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Producing Professional Voice Overs Explained®

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13 Videos | Length: 1hr 40min 59sec
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  • Introduction 0:57


    A quick hello & welcome from Groove 3 educator, Chris Vandeviver.

  • Recording Environment & Microphone Choice 9:51

    Recording Environment & Microphone Choice

    Your recording environment and microphone choice are most likely the two most important details of any voiceover recording session. In this video you'll explore how dramatic these choices can be for your voiceover recordings.

  • Recording Levels 6:51

    Recording Levels

    Now that you've sorted out your environment and microphone choices, Chris teaches you about the recording level you should set for your session, which also extremely important to get right before you start recording.

  • Microphone Technique 7:19

    Microphone Technique

    Now we can turn your attention to your voice over performance! The dynamics, delivery, and even distance from the microphone can impact how your voiceovers come across. In this video Chris makes sure you're ready to hit record.

  • Recording 5:53


    In this video, the rubber meets the road as Chris shows you how to lay down some voiceover tracks. You also get helpful suggestions and tips for optimizing your time in front of the microphone.

  • Editing & Comping 10:07

    Editing & Comping

    Once you've laid down some passes of your voiceovers, it's time to edit and compile the best take possible. In this video you'll explore cutting and pasting, shuffling regions, choosing your favorite takes, and maintaining natural continuity for the best outcome.

  • Denoising 9:56


    Unless you're recording in the best studios, there's a good chance your space has some ambient background noise, like HVAC, traffic outside, or even preamp hiss. Here you'll dig into some popular 3rd party tools for reducing and cleaning up background noise from your track.

  • Removing Plosives 5:34

    Removing Plosives

    Plosives are bursts of air from your voiceover artist's mouth that literally hit the microphone capsule, usually from bard consonants such as "P" and "B" sounds. Plosives can be quite dramatic, so use either EQ or specialized plugins for managing plosives in your tracks. See how!

  • Removing Mouth Noises 6:07

    Removing Mouth Noises

    Mouth noises are some of the most insidious noises around, and some listeners have an almost allergic response to them! Due to a mouth that was a tad dry when recording, here we'll examine tools like DeClicking and Decrackling to eliminate this major listener offense.

  • EQing 14:02


    Now that you've edited and cleaned up our voiceover track of distracting sounds, it's time to mix. Any EQ will do, whether it be the one included in your DAW or 3rd party option. In this video watch how to bring the voiceover track to a tonally balanced place.

  • Compression & DeEssing 9:37

    Compression & DeEssing

    Compression helps rein in the dynamics of your voiceover performances, while DeEssing controls aggressive "S", "T", and other sibilant sounds. In this video learn how to control the dynamics of your voiceover tracks.

  • Final Touches & Loudness 10:05

    Final Touches & Loudness

    Truth be told, all the plugins and processors we've examined through this course are the most important tools in your kit. But automation or level plugins can add that final polish, plus bring up the volume on your voiceovers to match streaming and broadcast standards. Watch how to do it!

  • Final Comparisons 4:40

    Final Comparisons

    With the voiceover fully mixed, let's compare the before and after results of our work. In this video we'll compare before and after all our mix plugins, and also the before and after of our denoising, deplosives, and declicking.

Product Overview

Studio guru Chris Vandeviver presents comprehensive voice over production video tutorials! Learn how to record and produce professional sounding voice overs for commercials, movies, video blogs, podcasts and more. Chris takes you step by step from the beginning, all the way to exporting your final product. These voiceover production tutorials are for those who are new to recording voice overs, or just want a refresher course on getting the best sounding voiceover possible.

Chris welcomes you and starts with the basics like using the right recording environment and selecting the right microphone for the job, followed by how to set up the mic and make sure your recording levels are correct. Then you'll see how to optimize your performance before recording with proper dynamics, delivery, and distance from the microphone, and tips for optimizing your time in front of the microphone when you do record.

Throughout the rest of the videos Chris gives you a ton of important useful information such as how to edit and comp the perfect vocal take and make it sound natural, and how to remove troublesome noises, like mouth noise, crackles, and plosives. You'll also learn how to EQ, DeEss, and compress specifically for voice over work, and add automation and level plug-ins to get that final professional polished sound.

To see what these in-depth voiceover production video tutorials show you, and how they'll get you recording professional voice overs the right way, the first time, see the individual voiceover production video descriptions on this page. Start your recording your professional voice overs now... Watch "Producing Professional Voice Overs Explained®" today!

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