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Chapter 1 : Basic Setup

  • Creating Your First Session 4:33

    Creating Your First Session

    In this video, Marcus demonstrates how to go about creating your first Pro Tools session, and discusses all the different options available, as well as which ones to use in different cases.

  • Setting Up Your Interface IO 3:04

    Setting Up Your Interface IO

    Learn how to properly setup your I/O setup in order to ensure that your audio interface is functioning properly with Pro Tools.

Chapter 2 : Pro Tools Foundations

  • The Main Windows 2:16

    The Main Windows

    Marcus discusses the main windows of Pro Tools including the Edit/Arrange Window, the Mixer window, the MIDI Editor, and the Pro Tools workspace browser.

  • Overview of Track Types 4:51

    Overview of Track Types

    Learn all about the various different track types available in Pro Tools, including when to use each of them.

  • Creating Tracks 7:02

    Creating Tracks

    See how to create tracks in Pro Tools. In addition, explore some workflow tips on renaming and navigating the New Tracks dialogue window.

  • The Pro Tools Transport 3:41

    The Pro Tools Transport

    Marcus goes over the Pro Tools transport and explains the basic functions as well as some of the visual feedback it offers for navigating your session.

  • Using Markers 6:45

    Using Markers

    Learn how to use and add markers to your Pro Tools session in order to streamline the navigation process, and help organize your sessions when tracking.

Chapter 3 : General Editing Tips in Pro Tools

  • The Grabber Tool 3:12

    The Grabber Tool

    See how to effectively use the Grabber Tool in Pro Tools.

  • The Selector Tool 2:36

    The Selector Tool

    In this video Marcus demonstrates how to utilize the Selector Tool in Pro Tools.

  • The Trimmer Tool 5:29

    The Trimmer Tool

    Discover the Trimmer Tool and its features and how to use it in Pro Tools.

  • The Smart Tool & Command Focus Editing Mode 7:03

    The Smart Tool & Command Focus Editing Mode

    Learn how to activate and use the Smart Tool to enhance your editing experience in Pro Tools. In addition, Marcus demonstrates some easy to use single key commands that can be utilized while editing in command focus mode.

  • Edit Groups & Grid Modes 4:13

    Edit Groups & Grid Modes

    In this video, Marcus shows you how to create Edit Groups and how they can be used. In addition, he also demonstrates Slip Mode editing vs Grid Mode editing, and how to change the Grid resolution.

Chapter 4 : Recording

  • Optimizing Your Setup For Recording 2:32

    Optimizing Your Setup For Recording

    Explore how to optimize your computer system for recording in Pro Tools by adjusting specific settings in the Pro Tools Playback Engine.

  • Creating a Click Track & Recording Basics 3:55

    Creating a Click Track & Recording Basics

    In this video Marcus demonstrates how to add a Click Track to your Pro Tools sessions, as well as goes over the basic Track Record Modes.

  • Recording Levels 8:04

    Recording Levels

    Marcus now demonstrates an important foundational topic, how to set optimal recording levels for tracking in Pro Tools. This video was shot with a live session musician actually recording for a real-world example.

  • Pre-Roll & Count Off 10:01

    Pre-Roll & Count Off

    Learn how & when to use the Pre-Roll and Count Off options in Pro Tools with real

  • Punch-In Recording 4:46

    Punch-In Recording

    Marcus demonstrates how to use Punch In recording when working in Pro Tools, either as a solo recording artist, or sitting in the Engineers chair.

  • Loop Recording to Playlists 5:39

    Loop Recording to Playlists

    See how to activate the very useful Loop Recording Mode in Pro Tools which automatically distributes all takes to their own playlist.

  • Creating a Separate Headphone Mix 5:28

    Creating a Separate Headphone Mix

    In this video, Marcus outlines the importance of creating a separate headphone mix for an artist, and demonstrates some different ways in which this can be achieved in Pro Tools.

Chapter 5 : Recording MIDI

  • Setting Up Your MIDI Keyboard Controller 1:47

    Setting Up Your MIDI Keyboard Controller

    Watch how to setup your external MIDI keyboards and Controllers to work with Pro Tools.

  • MIDI Recording Using MIDI Merge Mode 3:32

    MIDI Recording Using MIDI Merge Mode

    Learn how to activate the MIDI Merge Mode in Pro Tools to help streamline the process of recording MIDI data for various sources.

  • MIDI Editing Basics 3:06

    MIDI Editing Basics

    Marcus explores and demonstrates the basics of editing MIDI in Pro Tools.

  • Comping the Perfect Take 11:28

    Comping the Perfect Take

    In this video, Marcus shows you how to go about comping together the perfect take using playlists in Pro Tools, as well as some general tips, and new features added in Pro Tools 2018.

