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19 Videos | Length: 1hr 53min 49sec
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  • New Track Creation Methods 4:10

    New Track Creation Methods

    Learn how to get the most out of Pro Tools 11's new track creation methods using simple double-click actions over specific parts of the Pro Tools Edit and Mix views, as well as incorporating Modifier keys.

  • AAX Plug-In Window Explained 6:00

    AAX Plug-In Window Explained

    In this tutorial, all of the various function buttons in the top portion of the AAX plug-in interface window will be covered.

  • Transport Window 8:08

    Transport Window

    Understand how the Transport Window can be a very powerful workflow enhancer and tool if you know how to use it to its fullest potential, especially during the tracking and overdubbing stages of a production.

  • Dynamic Transport 5:28

    Dynamic Transport

    Discover how Dynamic Transport enables and facilitates different workflows by allowing you to 'free up' the cursor and have up to three different playback/audition points while tracking, editing, or mixing.

  • Clip Grouping & Looping 6:43

    Clip Grouping & Looping

    Learn about these two features separately, then watch how to integrate and effectively use them as techniques to quickly build a new song arrangement in Pro Tools.

  • MIDI Realtime Properties 7:10

    MIDI Realtime Properties

    Discover how you can have MIDI “plug-ins” on your Instrument and MIDI tracks that enable Real-Time control of parameters such as: Quantization, Velocity, Duration, Delay, Transpose.

  • Event Time Operations 9:39

    Event Time Operations

    Understand how to use the functions in the Time Operations Pop-up Menu, under the Event Drop-Down Menu, including: Change Meter, Cut Time, Insert Time and Move Song Start.

  • Session Copy Backups 8:02

    Session Copy Backups

    Learn how to back up your Pro Tools Sessions in the most efficient and effective way possible.

  • Advanced Navigation & Editing 8:26

    Advanced Navigation & Editing

    Discover a range of techniques available in Pro Tools that facilitate fast and efficient control over: Track Selection, Track Heights, moving Tracks, Link Edit & Timeline & Link Track & Timeline functions, as well as 'mouseless' editing.

  • Editing Using Tab Key + Modifiers 4:35

    Editing Using Tab Key + Modifiers

    Explore the powerful functionality of the Tab key, in conjunction with Modifiers, when it comes to Navigating around Pro Tools quickly, by either Clip or individual transient.

  • Keeping Sessions Organized 9:02

    Keeping Sessions Organized

    See how you can utilize different organizational functions of Avid Pro Tools together and dramatically speed up the workflows you commonly use.

  • Basics Of Beat Making in Pro Tools 4:28

    Basics Of Beat Making in Pro Tools

    Learn how to quickly and easily create a beat using the MIDI Merge and Loop Record functions in Pro Tools.

  • BOOM Hidden Features 4:06

    BOOM Hidden Features

    Dive deep into the A.I.R. instrument Boom included in every current version of Pro Tools.

  • Convert MIDI to Audio 2:23

    Convert MIDI to Audio

    Understand the simple process for Converting MIDI performances recorded on an Instrument track into audio Clips for later editing and mixing.

  • 2 Key & 3 Key Modifier + Mouseclick Functionality 5:48

    2 Key & 3 Key Modifier + Mouseclick Functionality

    Explore the deep functionality offered by Pro Tools “combo” Mouseclick/Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • Smart Tool In Depth 5:15

    Smart Tool In Depth

    Understand the powerful workflow enhancing functionality the Pro Tools Smart Tools when tracking, editing, or mixing. In this tutorial, we will also explore all of the Alternate Trimmer and Grabber tools available.

  • Quick Punch vs. Loop Recording w/ Playlists 5:07

    Quick Punch vs. Loop Recording w/ Playlists

    See how the Tracking and Overdubbing workflows you currently utilize can be enhanced with these two Recording modes in Pro Tools.

  • Mult MIDI Outputs 3:44

    Mult MIDI Outputs

    Discover how to take advantage of the creative possibilities of triggering two or more virtual instruments simultaneously via single Midi track in Pro Tools using Track Output 'Mults'.

  • Clip Gain 5:35

    Clip Gain

    See how Clip-based Gain enables you to achieve quick and easy gain matching of Clips from different sources in a Pro Tools session.

Product Overview

In this in-depth 19-video series, Pro Tools maven Jeff Silverman shows you tons of cool Pro Tools tricks & tips, making you a "Pro Tools Power User" fast! Turbocharge your Pro Tools skills and work faster and more creatively now.

Jeff begins by showing you how to get the most out of the new Pro Tools 11 Track Creation Methods. He then shows you around the new AAX Plug-In Window. He teaches you How to Use the Transport Window to Enhance Your Workflow, and how using the Dynamic Transport can Facilitate Different Workflows. You'll also Learn How to Integrate the Clip Grouping and Looping Functions in Your Songwriting.

Jeff then explains How to Use MIDI Realtime Properties in your Instrument and MIDI Tracks, and How to Use the Functions in the Time Operations Pop Up Menu. Jeff moves on and shows you How to Quickly and Painlessly Make Session Backups. He explores Pro Tools's Advanced Navigation and Editing Techniques, as well as How to Edit Using the Tab Key and Modifiers. Jeff then serves up some Power User Tips on Keeping Your Sessions Organized.

If you have ever wanted to get the most out of the BOOM Virtual Instrument, you're in luck. Jeff starts with the Basics of Beat Making with BOOM, then Advanced Hidden Features, and finally, How to Convert MIDI to Audio.

Discover some Amazingly Useful Key Modifiers and Mouse Click Functionalities, and learn the Smart Tool inside and out. Jeff then explains Quick Punch and Loop Recording in depth, before showing you How to Trigger Multiple Virtual Instruments Using Multiple MIDI Outputs. Finally, Jeff shows you all the Power Tricks you'll need to Fully Understand and Utilize Clip Gain.

If you're a beginner Pro Tools user or an advanced user looking for new secrets, let Jeff Silverman help you become a "Pro Tools Power User" today!

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