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Producing Deep House in Logic Pro X

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22 Videos | Length: 4hr 33min 6sec
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  • Initial Drum Beat 8:53

    Initial Drum Beat

    Tim picks some freely available drum machine samples and uses Ultrabeat to set up an initial drum beat to guide things along. See how Ultrabeat's Drag n Drop samples presets included with Logic X is a lifesaver when wanting to create your own drum kits. You’ll see how easy it is to whip up drum loops using the Full View mode in Ultrabeat.

  • Drum Loop Tweaks 11:23

    Drum Loop Tweaks

    In this video, you’ll see some of the cool randomizing and helper functions included with Ultrabeat and how they can make your beat making life that much easier. The addition of ghost notes and other accents helps keep the beat interesting. You’ll see how Tim tunes percussion in order to fit the scale of the song using a default patch on the ES1. As a final tip, you’ll see a great technique on adjusting transients to replicate analogue processing for smooth and deep beats.

  • Synth Sampling 11:59

    Synth Sampling

    In this video, you’ll learn the secret of those thick deep house chords and how easy it can be to get great sounding chords by using your sampler. Simply by using ES1 and the ESX24, we can get some fantastic deep chords that can be played by anyone. Using the samplers envelopes, filters and mono glide parameters, we can get some really old school vibes.

  • Synth Noodling 11:59

    Synth Noodling

    See how Tim lays down some chords from our newly created sampler patch. After some quick note tweaks and a bit of EQ to roll off the mud, we’ve got a good foundation to keep progressing by creating some other sounds.

  • That Donk 7:59

    That Donk

    In this video you’ll see how easy it is to create that deep FM donk sound using Logics very own EFM1 synth. We’ll lay down a groovy bass pattern that works with our chords, and tweak some of the FM settings to get maximum awesomeness. You’ll also get a great tip on how to keep your FM sounds in a relatively ‘good’ sounding range when tweaking the inharmonic settings.

  • Sound Design 9:19

    Sound Design

    It’s time to get a bit creative with sound design! Tim goes through a sample CD and pulls out a random sound, and by using Logics Flex Time in Tempophone mode with a custom grain size, he creates a chilled out background effect for the track.

  • Make A Shake 9:53

    Make A Shake

    Since the sound design went so well last time, lets do it again. In this video we’ll take a percussive loop, chopping and mangling a single hit from it to make a delayed shaker effect.

  • Synth Track Stack 20:20

    Synth Track Stack

    It’s time to dive into the magic of the new Track Stacks in Logic X. We’ll create a sustained pad sound using the Clavinet, Retro Synth (in Wavetable mode), and the good old ES2. You’ll see Tim layer on lots of effects including modulation, reverb, compression and even the fabled the Haas effect. We’ll top things off with an LFO automated filter and carve out a bit of room for some other instruments with the new EQ.

  • Drum Mixing 13:06

    Drum Mixing

    This comprehensive video covers all manner of drum mixing, from EQ and compression to parallel compression and sample chopping. Watch Tim as he splits up our sounds into their own respective busses thanks to the multi-out Ultrabeat.

  • Drum Mixing Pt. 2 15:05

    Drum Mixing Pt. 2

    Continuing on from the first drum mixing video, we’ll chop a clap sample out of a 3rd party drum loop and finesse it into the track using bit crushers and EQ. You’ll see how he continues on and applies various effects to each of the drum elements to blend them into the mix. Finally, to add an extra bit of thickness to all the drums, we’ll create a parallel compression bus and mix our new smashed signal back in to the main drum mix.

  • Vocals 15:03


    This video could be the pinnacle of Tim’s vocal recording career. You’ll learn how to get deep sexy vocals by using a bit of tempo math calculations, recording at varying speeds, and re pitching vocals using Logic's Flex Time. Among other mix tips, you’ll see how to use creative side chaining to keep the vocals up front and clear in the mix when using lots of effects.

  • Adding Groove 13:27

    Adding Groove

    It’s all about adding subtle groove to the track in this video. You’ll see how the quietest background rhythms can sometimes be all that’s needed to add that extra groove to your track. You’ll hear Tim go through the thought process when looking for loops and background sounds, and what will work best for the track you’re working on.

  • Smart Controls 7:46

    Smart Controls

    In this video, Tim maps a few key parameters, and shows how to do multiple mappings, as well as covering tricks to do with the Range and Invert options.

