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Pro Tools Beat Detective Explained®

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  • Intro to Beat Detective 3:51

    Intro to Beat Detective

    Morgan gives you a quick tour through the Beat Detective interface and a brief explanation of the various functions it can perform.

  • Quick Start 4:46

    Quick Start

    To get started fast, Morgan gives you an easy walk through of the Beat Detective time alignment process using a simple drum loop.

  • Capturing Selection & Analyzing the Audio 5:23

    Capturing Selection & Analyzing the Audio

    See how to prepare a multi-tracked drum performance for Beat Detective, starting with the Capture Selection and Audio Analyze processes.

  • Beat Markers & Collection Mode 11:09

    Beat Markers & Collection Mode

    Learn to create, edit, promote and move Beat Markers, as well as using Collection Mode for the most accurate results on our multi-tracked drum performance.

  • Separating, Conforming & Smoothing 3:38

    Separating, Conforming & Smoothing

    Morgan now shows how to slice and dice the audio according to the Beat Makers, get it sounding tight, then smooth it out with trimming and crossfading. We'll then use a Trigger Pad for clean sounding edits.

  • Creating a Tight Relaxed Groove 4:10

    Creating a Tight Relaxed Groove

    Now explore using Groove Quantization techniques to get a more natural, less

  • Alternative Methods to Collection Mode 7:09

    Alternative Methods to Collection Mode

    Rather not use Collection Mode? Morgan reveals a few other workarounds you might like better!

  • Calculating Tempo with Beat Detective 4:34

    Calculating Tempo with Beat Detective

    Did another producer give you some drums to work on but didn't tell you you the tempo? No problem! See how to use Beat detective to figure it out.

  • Tempo Mapping 3:05

    Tempo Mapping

    Don't want to quantize the drums to the grid? This awesome technique shows how to move the grid to the drums instead, allowing you to map the whole Pro Tools session to the drum tracks and any change of tempo they may have, for a much more natural sounding production.

  • Groove Extraction & Groove Templates 3:34

    Groove Extraction & Groove Templates

    Morgan shows you how to extract groove information from audio loops and apply them to audio or MIDI.

  • Beat Detective & MIDI 2:51

    Beat Detective & MIDI

    Wrapping up your Beat Detective journey, Morgan now demonstrates how to analyze your MIDI performance and extract the groove and feel, and apply it to another MIDI part, like the drums or any other instrument that is MIDI based!

Product Overview

Pro Tools wiz Morgan Pottruff shows you what you need to know to get started with the Pro Tools Beat Detective editing tool, plus advanced info and how to tighten up a multi-tracked drum kit performance!

Morgan begins by welcoming you and gives a quick tour through the Beat Detective interface and a brief explanation of the various functions it can perform.

Next, Morgan shows you how to quickly fix the timing of a loop, followed by how to capture and analyze the audio of a multi-tracked drum performance.

Beat Markers and Collection Mode are then introduced and you’ll learn how to create, edit, promote and move Beat Markers, as well as use Collection Mode to get the most accurate results when tightening up a multi-tracked drum performance.

Morgan now covers Separating, Conforming and Smoothing your Beat Detective edits to get it sounding tight and smooth, followed by how to create a more natural, less “quantized” result and feel on your performance.

You’ll then get tons of great info on alternatives methods to Collection Mode, calculating tempo with Beat Detective, tempo mapping, groove extraction and groove templates, and lastly, using Beat Detective on your MIDI tracks!

See the individual tutorial descriptions for detailed info. If you’re a Pro Tools user, knowing Beat Detective inside out is a must… Watch “Pro Tools Beat Detective Explained®” now!

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