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Producing 80's Synth Pop in Live

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20 Videos | Length: 2hr 35min 36sec
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  • Introduction 5:43


    Let’s take a look and listen to the song we will be creating together.

  • Blank Slate 10:01

    Blank Slate

    In this video we will put down our first idea. This is always the hardest for me. We will also talk house keeping.

  • Bass 3:27


    The next idea is bass. It’s sound will give our listeners am idea of what genre and style our song will be.

  • Groove 11:09


    It’s important… really important. It may make or break the song. We can take advantage of some built in tools that will help us make it feel good.

  • Backbeat 5:44


    Next let’s add a clap on the 2 & 4. We will also setup parallel compression for drums and a few other things.

  • Finishing the Verse 7:06

    Finishing the Verse

    We can start rounding out the first section of our song. We will add a few different ideas to keep it fresh.

  • Starting the Chorus 6:07

    Starting the Chorus

    Next let’s add movement for the chorus. This video is all about the 16th note.

  • Chorus Drums 10:04

    Chorus Drums

    Now let’s pull all the stops and get punchy. We will be creating new drum sounds for the first chorus.

  • Chorus Chords 11:09

    Chorus Chords

    In this video let’s switch up the chord progression and bring up the energy with new chord elements.

  • Melody 7:03


    Now that we have a foundation, we can chase after the hook. Hopefully, it will be good enough to get stuck in our listener’s head.

  • Breakdown 11:33


    Part of the creative process is capturing ideas as they come. This is so important. Who knows where these ideas will lead us.

  • Breakdown Melody 4:07

    Breakdown Melody

    Let’s finish the breakdown idea with a fresh melody.

  • Toms 8:32


    80’s toms! Need I say more?

  • The Bridge 7:01

    The Bridge

    Now let’s shake things up. We need a new chord progression and instrumentation to freshen our palates.

  • Build the Bridge 6:19

    Build the Bridge

    More ideas to round out our bridge. These will help us build intro the upcoming chorus.

  • Last Chorus 4:12

    Last Chorus

    A lot of times the last chorus is special. Let’s modify current elements and add new ideas to make this part of the song stand out.

  • Moving Over to Arrangement View 8:09

    Moving Over to Arrangement View

    Now we can begin the process of finalizing the arrangement. We will record our ideas into arrangement view from session view. Then we will begin finalizing what goes where.

  • Heaven 10:10


    While working on the verses I wanted to add more interest. In this video we will add the last melodic idea to accentuate our claps.

  • The Mix 10:10

    The Mix

    Since we’ve been adding effects and processing as we go, this video is all about automation.

  • Master Bus 7:50

    Master Bus

    This final video will take a look at master bus effects. This will be a little mixing and a little mastering. We want to add a final layer of polish to the song.

Product Overview

The 80’s sound is back in a big way, and studio guru Scottie Dugan takes you back to the future with these in-depth video tutorials about how to make a professional sounding 80’s inspired synth pop track. Way!

Scottie starts off with an overview of the track you’ll be making together, followed by getting started with a blank slate. Then he moves to the bass and builds up from there, adding the groove, backbeat and more.

Scottie then works out the arrangement, and adds the melody, breakdown, extra percussion and other elements. The mix and master buss effects are then explored, revealing the final touches made to your 80’s masterpiece.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you want to see how to get that 80’s synth pop vibe on your songs and productions, checkout “Producing 80’s Synth Pop with Live” now!

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