  • Drum Arrangement Prep 10:22

    Drum Arrangement Prep

    In this video we’ll ‘move’ the information inside of Ultrabeats sequencer into our arrangement. First, you’ll see how to get an instruments internal buss to appear in Logic's arrange area. After that, Tim does it the old fashioned manual way and splits up the midi tracks onto their own channels. After that is sorted, you’ll see a quick and easy way of changing your single and double bar drums loops into 8 bars of unique drums.

  • Drum Reverb 8:12

    Drum Reverb

    Continuing on the quest to get our drums mixed and finished, you’ll see Tim layer on two different types of reverb onto our drums. One reverb is used more of an effect, and one used for the more traditional sense. After finding a preset that almost fits the bill, you’ll see how easy it is to sculpt your reverb into something manageable using EQ.

  • Arrangement Pt. 1 11:26

    Arrangement Pt. 1

    It’s time to start sculpting away the big chunks of our arrangement. You’ll see as Tim roughs out the arrangement and then whittles down the finer details. Starting at the front, we’ll just work our way down the length of the track, adding in automation bits and regions where we see fit.

  • Arrangement Pt. 2 12:07

    Arrangement Pt. 2

    In the continuation of the arrangement, you’ll get the birds eye view of how our initial 8 bars of sounds get’s transformed into a fully arranged track.

  • Arrangement Pt. 3 14:40

    Arrangement Pt. 3

    Tim continues with a bit of vocal arranging and records a full track length take of MIDI controlled automation on our main synth.

  • Arrangement Pt. 4 15:45

    Arrangement Pt. 4

    Here we go again! This time we’re polishing up the arrangement, working out some vocal issues, changing up some overly repetitive parts, and generally fine tuning. The last 10% takes 90% of the time they say!

  • To Do List 14:23

    To Do List

    After giving a proper listen on a pair of monitors, Tim creates a 'To Do' list of things that need to be changed. We’ll go through that list and fix everything up in this video, with an unexpected surprise at the end.

  • String Suspense 10:11

    String Suspense

    In order to add a bit more excitement to the end of the track, Tim uses a String patch in the EXS24. After rendering to audio and using the new “Speed Up” option in the region fade area, he creates an effect buildup which transitions perfectly into a sustained audio file.

  • Final Tweaks 19:48

    Final Tweaks

    There’s only a few little changes to be made now, some EQ automation and a limiter to tame some peaks, and then it’s time for the final listen through the finished track!

Product Overview

Producer and Remixer extraordinaire Timothy Allan serves up another smash hit series, this time showing you how to create an authentic "Deep House" track from scratch in Logic Pro X! You also get Tim's Logic Pro X session so you can open it and follow along every step of the way. If you don't use Logic, no worries, all the info can be applied to any DAW and plug-ins. If you're into Deep House, you've got to see this...

Tim begins with an intro video welcoming you and setting the stage for what's to come, and then dives right in, showing you how to make a Deep House beat using samples within Ultarbeat. The secret to thick Deep House chords is then revealed using the ES1 and ESX24, creating fat synths dripping with old school flavor.

Moving on, Tim shows you how to create the classic "FM Donk" sound found in Deep House tracks, as well as tips and tricks for sound design in Logic Pro X, and how to make chilled out background sounds, percussive shaker loops, synth stacks and more. Drum Mixing is up next and Tim goes way deep, covering everything from EQ, Compression, Parallel Compression, Sample Chopping and more.

Producing Vocals is then shown and Tim really shows the tricks of the trade here. You’ll learn how to get deep sexy vocals by using a bit of tempo math calculations, recording at varying speeds, and re-pitching vocals using Logic's Flex Time. Among other mix tips, you’ll see how to use creative side-chaining to keep the vocals up front and clear in the mix when using lots of effects.

Adding Groove and using Smart Controls is then looked at, as well as Drum Arrangement Prep and Drum Reverb. Tim wraps up the series giving you 3 videos dedicated to Arranging your Deep House Track, plus creating a "To Do List" for finishing up, adding suspenseful String parts and then performing the final tweaks, utilizing EQ automation, Limiters and more. If you love Deep House music and want to produce it yourself, then this series is a must have for sure... Check out "Producing Deep House in Logic Pro X" today.

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