need them.

  • EDM EQ Pt. 2 8:01

    EDM EQ Pt. 2

    Removal of Resonant Frequencies - The second most important EQ technique which is to remove any "congested" or "clogging" frequencies to ensure clarity and separation in your sounds.

  • EDM EQ Pt. 3 6:57

    EDM EQ Pt. 3

    Bus EQ - Appropriate EQ curves for "color or "summing" bus channels.

  • Bus Technique Pt. 1 9:49

    Bus Technique Pt. 1

    An explanation of the different types of bus sends and their desired effects. Some busses will be used for color and others will be used to sum signals for specific treatments.

  • Bus Technique Pt. 2 7:59

    Bus Technique Pt. 2

    Further details on effective plug ins to use for different color or summing applications. Also an intro to automating bus sends.

  • Playthrough Pt. 1 8:57

    Playthrough Pt. 1

    Here we begin a top to bottom playthrough of a nearly completed House track. We look at ensuring your initial session results in a sculpted and believable groove to then build upon.

  • Playthrough Pt. 2 7:36

    Playthrough Pt. 2

    With our backbone groove in place we discuss building the tracks arrangement as well as how and when to introduce new sounds.

  • Playthrough Pt. 3 8:17

    Playthrough Pt. 3

    Final overview of our completed track including final arrangement decisions, master channel automation, and locking in your final mix.

Product Overview

If you want your EDM tracks to stand out and be instantly recognizable, you need to have your own special “signature” sound. In this video tutorial series, acclaimed EDM producer Chris Herrera shares his techniques for creating your own unique, signature sound.

Chris uses Apple Logic Pro X, but the information covered here works with any DAW. Chris starts off by showing you how to resample and edit your kick drum sounds to create something new and exciting, then teaches you how to slice up and customize loops to make them your own.

Chris now demonstrates how to layer and process multiple synths to make a fat, distinctly personal tone, and then presents his take on Sidechaining called “ghostchaining”.

With demonstrations on how to tune your ghostchain, and how to use multiple sidechain triggers to get really interesting dynamics going in your song, you’ll now be well into your journey of finding your own sound.

Moving on, Chris delves into his use of high pass filtering, a key technique in mixing individual tracks, as well as on summing busses. That leads directly into his bussing technique, including different ways of using busses, and the kinds of effects to use to achieve different goals, depending on the bus.

Finally, Chris builds a House track out of all of the various pieces you’ve creating together over the course of the series. He shows you how to arrange, sculpt, and automate your EDM song to give it that final, personal signature vibe.

Whether you’re new to producing dance music, or an experienced EDM producer looking to find your own signature sound, watch “Produce Signature EDM Tracks” today!

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