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Producing Future House

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24 Videos | Length: 3hr 0min 24sec
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  • Introduction 1:27


    Timothy welcomes you to the series and discusses how he will be building his Future House track.

  • Housekeeping 2:38


    Let’s do a bit of interface tidying, sidechain setup, control bar config, and project setup before we get started making any noise.

  • Drummer 6:45


    Let’s dive deep into the background plugins of the Logic Drummer methodology to see how to replace individual samples, channel strips, or entire kits.

  • Drummer MIDI 4:00

    Drummer MIDI

    We take the routing and pattern basics of what Drummer provided us with and turn it into normal MIDI that we can manipulate.

  • Humanizing the Drums 7:52

    Humanizing the Drums

    In this video we use velocity changes, ghost hits, and getting hits off the grid - We’re also introduced to the List/Event editor which gives you absolute control of all your drums.

  • Dear Drums: We're Splitting Up 6:13

    Dear Drums: We're Splitting Up

    It is easy to take a single MIDI region, and separate it into various parts to give us a better view of our arrangement.

  • Ride Sidechain 4:56

    Ride Sidechain

    We add in a ride cymbal and learn how to set it up with our fancy sidechain setup from the first video.

  • Gritty Top Lead 8:02

    Gritty Top Lead

    Learn how to program a top end patch from scratch in Logic’s Alchemy synth - You’ll start from the basic init patch and add on some Additive and Formant oscillators to make a pretty gritty top end synth.

  • Bass 2:49


    Add a sub layer for your Future House/Future Bass lead and set up multiple synths to play the same MIDI part.

  • Make a Lead Riff 7:13

    Make a Lead Riff

    In this video we add a bit of processing to the low end, and create a MIDI riff to be played by the main lead and bass.

  • Riff Groove 10:25

    Riff Groove

    We revisit the top lead, adding some distortion and reverb, then adjust some of the envelopes to suit the new riff we programmed in, and finally add in a secondary oscillator.

  • Cheater Chords 5:11

    Cheater Chords

    Here we take a look at how to instantly become a keyboard master by using the Chord Trigger MIDI effect.

  • FX Pt. 1 6:52

    FX Pt. 1

    In this video we create an audio file of white noise to use as ammo in our FX arsenal.

  • FX Pt. 2 5:30

    FX Pt. 2

    Learn how to generate FX that people have never made, using the wonder and magic of randomization and the Logic ES2 synthesizer.

  • FX Pt. 3 5:11

    FX Pt. 3

    After a brief overview of the FX generated in the last video, discover cool tricks on how to re-use them.

  • Automation & Arrangement Pt. 1 6:52

    Automation & Arrangement Pt. 1

    We begin by automating some fills and roughing out an arrangement.

  • Automation & Arrangement Pt. 2 14:05

    Automation & Arrangement Pt. 2

    Spice up your automation with the Automation Curve tool, and you’ll also see how you can manually adjust your automation points using the Event List.

  • Automation & Arrangement Pt. 3 7:25

    Automation & Arrangement Pt. 3

    We use some of the random FX we generated in the previous video to generate build up FX and create tension to lead us out of the breakdown.

  • Hat Variations 10:02

    Hat Variations

    Add variation and a sample change to our hi-hats.

  • Snare Fills 5:35

    Snare Fills

    Learn a bit about the MIDI Transform function and how you can use it to easily bend and manipulate MIDI note lengths to your will.

  • Play Through 13:56

    Play Through

    Play though the track in order to pick up inconsistencies and issues with the way the track flows.

  • Mix Tweaks Pt. 1 14:46

    Mix Tweaks Pt. 1

    A few simple mix tweaks can get rid of the ‘wet sweater over the speaker’ sound that can happen with lead sounds.

  • Mix Tweaks Pt. 2 12:29

    Mix Tweaks Pt. 2

    After making a few notes after a good listen on the monitors, Tim goes over what mix changes need to be done to bring the general mix of the track up to scratch.

  • Master Bus Plug-Ins & Final Listen 10:10

    Master Bus Plug-Ins & Final Listen

    Time for a few final tweaks, as well as applying a little multi band compression and EQ to the master bus.

Product Overview

Hit EDM music producer Timothy Allan shows you how to craft pumping future house tracks from scratch in these in-depth video tutorials. Shown in Logic Pro X, any aspiring Future House producer will be sure to get tons of helpful info and see how to make tracks that slam the dance floor.

Timothy starts with Basic Setup and Configuration of your Song Template, and then goes eight into setting up your Drum Track, and how to use an audio based drummer plug-in or loops and convert them to MIDI for further manipulation.

Timothy then spends the next 5 videos demonstrating drum part creation and MIDI editing techniques that humanize and process your drums to perfection.

After the drums, Timothy moves on to melody, showing you the steps to create a Gritty Top End Synth and a Sub Layer Bass Lead for your Future House track.

Next, he demonstrates how to create a Lead Riff and a Riff Groove to be played by using those sounds. From there, it’s on to how to Input Parts using One-Finger Chords.

With the song written, now it’s time to put it all together. Timothy starts by covering the ins and outs of using Effects, Sidechains, Automating Dynamics and Arranging the Build Ups in your song.

Video on how Creating Variations in your Hi-Hat and Snare Tracks reveal cool ways to give movement and energy to different parts of your song.

Finally, it’s time to mix! In the last four video tutorials Timothy takes you through the process of listening back, mixing, tweaking, and applying Master Bus Effects to your song.

Whether you’re new to the Future House music genre, or your a seasoned Future House producer looking for some new secret sauce, get “Producing Future House Music” today!

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