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Pro Tools 2020.11 Update Explained®

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8 Videos | Length: 56min 5sec
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  • Installation Notes & Key Info 9:20

    Installation Notes & Key Info

    We start by discussing the support of the new Carbon Hybrid Audio Production System and going over key information and installation notes for Pro Tools 2020.11.

  • Introduction to New Features 7:32

    Introduction to New Features

    Next, let's quickly talk through all the new features this update includes to get a basic idea of everything before we move on to the more valuable additions in the following videos.

  • Dark Mode & Changing Themes 4:17

    Dark Mode & Changing Themes

    Now using Pro Tools is even more like being a Jedi Knight; you must choose either the dark side or the light. The new dark theme is easier on the eyes and helps you stare at your screen for longer periods of time. Learn more about it in this video and how to easily switch between the dark mode and classic mode themes to pick the viewing experience that's right for you and your studio.

  • Audio to MIDI Convert Pt. 1 10:29

    Audio to MIDI Convert Pt. 1

    In this video, we go over the 3 different ways to convert audio to MIDI in Pro Tools 2020.11, as well as a few simple ways to make use of this new feature set.

  • Audio to MIDI Convert Pt. 2 10:01

    Audio to MIDI Convert Pt. 2

    In continuation of the last video, now you'll learn even more about using the new audio to MIDI feature. This video covers how to apply the Melodyne algorithms effectively to get the best results and the most accurate MIDI conversions.

  • New Space Clips Function 3:55

    New Space Clips Function

    Don't worry, "Space Clips" is not another Star Wars joke; it's actually a useful new feature in Pro Tools 2020.11. In this video, we go over how using this new batch function can help you save time in either spacing your clips out or removing all space between a large number of clips in the blink of an eye.

  • New Bounce Mix Window 7:35

    New Bounce Mix Window

    Say goodbye to the Bounce to Disk window! From now on, we have a Bounce Mix window instead. In this video, we'll explore the updates and new features of the Bounce Mix window and talk about the different options for exporting video.

  • Conclusions & Final Thoughts 2:56

    Conclusions & Final Thoughts

    Lastly, we go over some final thoughts on the Pro Tools 2020.11 update and discuss if it's worth updating if you haven't already. Spoiler alert: it is!

Product Overview

Studio pro Patrick Coffin delivers in-depth Pro Tools video tutorials! If you are using Pro Tools 2020.11, these videos will show you how to utilize all of its new features and more. Get the most out of Pro Tools 2020.11 and see how it will improve your user experience, workflow and creativeness. These videos are for those who already are familiar with Pro Tools, but just want information on the new features and functions added in version 2020.11.

Patrick greets you and starts out by discussing the newly added support for the new Carbon Hybrid Audio Production System, and then goes over key information and installation notes for Pro Tools 2020.11. You'll then see the new Pro Tools 2020.11 Dark Mode, and how to activate it on your system.

Next, one of the big new features added in 2020.11 is shown in detail, the new Audio to MIDI conversion function that utilizes Melodyne to turn your audio tracks into MIDI data that you can then fully edit and arrange in Pro Tools.

In the rest of the videos Patrick shows you what you need to know about the new Space Clips option that will save you a lot of time when either spacing your clips out or removing all space between a large number of clips in the blink of an eye, and the powerful new Bounce Mix Window which has great new features and different options for exporting both audio and video.

To see what these detailed Pro Tools tutorials show you, and how they'll get you up to speed on the great new features found in Pro Tools 2020.11, check out the individual Pro Tools video tutorial descriptions on this page. Start using your new Pro Tools software effectively by fully understanding the new functions... Watch “Pro Tools 2020.11 Update Explained®” today.

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