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Pro Tools Advanced Vol 1

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12 Videos | Length: 2hr 1min 12sec
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  • Import Session Data 10:17

    Import Session Data

    In this video, Kenny explains the advanced technique of using 'Import Session Data' to import tracks from other sessions, including audio files or just specific parameters on a parameter by parameter basis.

  • Advanced Markers Pt. 1 6:35

    Advanced Markers Pt. 1

    Next we tackle Markers. No. Not the ones that you're use to. The ones to label parts of the song. We go much deeper into all of the possibilities that markers perform. Including Selection Markers, Zoom, Pre + Post Roll, Tracks - Show/Hide, Track Heights and Groups.

  • Advanced Markers Pt. 2 10:30

    Advanced Markers Pt. 2

    Kenny continues to explore markers in Pro Tools.

  • Window Configurations Pt. 1 7:05

    Window Configurations Pt. 1

    Window Configurations is probably one of the best kept secrets deep in Pro Tools and probably one of the least used features and it shouldn't be. It's very powerful. In this video he shows you how to recall and store window configurations quickly, especially frequently used windows like the mix, edit, midi and transport.

  • Window Configurations Pt. 2 7:22

    Window Configurations Pt. 2

    In Part II, Kenny sets up window configurations like tracks and clips, Kenny also dives into memory locations and markers. This quickly shows you how to gain control over how your session looks and feels.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts Pt. 1 9:20

    Keyboard Shortcuts Pt. 1

    Now one of the best ways to save time in Pro Tools is to use Keyboard Shortcuts to apply any task. There's no question that choosing things from menus using the mouse is much too slow. In this video, Kenny shows you some of the most useful ones you may not know about, and how to take advantage of them in your productions.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts Pt. 2 8:48

    Keyboard Shortcuts Pt. 2

    In Part II, Kenny continues to show us how to do things like quickly change settings on several tracks at once. Also we learn how to scan through automation parameters, control our inserts and sends, and easily turn things on and with just a few buttons.

  • Keyboard Focus Keys Pt. 1 11:55

    Keyboard Focus Keys Pt. 1

    The Keyboard Focus Keys make using keyboard shortcuts that much faster because they only require one key press to perform. While you might already use a few of them, this video explains how to easily do things like zoom, edit clips, fade and arrange clips with just one button.

  • Keyboard Focus Keys Pt. 2 11:20

    Keyboard Focus Keys Pt. 2

    In Part II, Kenny explains the more advanced focus keys having to do with navigation, clip editing, copy and pasting, nudging and the transport controls.

  • Shift Commands 12:06

    Shift Commands

    In addition to the other keyboard shortcuts, there's also a bunch of commands that can be triggered while using Shift as the modifier. Again, speeding up our workflow dramatically.

  • Using Macro Key Commands Pt. 1 12:06

    Using Macro Key Commands Pt. 1

    Next we get really advanced by using a separate Macro program to trigger all of our mostly used shortcuts in Pro Tools. Kenny shows you QuicKeys which allows us to hit one key command and do just about anything in the program. Including performing multiple repetitive tasks at once.

  • Using Macro Key Commands Pt. 2 13:48

    Using Macro Key Commands Pt. 2

    In part II, Kenny continues to show you even more of his favorite macros that he uses in his productions everyday.

Product Overview

Pro Tools guru Kenny Gioia brings you a collection of videos dedicated to advancing your Pro Tools knowledge and experience. Compatible with all versions of Pro Tools, this in-depth series focuses on Workflow, arguably the most important aspect of using a DAW, making you a Pro Tools pro in no time.

Kenny jumps right in and reveals the powerful Import Session Data feature, which saves you a ton of time, by allowing you to Import Audio, Effects, Channels, and other often used Parameters into Your Sessions. Next, Advanced Marker Usage is shown, including Selection Markers, Zoom, Pre & Post Roll, Show / Hide Tracks, Track Heights, Groups and more.

Moving on, Kenny gives you one of the Best Kept Secrets in Pro Tools, Window Configurations. Kenny goes thru each and every parameter that can be stored and recalled with this powerhouse feature, along with great examples of How They Can Be Applied. Keyboard Shortcuts are then explained and demonstrated, and this video alone will Dramatically Speed Up Your Workflow.

Command Focus Keys, Shift Commands and Macro Key Commands are then demystified, giving you an Incredible Amount of Control and Oversight to your Pro Tools Sessions, making you look and feel like a Pro Tools master. If you use Pro Tools, this series is beyond a "must have". This info and knowledge is what separates the novice from the expert... Watch "Pro Tools Advanced Vol 1" today.

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