Chapter 6 : Mixing

  • Optimizing Your Setup for Mixing 3:00

    Optimizing Your Setup for Mixing

    Marcus explains how to optimize your recording setup for mixing, along with examples of how specific settings affect system CPU Resources.

  • Using Plug-Ins 5:08

    Using Plug-Ins

    Learn how to add and edit plug-ins when mixing in Pro Tools.

  • The Aux Track 7:19

    The Aux Track

    Marcus explains and explores the many different uses for Aux Input tracks in Pro Tools including FX Returns and Sub Groups.

  • Mixing with Mix Groups 2:47

    Mixing with Mix Groups

    Watch how to add and use Mix Groups to simplify the mixing process when working in Pro Tools.

  • Working with Automation 5:48

    Working with Automation

    In this video, Marcus reveals how Automation can be added and used in Pro Tools to bring life & excitement to your productions.

  • The Master Fader 4:29

    The Master Fader

    Marcus explains and demonstrates the Master Fader track in Pro Tools. In addition to the obvious, he also goes over some useful workflow tips for using multiple Master Faders in you Pro Tools sessions.

Chapter 7 : Pro Tools Production Tips

  • Session Templates 9:16

    Session Templates

    See how to create and add Session Templates in order to streamline your workflow productivity in Pro Tools. These allow you to recall commonly used setups, plug-ins, and virtual instruments instantly.

  • Working with Loops 5:35

    Working with Loops

    In this video, Marcus shows you the basics of working with Loops in Pro Tools, and more specifically, how to deal with tempo mismatches for quick and easy importing.

  • Mixing While You Work 3:50

    Mixing While You Work

    Discover the concept of pre-mixing or

  • Working with Pro Tools Audio Suite Plug-Ins 6:58

    Working with Pro Tools Audio Suite Plug-Ins

    In this video, Marcus reveals how and why to use Audio Suite plug-ins in Pro Tools, along with some real-wrold examples and cool production tricks.

  • Committing Your Virtual Instruments to Audio 4:26

    Committing Your Virtual Instruments to Audio

    Learn how to regain precious system resources by Committing / Freezing your virtual instruments to audio. In addition to the obvious benefits listed above, Marcus also discusses the concept of

  • Saving / Recalling Track Presets 9:16

    Saving / Recalling Track Presets

    Marcus now demonstrates how to save and recall Track Presets for future use when working in Pro Tools.

Chapter 8 : Pro Tools in Action

  • Session Setup & Preparation 6:43

    Session Setup & Preparation

    Marcus demonstrates the process of importing some

  • Recording Acoustic Guitar - Pt. 1 7:34

    Recording Acoustic Guitar - Pt. 1

    Join Marcus as he works with a session guitarist in this live tracking session.

  • Recording Acoustic Guitar - Pt. 2 5:41

    Recording Acoustic Guitar - Pt. 2

    Picking up from where he left off in the last video, Marcus continues to develop the track with the artist - all while recording the process.

  • Mixing 13:15


    In this video, Marcus continues, and walks you through a basic mix, using all the skills taught in this course.

  • Bouncing Out Your Song 5:40

    Bouncing Out Your Song

    Wrapping it all up, learn how to export your final product to share with the world, including bouncing out 2 separate versions (Wav & MP3).

Product Overview

Studio guru Marcus Huyskens presents an in-depth video series designed for the beginner to intermediate Pro Tools user! Learn Pro Tools Native, HD & Ultimate from the ground up, all the way to exporting your masterpiece, for all the world to hear.

Fully compatible with both Pro Tools 2018 & 2019, Marcus begins by welcoming you and then gets right to it, starting with how to create your first session and setting up your interface inputs and outputs, so you’re ready to make some music.

Next, learn all about the main Pro Tools windows, track types, creating tracks, using the Transport, Markers, and all the different Edit Tools and Modes found in Pro Tools.

Moving on, Marcus shows you how optimize your system for recording, creating and using Click Tracks, setting your recording levels correctly for optimal sound, Loop Recording, MIDI basics, and working with Playlists.

Mixing is up next and Marcus gives you the topics you need to know, such as optimizing for Mixing, using plug-ins, Aux Tracks, Mix Groups, Automation, Master Faders, and more!

Cool Production tips are then revealed, like creating and using Session Templates, working with Loops, using AudioSuite plug-ins creatively, committing virtual instruments to audio, and how to utilize Track Presets.

Wrapping it all up, Marcus goes above and beyond giving you videos of using what you’ve learnt throughout the series in a real-world situation. You’ll see Session Setup & Preparation steps, how to record an acoustic guitar, basic mixing techniques, and last but not least, Bouncing out your song into different formats so you can post your new masterpiece on the web, or burn to CD.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re new to Pro Tools, or just want to get more info on this industry standard DAW, this series is a no brainer… Watch “Pro Tools 2018-19 Explained®” today!

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